Cals, Salon

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Adolphe-Félix Cals (1810-1880)





Here you will find an impression of the art-works Adolphe-Félix Cals exhibited at the Salon from 1835 – 1870. See my account. Many of my suggestions are (very) uncertain or just to compare. I render also several drawings which might indicate how a painting looked like. For many exhibited works I have no suggestion at all. The works of Cals are not well documented, there is no catalogue raisonnée and most of his works are in private hands. I render the pictures in a sort of thematical way.
My main sources for the pictures are the-athenaeum (iR2; 13 pictures), commons.wikimedia (=iR6; 10 pictures), mutualart (iR11), artnet (iR13; 310 auction items), eclecticlight (aR1=iR35; 10 pictures) and Google images (iR10). See for the other sources at the bottom of the main page on Adolphe-Félix Cals. See link for explanation of the subscriptions.


S1835-304 Portraits d’homme. Compare: Cals, 18xx, Three Studies of an Old Man, dr, 36×26, NG Scotland (iR10)

S1835-305 Portrait de femme. Compare: Cals, 1835, Paysanne, dr, 22×19, A1999/10/27 (iR13)

S1836-284, Jeune femme, étude. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, xx (portrait de femme), xx, xx (iR93;iR10)


S1837-263, Le retour des champs. Cals, 18xx, Paysanne sur le chemin, dr, 8×11, Axx (iR10)

S1838-231, Un mendiant. Compare: Cals, 18xx, Paysan, dr, 21×21, A2018/12/19 (iR12;iR10)


S1839-280, Paysanne du Berri, tête d’étude. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Portrait de femme au foulard, 41×33, xx (iR10)

S1839-281, Paysan du Berri, tête d’étude. Maybe: Cals, 18xx, Portrait de paysan berrichon, xx, xx (iR10)

S1840-214, Paysan de l’Auvergne, tête d’étude. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Detail of Head of an old man (portrait d’un vieillard), xx, xx (iR10)


S1845-250, Souterrain, effet de lampe. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Vieil homme à la chandelle, 18×18, A2012/05/27 (iR13)

S1848-722, Petite fille lisant. Uncertain: 18xx, petite file lisant à la chandelle, 30×29, A2017/06/15 (iR11)

S1848-725, Vieillard lisant. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, La Lecture à la chandelle, 21×21, MBA Dijon (iR23)


S1842-290, La liseuse, tête d’étude. Compare: Cals, 18xx, Portrait de femme (lisant), dr, 21×18, xx (iR10)

S1853-204, Tête de jeune femme, étude à la lampe. compare: Cals, 18xx, Femme assise à un bureau, lisant à la lueur d’une chandelle, dr, 17×22, A1999/10/27 (iR13)

S1864-2070, La partie de dominos, dessin. Maybe: Cals, 1864, Two Friends Around a Table, dr, 33×43, MFA Houston (iR6; iR8;iR35)


S1843-166, La contemplation. Compare: Cals, 1872 (or32), rêverie, dr, 14×14, MNM Dijon (iR10;iR23)

S1843-169, Portrait d’homme. Compare: Cals, 18xx, Portrait of a Man, bust-length, with folded Arms, dr, xx, Ashmolean Museum (iR10;iR64)


S1840-215, Tête d’enfant, tête d’étude. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Portrait d’un jeune garçon, 46×38, A2014/06/08 (iR13;iR10)

S1844-257, Tête de jeune fille. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Portrait d’une jeune fille, 14×14, A1999/06/05 (iR13;iR10)

S1844-258, Tête de jeune fille, effet de lampe. Uncertain: Cals, 1843, Portrait de jeune fille, 39×31, A1999/10/27 (iR13)


S1845-249, Tête de femme. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, femme de profil a la coiffe, d17, A2010/10/25 (iR11)

S1845-251, Portrait de Mme C… Compare: Cals, 18xx, Portrait présumé de Mme Cals , dr, 35×28, A2009/03/29 (iR13;iR10)

S1864-2071, Portrait de Mlle C…, dessin. Compare: Cals, 1848, portrait de femme de profil, dr, xx, Axx, (iR44;iR10)

S1868-405, Portrait de Mlle C… Uncertain: Cals, 1867 (?), Tête de jeune femme, 17×14, Axx (iR11;iR10)


S1846-291, Bonne femme filant. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, La fileuse et son enfant, 37×26, A2015/11/22 (iR13)

S1847-264, Saint François-d’Assise. Maybe: Cals, 18xx, Saint-François d’Assise, 185×140, A2010/12/19 (iR13)

S1853-203, Un amateur. Compare: Cals, 1859, Le raccommodeur de porte-monnaie (Père et fillette dans un atelier), 28×23, A20008/04/23 (iR13)


S1846-293, Sollicitude maternelle. Compare: Cals, 1860, Mère et enfant dans un intérieur, 38×46, xx (iR10)

S1846-296, Petite fille épuchant des légumes. Compare: Cals, 1854, A Cook Plucking a Wild Duck, 46×38, BM Barnard Castle , (iR2;iR10)

S1846-298, Bonne femme d’Auvergne. Uncertain: Cals, 1846, Peasant Woman and Child, 46×38, BM Barnard Castle (iR2;iR35)


S1838-233, Portrait de M. le comte de L. B… Perhaps: Cals, 1838, Portrait de Comte de Lancosme de Brève, 54×65, A2007/11/23 (iR13;iR10)

S1846-299, étude d’homme. Compare: Cals, 18xx, unknown title (man of high standing; detail), dr, xx, xx (iR101;iR10)

S1846-300, portrait de M. Yv… Maybe: Cals, 1846, Portrait d’homme, 93×73, A2010/12/14 (iR13;iR11)


S1848-720 Nature morte. Maybe: Cals, 1847, Still life with a cucumber, pitcher, platter, glassware, xx, Minneapolis IA (iR6)

S1848-721, Nature morte. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Nature morte aux agrumes, 24×28, A2010/10/24 (iR13)

S1850-443, Nature morte. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Nature morte (un intérieur), 19×13, A2014/03/26 (iR11;iR13)


S1845-249, Tête de femme. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, femme de profil a la coiffe, d17, A2010/10/25 (iR11)

S1850- 440 Portrait de Mme D. R… et de son enfant. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Mère avec son enfant et un chat, 19×19, A2016/05/25 (iR13;iR11)

S1850-441, portrait of Mme B Uncertain: Cals, 1850, Bildnis der Claudine Bonnet, 27×33, A2015/05/29 (iR13;iR12)

S1870-453, Portrait de Mme A. de Compare: Cals, 1844, Porträt einer Dame mit Spitzenhaube, kariertem Halstuch, Gemmen-Brosche und Stola (Portrait of a lady with a lace cap, plaid scarf, cameo brooch and stole), 80×65, A1999/06/23 (iR13)


S1859-474, L’éducation maternelle. Maybe: Cals, 1855, Les conseils maternels, 46×56, A1995/05/24 (iR13)

S1861-503, Jeune liseuse. Uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Portrait de Marie (née 1853), fille de l`artiste, 49×42, MNM Dijon (iR10;iR23)


S1857-426, Le lever. Maybe: Cals, 1857, Le lever (scène d’intérieur), 41×32, A2015/12/09 (iR13;iR11; R45,p68).

S1865-363, La Veillée. Uncertain: Cals, 1861, La Veillée (the wake), 40×33, A2000/06/21, (iR2;iR13)

S1866-306, Le soir, effect de lampe. Now: Cals, 1866, Self-portrait, 82×66, MNVT Versailles (iR99;iR23;iR10;iR96)


S1859-475, Intérieur rustique. Compare: Cals, 18xx, Intérieur rustique à Honfleur (L’intérieur, rue Varin à Honfleur), 28×38, A2009/06/12 (iR13;iR10)

SdR1863-61, Le ménage du sabotier. Maybe: Cals, 18xx, La famille du sabotier, 60×74, A2017/03/23 (iR11)


S1859-476, Le goûter. Uncertain: Cals, 1859, La donette (?), 45×55, A1995/02/16 (iR13)

S1865-2345, Les deux soeurs. Compare: Cals, 1856, Best of friends, 46×38, A1999/02/09 (iR13)


S1865-2345, Portrait de M. P…, dessin. Uncertain: Cals, 1862 (or:1842), Portrait d’homme, dr, 33×26, A2004/03/22 (iR13)

S1865-2346, Portrait de Mme la comtesse D…, dessin. Maybe: Cals, 1859, Portrait of Countess Doria, dr, 39×28, A2013/12/29 (iR17)

S1866-2108, Portrait de Mlle A.-S. l’E…, dessin. Uncertain: Cals, 1865, portrait of a woman, dr, xx, xx (iR10)

S1866-2109, Portrait de M. xx, dessin. Very uncertain: Cals, 18xx, Portrait d’homme, en buste, de face, la tête légèrement tournée à droite, dr, 33×25, Louvre (iR23)


S1867-256, Une rue à Béthancourt, Oise. Very uncertain: Cals, 1861 (?), The way home, 21×27, A2012/03/20 (iR11)

S1870-454, Ferme en Normandie. Uncertain: Cals, 1865, Farm in Normandy, 60×50, A2018/03/21 (iR2;iR11)