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Paul Signac (1863-1935)




On this page you will find an account of the works the Signac exhibited at the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition and on other exhibitions. Signac didn’t exhibit at the Salon. For general info on Paul Signac and the used sources see his main page. See link for his exhibited pictures.


The eight ‘impressionist’ exposition 1886:

  • catalogue numbers 184-201.
  • in total  Signac exhibited 18 works, including 3 drawings
    • 17x indication of place,
      6x Saint-Briac (no. 186, 190, 192, 194, 196, 197); Signac painted in the summer of 1885 in Saint-Briac (R39,p300)
      2x Clichy (no. 187, 189); in 1886 Signac moved to a studio at the Boulevard de Clichy (R39,p300)
      2x Asnières (no. 185, 193); in 1880 Signac had moved with his mother to Asnières (R39,p297)
    • 2x indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 7x loans (appartient à…): Mme J.S. (no. 190), M. Heymann (no. 192), M. Pissarro (no. 197), M. Paul Alexis (no. 198), Mme Robert-Caze (no. 199), M. J.K. Huysmans (no. 200), M. Seurat (no. 201).
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p446/7) and of Ferretti-Bocquillon (R39), who refers to the Catalogue Raisonné of Cachin (2000).
1886 catalogue: (R2,p446/7; iR1)

1886-184             Apprêteuse et Garnisseuse (Modes), rue du Caire
Eng.: Finisher and Filler. Moffett suggests: 1885-86, Two Milliners, 112×89, Bührle Zurich (R2,p424).

1886-185             La Berge, Asnières
Moffett refers to a private collection in Paris.

1886-186             Le moulin de Pierre Halé, Saint-Briac
Moffett suggests: 1884, Pierre Hâle’s Windmill, Saint-Briac, 60×92, private collection in Paris (R2,p470).

1886-187             Passage du Puits-Bertin, Clichy
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. Now: 1886, CR118, Passage du Puits-Bertin, Clichy, 65×81, location unknown (R39,p115+118). Compare R39, no.18+19.

1886-188             Les Gazomètres, Clichy
Now: 1886, CR117, The gas tanks at Clichy, 65×81, NGV Melbourne (R2,p471;R39,no16). Also exhibited as SdI1886-364.

1886-189             Du haut de la Garde-Guérin, Saint-Lunaire
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

1886-190             La passe balisée, Saint-Briac; appartient à Mme J.S.
Eng.: The marked pass. Moffett refers to a private collection in Paris.

1886-191             La neige, boulevard Clichy
Now: 1886, CR115, Snow, Boulevard de Clichy, 46×65, Minneapolis Institute of Arts (R39,no.13). Also exhibited as SdI1887-456.

1886-192             Bonne brise de N ¼ NO, Saint-Briac ; appartient à M. Heymann
Now: 1885, CR95, Brisk breeze from the North 1/4 Northwest, Saint-Briac, 45×64, Dolby collection San Francisco (R2,p472;R39,no.9).

1886-193             L’Abreuvoir, Asnières
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

1886-194             Le jardin du père Lefeuvre, Saint-Briac
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

1886-195             L’Embranchement de Bois-Colombes
Now: 1886, CR116, The railway junction at Bois-Colombes, opus 130, 33×47, Leeds City Art Gallery (R2,p473;R39,no.15). Also exhibited as SdI1886-370.

1886-196             D’Une fenêtre, La chapelle Saint-Briac
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

1886-197             Le port Hue, Saint-Briac ; appartient à M. Pissarro
Moffett suggests a work in the Boymans-van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam.

1886-198             La Grue ‘l’Union’, Île Saint-Louis ; appartient à M. Paul Alexis
Moffett refers to William Doyle, 7 May 1984.

1886-199             Au café-concert ; dessin ; appartient à Mme Robert-Caze
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

1886-200             Aux Tuileries ; dessin ; appartient à M. J.K. Huysmans
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. 

1886-201             L’Île des Ravageurs, dessin ; appartient à M. Seurat
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.