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Marcellin(-Gilbert) Desboutin (1823-1902)



Works Desboutin exhibited in 1876 and at the Salon:
Desboutin exhibited at least 20 works at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876. Moffett mentions Desboutin’s works were hung in the first room (R2,p146). Here below you will find an account of what works he might have shown in 1876 and also through the years at the Salon. You will also find additional information. For general information on Desboutin and information about the used sources and references see.


  • catalogue numbers 60 – 72hc
    No.67-72 all contain at least 2 works and according to Moffett Desboutin also exhibited a work that was not in the catalogue (=hc = hors catalogue).
  • so in total Desboutin exhibited at least 20 works ;
    • No. 67-72 were dry point etchings, so he exhibited at least 12 etchings
    • all works were portraits or figure paintings
    • 0x an indication of place
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • at least 8x a study
    • 0x a loan

Catalogue 1876: (R2,p161; iR1)

2IE-1876-60, Chanteurs des rues
Eng.: Singer in the streets. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. As a very uncertain suggestion I give: 18xx, Bigpipe player, 54×40, private .

2IE-1876-61, Etude d’enfants
Eng.: Studie of children. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. To compare I give: 18xx, Portrait of child, profile, 41×27, A20151128 . 

2IE-1876-62, Portrait de M. F…
Moffett (R2,p161+177) suggests ‘1874, Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Faure, 41×33, Wheelock Whitney & Company, New York’. Walther also renders this picture (R3,p130). Faure was a baritone in the Paris Opéra and a collector also of impressionist art.

2IE-1876-63, Les premiers pas
Eng.: The first steps. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. To compare I give: 1875-80ca, La Voiture d’enfant, 128×94, MF Montpellier . 

2IE-1876-64, Le violoncelliste
Moffett suggests a larger version of ‘1874, Le jouer de violin, 120×65, Musée de Moulins’ (R2,p148+146).

2IE-1876-65, Tête d’étude
Eng.: study of a head. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. As a very uncertain suggestion I give: 18xx, Portrait d’homme barbu, étude, 36×28, A20141024 and also: 18xx, Enfant boudeur, 35×24, private. 

2IE-1876-66, Portrait
Moffett suggests with a perhaps  ‘Mme N. de C.’ (R2,p161). To compare I give another painting of a woman:  18xx, Jeune fille au ruban rouge, 55×45, A20150129, and also an etch of Nina de Callias made in 1879: Portrait Nina de Callias , etch point sèche, xx, FM Cambridge.

2IE-1876-67, Portraits et études (gravure à la pointe sec)
2IE-1876-68, Portraits et études (gravure à la pointe sec)
2IE-1876-69, Portraits et études (gravure à la pointe sec)
2IE-1876-70, Portraits (gravure à la pointe sec)
2IE-1876-71, Portraits (gravure à la pointe sec)
2IE-1876-72, Portraits (gravure à la pointe sec)
Eng.: Portraits and studies (dry point etching). Moffett suggests the following portraits: ‘M. Jacquemart; M. Goeneutte’, Portrait du peintre M.R. (maybe Henri Rouart); Le faiseur de cigarettes; Le dilettante (R2,p161).
As very uncertain suggestions for no.67+68 I give three portraits of Degas who look like studies: 1875, Degas en buste, de profil à droite, dry point, 9×7, A20060524; 1875, Degas, en buste, de trois quarts à droite, dry point, 9×7, A20060524;  1876, Degas, dry point, 9×7, A20131211 and another portrait of Degas probably made in 1878:  Portrait Edgar Degas, etch dry point, 21×13, FM Cambridge. For no. 69 I render two woman heads who also look more like a studie:  18xx, Tête de femme avec une tresse, dry point, 13×17, A20160519 and 18xx, Tête de femme brune, dry point, 13×18, A20160519.
For no.70 following Moffett I render: 18xx, Portrait de Norbert Gœneutte, etch ps, 24×16, FM Cambridge and 1876, Jules Jacquemart, etching, 16×12, xx.  For no. 71 I render 1880, Portrait Henri Rochefort , etch point sèche, xx, FM Cambridge (probably a later work, but maybe an alternative for ‘peintre M.R.) and 1874-5, Philippe Burty, etch point sèche, 29×22, xx. For no. 72 I render two portraits of Renoir probably both made in 1877, which would out date them, but maybe they were made a year earlier: 1877, Portrait of Pierre Renoir, dry point, 16×12, AI Chicago and 18xx, Portrait de Renoir (ou Renoir les jambes croisées), etch ps, 23×16, xx.

2IE-1876-72+hc, Femme accoudée
Eng.: Woman leaning on her elbows. Moffett mentions Desboutin showed a work outside the catalogue (=hc) with the title ‘Femme accoudée’. Berson doesn’t confirm this suggestion (R90II,p37+283). Compare the etch of Nina de Callias 2IE-1876-66. To compare I render a portrait made around 1860 or in 1882: La Mère Jacoune, marchande de fruits et légumes, xx, MM Nice.



Desboutin at the Salon:
Only at the Salon of 1877 Desboutin is called a pupil of Drölling and Robert-Fleury (iR1). In 1882 and 83 he exhibited exempté (iR1).


S1869-718, Portrait de M. Jules Amigues
His debut at the Salon (iR65). Walther wrongly mentions that his debut was in 1868. Desboutin had given the adres of this same Jules Amigues as correspondence adres, living himself in Florence.

S1869-3952, Deux eaux-fortes ; même numéro :
Eng.: Two etchings; same number. His first name had been written wrongly as ‘Marcelin’ with one ‘l’.

S1869-3952-1, Portrait du bourguemestre Six, d’après Rembrandt.
Probably now: 18xx, Jan Six (after Rembrandt 1654), etch ps, 18×13, xx.

S1869-3952-2, Portrait de femme, d’après Rembrandt

S1873-469, Portrait de M. R… en costume florentin
Claretie reviewed ‘This lean and ardent face, so well modelled and which comes out of the frame, is the work of a painter who forges verse as he grinds color, M. Marcellin Desboutin, the author of a Maurice de Saxe represented by the Comédie-Française, and of a Cardinal Dubois still unpublished, a robust, bold temperament, which only waits for the opportunity to manifest itself, either in art, or in letters.’ (R264,p119/220).

S1874-587, Portrait de Mme R…
Maybe Madame Roland (iR65).

reviews on S1875:
Claretie reviewed ‘Mr. Marcellin Desboutin, a literary scholar as well as a painter, the author of Maurice de Saxe, which was successfully performed at the Comédie-Française, is also in love with the new material processes of the art of painting, an art that is becoming a profession. But he came closer to the truth in his portrait of Madame D., of a singular virility, and in this study of an Italian who, standing, strums his violin in some courtyard. These are two bravely lifted figures. Mr. Desboutin is even more personal in a series of etching portraits, taken directly from the copper, at the end of the burin, and which he exhibits in the engraving galleries. I recognized there the faces of Edmond de Goncourt, of Ph. Burty, of Hipp. Babou. Mr. Desboutin has certainly, if he persists in this way’ (R264,p339).

S1875-3660, Portraits de MM. Cadart, H. Babou, Bowls, Deschamps, de Goncourt, Montefiore, Rouard, Vallois, et de Mlles M. Burty et B. Morisot, gravés à la pointe sèche. (Pour une collection artistique)

S1875-3660-1, Portrait de M. Cadart
Maybe now: 18xx, Print of a portrait of Alfred Cadart, etch, xx, xx

S1875-3660-2, Portrait de M. Babou

S1875-3660-3, Portrait de M. Bowls

S1875-3660-4, Portrait de M. Deschamps

S1875-3660-5, Portrait de M. de Goncourt

S1875-3660-6, Portrait de M. Montefiore

S1875-3660-7, Portrait de M. Rouard
Maybe this is a miswriting for Henri Rouart

S1875-3660-8, Portrait de M. Vallois

S1875-3660-9, Portrait de Mll. M. Burty

S1875-3660-10, Portrait de Mll. B. Morisot
Maybe now: 1876ca, Portrait de Berthe Morisot, drypoint, 26×18, A2014/09/23.


S1876-633, Portrait de Mme G…

S1876-634, Portrait de M. A…

S1877-683, Portrait de M. L. Leclaire (Voir Gravure)

S1877-4392, Onze gravures à la pointe sèche : Portraits de MM. Puvis de Chavannes, C. Bigot, J. Richepin, Renouard, Lochard, G. Haas, Hayem, Cherfils ; de Mme la duchesse Colonna, de Mme V…, de Mme Alice J…
Eng.: 11 dry point etchings.

S1877-4392-1, Portrait de M. Puvis de Chavannes
Maybe now: 1876, Puvis de Chavannes, etch, xx Cleveland MA.

S1877-4392-2, Portrait de M. C. Bigot

S1877-4392-3, Portrait de M. J. Richepin

S1877-4392-4, Portrait de M. Renouard

S1877-4392-5 Portrait de M. Lochard
Probably now: 1877, Portrait of the Photographer Lochard, etch point sèche, 18×28, Metropolitan.

S1877-4392-6, Portrait de M. G. Haas

S1877-4392-7, Portrait de M. Hayem

S1877-4392-8, Portrait de M. Cherfils

S1877-4392-9, Portrait de Mme. la duchesse Colonna

S1877-4392-10, Portrait de Mme. V…

S1877-4392-11  Portrait de Mme. Alice J…

S1877-4393, Une gravure à la pointe sèche : Portrait du comte L. Lepic (Voir Peinture)
Maybe now: 1876ca, Vicomte Ludovic-Napoléon Lepic, etch point sèche, xx, NGC Ottawa.

S1878-4789, Une gravure : Portrait de M. Henner
Maybe now: 1878, Portrait de Henner, drypoint, 16×12, A20160415.

S1879-949, Portrait de M. Dailly, dans le rôle de Mes-Bottes de l’Assommoir
Maybe now: Portrait de M. Dailly, dans le rôle de Mes-Bottes de l’Assommoir, xx, xx
Desboutin received a 3rd class medal (R231/iR40).

S1879-950, Portrait de Mme B…
Desboutin received a 3rd class medal (R231/iR40).


Desboutin at the Salon des Artistes Français:

SdAF-1880-1121 La famille Loyson ; trois portraits en tryptique [sic.] ;
Additional info: H. 1m,50.- L. 2m,00. ([salle] 17.)

SdAF-1880- 1120 Portrait de Mme C… ;
Additional info: H. 0m,60.- L. 0m,55. ([salle] 27.). (Les “hors concours” sont placés dans les salles 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21 et 24. Les “exempté” dans les salles 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 et 12. Les non exempts dans les salles 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 et à la galerie. Les étrangers dans les salles 3, 5, 7, 9 et 11.)

SdAF-1881-692 Portrait de M. C…

SdAF-1881-693 Portrait de M. Duranty

SdAF-1881-4654 Une gravure : Portrait de M. ***

SdAF-1881-4655 Une gravure : Portrait de M. Coquelin cadet

SdAF-1882-816 Portrait de M. F. Alassonière

SdAF-1882-5275 Une gravure à la pointe sèche : Portrait du Dr Chonnow

SdAF-1882-5276 Trois gravures : /

SdAF-1882-5276-1. Portrait de M. Katzenstein /

SdAF-1882-5276-2. Portrait de M. Durand-Ruel /

SdAF-1882-5276-3. Portrait de M. le comte d’Ideville

SdAF-1883-4622 Une gravure : Portrait de M. E. Goudeau

SdAF-1883-4623 Trois gravures : / 1° Portrait de M. *** / 2° Etude de femme / 3° Zélia

SdAF-1883-751 Portrait de femme ; étude (Appartient à M. F. W…)

SdAF-1884-741 Chiens à vendre

SdAF-1885- 776 Etude pour une procession des enfants d’un asile, à Nice ; Peinture

SdAF-1886- 745 Portrait de M. le Dr B… ; Peinture

SdAF-1886- 5052 Une gravure : La surprise, d’après Fragonard

SdAF-1886- 5053 Une gravure : Confidence, d’après Fragonard


Desboutin probably also exhibited in 1887/ 88/ 89 (iR1).


Desboutin at the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts:
Desboutin probably also exhibited  at the SNBA in 1890/ 91/ 92/ 93/ 94/ 95/ 96/ 97/ 98/ 99/ 1902 (iR1).


Marcellin-Gilbert Desboutin at the Exposition Universelle:

1889: Exposition Universelle oeuvre d’Art (R231/iR40):
EU-OdA-1889-2454, Une gravure, pointe sèche, Portrait de M. Desboutin

1889: Exposition Centennale (=EU-C-1889) (R231/iR40):
EU-C-1889-283, Portrait de Léon Leclaire
EU-C-1889-VII-141, Portrait de M. le comte Lepic, pointe sèche (app. à M. H. Béraldi)



Desboutin at the Salon de la Rose+Croix (=SRC):

Desboutin, Marcellin, né à Cérilly (Allier), 9, cité Véron (iR1;iR40)

SRC-1892-50, Jeune Florentin

SRC-1892-51, Une Florentine


Desboutin (Marcellin) lived at 5, rue Bréda. Below the rendered picture Desboutin is called ‘Marquis’ and the title of the work is a bit different (iR40)

SRC-1893-78, Portrait du Sär Mérodack J. Péladan, grand-maître (de l’Ordre laïque) de la Rose + Croix du Temple et du Graal.
Now: 1891, Portrait du Sâr Mérodack Joséphin Péladan, 121×81, MBA Angers (iR4;iR5;iR10;iR40)



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