Levert, pictures



Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Jean-Baptiste-Léopold Levert

(1828-1882 ca.)

Most of his pictures


Pictures of Léopold Levert are hardly to be found:
In books about Impressionism I couldn’t find 1 picture of Levert. Also the-athenaeum (iR2) and Wikimedia (iR6) render no pictures. Google images (iR10) renders 10 pictures which seem to be genuin pictures of Jean-Baptiste-Léopold Levert. 6 of them were auctioned 2017/03/25 at the Paris auction house Lebrech & Associés (aR3); they call it drawings made by pen and black ink, but they look a bit like etchings. The only oil painting comes from Decampe (aR4). I tried to connect the pictures to titles from the posthumes 1883 catalogue (aR2).
In the future I hope to find more pictures of Levert. If you have any please let me know (BrightVibrantColours@outlook.com). In this way I hope to honour Levert who participated 4x with the ‘impressionist’ expositions with at least 27 works, which is more than Cézanne did.
Additional info, sources and explanations you’ll find on the main page about Levert and in the account.




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