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Pictures of Léopold Levert are hardly to be found:
Léopold Levert participated 4x at the ‘impressionist’ expositions with at least 27 works, which is more than Cézanne did. Still, in books on Impressionism I couldn’t find 1 picture of Levert. On the internet I could find just 6 paintings, 8 drawings and 1 watercolour, all of them I render here below including some details. None of my main sources (R2;R90;R87) render a suggestion for which art-work Levert did show at the ‘impressionist’ expositions. There neither were clear descriptions given in the reviews (R90I). This will make it impossible to render certain suggestions of which art-works he did exhibit. Still, I will try to connect these pictures here below to these works he exhibited and also to titles from the posthumous 1883 catalogue (aR2). Many works (mainly drawings) I render just to compare, others will stay very uncertain (=??) or even most uncertain (=???). In this way I hope to honour this (not unimportant) partaker of the ‘impressionist’ expositions. For some works I couldn’t find a suggestion at all. These I will mention at the bottom of this page.
In the future I hope to find more pictures of Levert. If you have any, please let me know (BrightVibrantColours@outlook.com).
Additional info, sources and explanations you’ll find on the main page about Levert and in the account.



No suggestions:
I could find no suggestions for the following art-works. Still, I will render art-works of other artists or photographs to compare.

2IE-1876-96, La Jetée de Portrieux

3IE-1877-83, Sablonnière, forêt de Fontainebleau

3IE-1877-84, Étude de forêt

5IE-1880-109, Une plâtrière à Fontenay-sous-Bois

5IE-1880-111, Plaine de la Brie


2IE-1876-96, La Jetée de Portrieux.
Note: Levert showed in 1876 4 paintings depicting Portrieux: the village (no.93), the beach (no.94), the harbour (no.95) and the jetty (no.96). For the first 3 paintings I render works of Levert which have some similarity with the exhibited works. For no.96 I couldn’t find no suggestion at all. So I render to compare some paintings of Boudin and Signac and an old postcard. I will also render to compare 4 other works of Boudin which also depicts the village, beach and harbour of Portrieux.
Jeditoo (iR111) shows several photos and paintings made in Portrieux, including of the Jetty of Saint-Quay Portieux. Ekablog renders a page on the visit of Boudin to Saint-Quay Portrieux in 1855 and in the 1870s. There also is a book on painters in Portrieux: Bernard Corbel: Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Enjeu maritime aux XVIIIe et XIXe siècle. Saint-Brieuc, 2012 (see PDF).

3IE-1877-83, Sablonnière, forêt de Fontainebleau:



3IE-1877-84, Étude de forêt:
I couldn’t find any work of Levert that depicts a study of a forest. I render two paintings to compare of other artists, one of an unknown French artist from the 19th century and one of Diaz de la Peña.


5IE-1880-109, Une plâtrière à Fontenay-sous-Bois:
Levert showed a picture of the plaster factory or quarry in Fontenay-sous-Bois, east of Paris. There is a PDF of a booklet on this quarry. To compare I render an old photo from this PDF and a picture of Corot of a quarry.


5IE-1880-111, Plaine de la Brie:
Levert showed two paintings titles Plaine de la Brie (no.110+111). For no. 110 I render to compare a drawing of Levert depicting a plain. To compare I here also render an early painting of Caillebotte of the Plaine de la Brie and a painting of André Tondu of La Croix-en-Brie. There are some villages called ‘Brie’ east-south of Paris, see map. La Croix-en-Brie lies 40km east.

Compare other artists:
For some paintings of Levert I render drawings to compare. Sometimes I also could find a painting of another artist depicting the motive mentioned in the catalogue title.



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