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Pictures of Léopold Levert are hardly to be found:
Léopold Levert participated 4x at the ‘impressionist’ expositions with at least 27 works, which is more than Cézanne did. Still, in books on Impressionism I couldn’t find 1 picture of Levert. On the internet I could find just 6 paintings, 8 drawings and 1 watercolour, all of them I render here below including some details*. None of my main sources (R2;R90;R87) render a suggestion for which art-work Levert did show at the ‘impressionist’ expositions. There neither were clear descriptions given in the reviews (R90I). This will make it impossible to render certain suggestions of which art-works he did exhibit. Still, I will try to connect these pictures here below to these works he exhibited and also to titles from the posthumous 1883 catalogue (aR2). Many works (mainly drawings) I render just to compare, others will stay very uncertain (=??) or even most uncertain (=???). In this way I hope to honour this (not unimportant) partaker of the ‘impressionist’ expositions. For some works I couldn’t find a suggestion at all made by Levert.
In the future I hope to find more pictures of Levert. If you have any, please let me know (BrightVibrantColours@outlook.com).
Additional info, sources and explanations you’ll find on the main page about Levert and in the account. See also the pages with impressions of the pictures he showed at the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1874, 1876, 1877 and 1880.
Note*: There still is discussion if these works are of our Jean-Baptiste-Léopold Levert, born 1819, or of his nephew Gustave Léopold Levert, probably born in 1846.



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