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In the early 1870s Durand-Ruel showed impressionist works in his gallery in London, without much succes. Since the 1880s he starts to show impressionist works in Paris and at regional and international exhibitions. In 1883 he holds several solo-exhibitions. For the Impressionists Durand-Ruel was crucial for financial support and for becoming known in France and abroad. For an overal view of exhibitions organised by Durand-Ruel click on the link to the page on art-dealers.


info from art-dealer

  • 1870/12/10 exhibits 144 works in his London gallery, mainly of Barbizon painters like Corot, Courbeet, Diaz, Daubigny, Dupré and Millet, but also some works of Monet (1x?) and Pissarro (R5,p65; R22IV,p1016)
  • 1871/03/18: exhibits 139 works in his London gallery; with Monet (2x) and Pissarro (2x) (R5,p69; R22IV,p1016)
  • 872/06/04 opens 4th exhibition of French painters in London; with Degas, Monet (?x), Pissarro and Sisley (R5,p73; R2)
  • 1872/11/02 opening of the 5th exhibition of French painters in London; with Degas, Manet, Monet (2x), Pissarro, Renoir (1x) and Sisley (R5,p73; R31,p315; R22IV,p1016)
  • 1873, March: 6th exhibition of French painters in London; with Degas, Manet, Monet (2x), Pissarro and Sisley (R5,p78; R22IV,p1016)
  • 1873, ?: 7th exhibition of French painters in London; with Monet (2x) (R22IV,p1016)
  • 1874,printemps: 8th exhibition of French painters in London; with Monet (2x) (R22IV,p1016)
  • 1874,June: 9th exhibition of French painters in London with Manet, Monet (1x), Pissarro, Renoir (2x) and Sisley (R5,p85; R31,p315; R22IV,p1016)
  • 1875/12: closes his gallery in London (R5,p92); he almost didn’t sell works of the Impressionists in England (R5,p77)
  • 1876/04/01 the second impressionist exposition is organized in his gallery; no financial succes (R3, x)
  • 1878/07/15 exhibition of 380 (or: 360) paintings of Delacroix, Millet, Rousseau, Troyon and others; no succes (R2,p262; R5,p110)
  • 1880/09 exhibition in Oran, Alger; sends in 233 (most impressionist) paintings (R5,p118)
  • 1882/07/01 ‘Impressionists in England’ exhibition in London; with Monet (4x), Renoir (R2,p382+391; R22IV,p1016; R31,p315)
  • hard rivalry with George Petit on the art market (R3)
  • 1882 co-organizes the seventh impressionist exposition (R3)
  • 1882/05/05: in London exhibition of impressionists paintings; with Cassatt, Degas, Monet, Renoir and Sisley and also pre-Impressionists Delacroix and Millet; receives good critics (R5,p129/130)
  • 1882/10/01 sends in works of Monet, Pissarro, Renoir and Sisley to a regional exhibition in Tours (R5,p130)
  • 1883: serie of solo exhibitions (mostly around 70 works): Degas refuses to join; Boudin; Monet (about 60x; o3/01-25); Renoir (April; 70 works); Pissarro (May); Sisley (June)
    9, Boulevard de la Madeleine, Paris (R31,p315; R5,p134/5)
  • 1883/04-07: exhibition of ‘La Société des Impressionnistes’ in London showing works of Boudin, Cassatt, Degas, Manet, Monet (4x), Morisot, Pissarro, Renoir (10x) and Sisley (R5,p134/5; R31,p315)
  • 1883: other shows with Impressionist paintings in Boston, Rotterdam and Berlin (R5,p422)
  • 1884, May: ‘Exposition de tableaux impressionnistes…’ in London; with Monet (5x?); (R22IV,p1016)
  • 1885, June: in Brussels “exposition de MM. Degas, Monet (3x?), Pissarro, Renoir et Sisley” (R5,p143; R31,p315; R22IV,p1017)
  • 1885/07/12: exhibition in Amsterdam with impressionists works (R5,p144)
  • 1885, Geneva; with Monet (2x) (r22IV,p1017)
  • 1886, April-June: exhibition in New York ‘the impressionists of Paris’
    with about 300 paintings, Caillebotte (several), Cassatt (several), Degas (23x), Monet (48x), Morisot (several), Pissarro (42x), Renoir (38x), Seurat (3x), Signac (6x), Sisley (15x) and Manet (17x)
    Aril: in the American Art Galleries; with Monet (28x?), Renoir (38x), Seurat,
    05/25-June: in the National Academy of Design; with Monet (18x?), Renoir (38x),
    (R3, R5,p149; R22IV,p1017; R31,p315; R39,p300; R44,p140)
  • 1888/05-06: Exposition in Paris; with Renoir (24x) (R31,p315)
  • 1889/02/27: posthumes exhibition of 28 works of Sisley in New York (R5,p222)
  • 1891: first solo-exhibition of Cassatt (R3,p652)
  • 1892: Exposition S. Renoirs (110 works!) (R31,p315)
  • 1893: the only solo-exhibition of Degas (with landscapes in pastel) (R3,p180)
  • 1893: solo-exhibition Cassatt (R3,p652)
  • 1893/11/04 – 12/01: exhibition of 44 works of Gauguin after mediation of Degas (R36,p81)
  • 1894/03/07 solo exhibition of 98 works of Pissarro (R5,p194)
  • 1895: solo exhibition of Cassatt in New York (R44,p141; R3,p652)
  • 1896/05-06: exposition Renoir (42x) (R31,p316)
  • 1896: posthumous exposition of Morisot (R42,p92)
  • 1898, 1899, 1910, : exhibitions in Paris with works of Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Sisley (R31,p316)
  • 1900, 1908, 1915 : exhibitions in Paris with works of Monet and Renoir (R31,p316)
  • 1905: exhibition in London: pictures by Boudin, Cézanne, Degas, Manet, Monet, Morisot, Pissarro, Renoir (59x), Sisley (R31,p216)