Forain, 1880 expo

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Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)

Art-works 5th impressionist exposition 1880




Here you will find an impression of the 12 art-works Forain did exhibit at the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1880, including two works that were not in the catalogue (=hc). See also my account. My main sources for the pictures are (iR2), (iR11) and (iR41).  See for more sources at the bottom of the main page about Forain. See link for explanation of the subscription of the paintings.


1880-45 Actrice allant rentrer en scène
uncertain: 18xx, Avant l’entrée en scène (danseuses dans lxxx), xx, collection ARS New York (iR41)
1880-46 étude d’homme Very uncertain: Forain (?), 1900ca, Le model, 90×71, A2018/04/28 (iR11)



1880-47 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, Head of a woman, charcoal pastel, 32×26, A2013/02/01 (iR11)

1880-48 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, lecture de journal, drawing, 26×40, A2008/11/19 (iR11)

1880-49 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, Le Gourmand, pencil, 31×42, A2014/12/03 (iR11)


1880-50 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, La Modèle, drawing, 28×21, A2015/12/09 (iR11)

1880-51 dessin
Very uncertain: 1xxx, Voyons, p’tit homme…, ink, 39×28, A2016/04/04 (iR11)

1880-52 dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, La conversation, drawing, 36×27, A2018/05/23 (iR11)


1880-53 eau-forte
Very uncertain: 18xx, Getting dressed (danseuses dans leur lodge), etch point sèche, 16×11, A2016/06/30 (iR11)

1880-54 eau forte
Very uncertain: 1xxx, Entering the party, etch, 18×12, A2015/11/16 (iR11)


1880-54+hc1 Maison close
Now: 1878, The Client (Maison close), gouache, 25×33, DGG Memphis or private, (iR2;R50,p79)

1880-54+hc2 La promenade du voyou à la Campagne
compare: 1900, Zwei Männer im Regen, drawing, 31×24, A2006/03/31 (iR11)