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Louis Latouche (1829-1883)




At the first ‘impressionist’ exposition Louis Latouche exhibited 4 works (catalogue numbers 67-70). At the Salon he exhibited in total 21 works. So he exhibited at least 25 works.
All works are oil paintings (maybe S1880-2142 was an etching). Most of his works are landscapes and marines .
No less than 19 works have an indication of place: 12x of Berck (Pas-de-Calais; about 150km north of le Havre; 1874 onwards), 4x of Asnières (Île de la Grande-Jatte; in 1870, 72, 73; north-west of Paris), 1x of Saint-Ouen (1868; north of Paris), 1x of Paris (1874) and 1x of Cayeux (1876; south of Berck).
7x Latouche gives an indication of time, season or weather. He never exhibits a study. None of the works are a loan.


1874 catalogue: (R2,p121; iR1)

1874-67          Clocher de Berck[ (Pas-de-Calais)

1874-68          Vue des quais (Paris)

1874-69          La plage, marée basse à Berck (Pas-de-Calais)

1874-70          sous bois


Latouche at the Salon:

Latouche did exhibit at the Salon since 1866 (iR1; iR4; R3,p673). Note: there also was a Lucien de Latouche who exhibited at the Salon and a Gaston Latouche (1883/ 84/ 85) (iR1).
There was a Latouche exhibiting at the Salon in 1844 / 445/ 48/ 49/ 57/ 59/ 63/ 64/ 65 / 87.



S1866-1121 Intérieur de bois ; effet du soir

S1868-1453 Approche de l’orage à la pointe de l’île, à Saint-Ouen

S1868-1454 Intérieur de bois
Compare S1866-1121 with (partly) the same theme / title.

S1869-1382 Le cours d’eau ; effet du matin

S1869-1383 Sous-bois
Note: this is the same title as 1874-70 exhibited at the first ‘impressionist’ exposition.

S1870-1600 Le Pont d’Asnières

S1870-1601 La Seine à Asnières

S1872-940 a maison de Lavoignat à Asnières ; île de la Grande-Jatte

SdR1873-45 Paysage, soleil couchant

SdR1873-46 Une baraque à Asnières (île de la Grande-Jatte)

S1874-1090 Marée basse, à Berck (Pas-de-Calais)
Compare: 1874-69 with almost the same title.

S1876-1203 La mer, à Cayeux (Somme) ; marée haute

S1877-1223 Bateaux berckois, à marée basse

S1878-1328 Plage de Berck (Pas-de-Calais)
Compare 1874-69 with partly the same title.

S1879-1784 Soleil couchant à Berck (Pas-de-Calais)

S1879-1785 La plage de Berck, le matin ; côté Rothschild

S1880-2141 Départ pour la pêche ; soleil couchant (Pas-de-Calais) (122x200cm)
In the catalogue is mentioned this work hung in room 28, one of the rooms for the works that were not discharged (‘les non exempts’).

S1880-2142 La plage de Berck ; effet du matin (36x61cm)
In the catalogue was added: ‘Voir sculpture et gravure’, which might depict this was an etching. Looking at the number in the catalogue you would think this was a painting, just as he always exhibited. Looking at the subtitle ‘effet du matin’ you also would expect a painting.

S1881-1330 La ville de Berck, vue de la plaine

S1881-1331 La plage de Berk (sic)

S1882-1551 Départ de pêche à Berck



Where did Louis Latouche live?

According to the Salon database (iR1) and other sources Louis Latouche lived at several places in Paris:

In 1866 at the Rue Neuve-Saint-Augustin, 25, (maybe now Rue Daunou, 25; iR1)

From 1867 – 72 at the Rue Lafayette, 34 (where he also had his shop; R22IV,p1016; iR1)

In 1873 at the Rue de la Tour-d’Auvergne, 11 (note the number 12 in the next years; was this an erratum?; iR1)

From 1874-76 at the same Rue de la Tour-d’Auvergne, number 12 (iR1; R2,p121)

In 1877 and 78 at the Rue Bochard-de-Saron, 6 (iR1)

In 1879 at the Rue Neuve-Fontaine-Saint-Georges, 4 (Saint-Georges is a district in Paris; iR1)

From 1880-82 (and maybe until his death in 1883?) at the Rue Fromentin, 4 (in the same Saint-Georges district; iR1)