Debras impressionist exposition 1874


Impressionism, a historical reconstruction

Louis Debras


An impression of his pictures at the 

1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874


What pictures did Debras show at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition?
It is unknown which pictures Louis Debras exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. Still, on this page you will find a reconstruction that will give you an accounted impression. On the bottom of this page you will find a clarification. Note: If you double click on the first picture and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow. On a smartphone or laptop you can also zoom in. Enjoy!


Louis Debras exhibited 4 pictures at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 (catalogue numbers 50 – 53); no.52 was a drawing. None of my sources render a suggestion. There was just one review given a more general description of no.50. There are not many works known of Debras, see overview of his pictures. Most of his works are not dated. All this makes it (almost) impossible to render reliable suggestions for what pictures Debras did exhibit in 1874, see. Still, I render on this page 5 suggestions (2 for no.53).
The still-life rendered for no.51 is a most uncertain suggestion.
All the other suggestions are just to compare. 
For no.50 a study of a peasant I render an old photo of a destroyed painting by Debras, rendering a peasant woman and also a painting of Van Gogh depicting a peasant, which was also done in a ‘heavy and rough paste’ way as a review indicated.
No.52 was a drawing and probably depicted a landscape including the Saint John tower in La Rapida in Spain. To compare I render a photo of the ruin of this tower and also a drawing of Debras depicting a landscape in France.
In no.53 Debras depicted Rembrandt in his studio. To compare I render 4 pictures of other artists who do the same. At first a painting of (probably) Rembrandt himself. And a compilation of an etch after a painting of Gérôme, a painting by Bergeret and a drawing by Rembrandt.
See for more info my account. See also info on the subscription of the pictures.
I hope the rendered pictures give you any impression of what Louis Debras might have exhibited in 1874.



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