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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

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a topographical and thematical overview

What pictures are known of Léon-Auguste Ottin? What pictures did he show at the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1874 and 1876 (=1IE-1874 + 2IE-1876), at the Salon (=S) and at it’s successor the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF) and of works that were auctioned in 1891 (=A1891)? On this page you will find a topographical and thematical overview of the titles of the works that Léon-Auguste Ottin exhibited. You will also find the limited amout of pictures I could find, that were made by Léon Ottin, namely aquarelles. When possible I try to make connections between these titles and these pictures. Note: the stained glass windows you will find on a separate page.
Léon Ottin mainly was a landscapist depicting Montmartre, Paris and other landscapes. These I will render first. At the end you will find portraits, interiors and more. See the link for an account. See link for an explanation of the subscriptions. See for the used sources below at the main page about Léon-Auguste Ottin.


Montmartre, part of the 18th arrondissement Clignacourt in Paris:
Léon Ottin made and exhibited many works made in Montmartre. Many works are hard to locate, others are more precise. Montmartre is a district in Paris, that is part of the 18th arrondissement called Clignancourt. The district north-east of Montmartre is called ‘Grandes-Carrières‘. Léon-Auguste Ottin lived in the 18th arrondissement from 1865-1876. After 1876 he would not exhibit works depicting this area. Still most of his watercolours are signed and dated 1882 + 1883.
First I will render more specific titles / works, later on more general.

Montmartre: Grandes-Carrières / Rue Lepic:
Léon Ottin made 2 watercolours of which he wrote (or later was written) in the top right ‘Montmartre – Clignancourt‘ and Clignancourt is replaced for ‘Grandes-Carrières’. So maybe these works were made at the edge of these two districts. Both look out at two mills. The second watercolour looks out on Moulin du Radet at the corner of Rue Lepic and Rue Girardon (iR9;iR26). It is part of a bistro called ‘Moulin de la Galette’. The real Moulin de la Galette lies a bit further along the Rue Lepic and is seen in the distance. Note: father Auguste Ottin lived at 46, Rue Lépic from 1882-86. The first picture was probably taken from the Rue Lepic downwards with a view on the Moulin du Radet and the Moulin de la Galette (iR9), see info (iR4). The drawing from the Impasse Giradon gives a view from the north on one of the mills (Le Moulin Blute-Fin?)
Compare: A1891-20 — Le Moulin de la Galette et l’Obélisque de Cassini

Rue du Mont Cenis, Montmartre:
Léon Ottin made two work of the stairs of Rue du Mont Cenis in Montmartre. One looking to the south, the other looking to the north. (I assume it was around what is now no.45 and that the staircase has changed.) You can compare them with exhibited works:
2IE-1876-189, La rue du Mont-Cenis (Butte Montmartre)
2IE-1876-195-3, Rue du Mont-Cenis

Other roads in Montmartre and Clignacourt:
Léon Ottin depicted several roads in Montmartre and Clignacourt. Compare the pictures rendered here below.

2IE-1876-192, Petit rue Saint-Denis (Butte Montmartre)
A1891-16 — Petite-Rue Saint-Denis, dans le haut
A1891-17 — Petite-Rue Saint-Denis, dans le bas
There is a Rue Saint-Denis at the edge of the 1er and 2e arrondissement in Paris, but I can’t find one in Montmartre.
2IE-1876-196-3, De la rue Ordener.
The rue Ordener lies in the 18e arrondissement Clignancourt in Paris.
Compare: 2IE-1876-195-7, Entre les rues des Carrières et Marcadet.
Probably where the Rue Marcadet and the Rue Eugène Carrière cross in the 18e arrondissement Clignancourt, see map.
A1891-11 — Rue Damrémont
Rue Damrémont lies in Montmartre.
A1891-21 — Près de la rue de la Fontaine-du-But
The Rue de la Fontaine-du-But lies just north of Montmartre.
A1891-60 — Rue Saint-Vincent, aquarelle sous verre
The Rue Saint-Vincent lies at the north side of Montmartre.

La Butte Montmartre:
La Butte Montmartre, means the hill Montmartre. In the second half of the 19th century it was a suburb of Paris in development. From Montmartre you had a wide view on Paris.

1IE-1874-131, La butte Montmartre, versant sud
S1875-1570 La butte Montmartre, le matin; Peinture
A1891-1 — Sur la butte Montmartre (Exposition de 1875)
A1891-5 — Le Plateau de la butte en 1872
2IE-1876-187, Le Plateau de la Butte
2IE-1876-195-1e Le sommet, orage
2IE-1876-195-2e Le sommet, brouillard sur Paris
A1891-43 — Vue générale de Paris, du sommet de Montmartre, aquarelle sous verre
Note: Le sommet means a peak or a high point.

Montmartre and Clignacourt in general:
Other works depicting Montmartre are:
A1891-19 — Sept Vues de Montmartre
A1891-47 — A Montmartre, aquarelle sous verre
A1891-50 — Grand terrain, à Montmartre, aquarelle sous verre
2IE-1876-184, Mont Cassin, versant sud (Butte Montmartre)
2IE-1876-185, En plein soleil, versant sud (Butte Montmartre)
2IE-1876-186, Sur le versant nord (Butte Montmartre)
2IE-1876-190, Retraite de Russie, versant ouest (Butte Montmartre)
2IE-1876-183, La maison bleue (butte Montmartre)
Compare: A1891-9 — La Baraque bleue, rue Saint-André
2IE-1876-188, La maison Lorcinier (Butte Montmartre); appartient à M.L…
2IE-1876-191, La maison rouge, l’Abreuvoir (Butte Montmartre)
Nowadays there is a restaurant called ‘la maison rose’, 2, Rue de l’Abreuvoir.
2IE-1876-193, La tour Solferino (Butte Montmartre)
A1891-14 — La Tour Solférino
2IE-1876-194, Au cimetière (Butte Montmartre)
There are two larger and general cimetairies: cimetière de Montmartre and cimetière Saint-Vincent and also a smaller cimetière du Calvaire next to the Église Saint-Pierre de Montmartre.
A1891-61 — Devant, le Sacré-Coeur, aquarelle sous verre
The Sacré-Coeur can be seen as the heart of Montmartre.
A1891-18 — Parterre du théâtre Montmartre
A1891-54 — Au Théâtre Montmartre, aquarelle sous verre
There is a Théâtre Montmartre Galabra, apart from other theatres in Montmartre.
A1891-13 — A Clignancourt


Bridges and quays in Paris:
Léon Ottin depicted several scenes along the Seine with bridges and quays in Paris. Here below I render the ones that I could find. The first one depicts the Île Saint-Louis , which lies in the Seine, in the heart of Paris in the 4th arrondissement. The meaning of the BNF notification ‘démoli vers 1840’ (Eng.: demolished around 1840) is unknown. The second one is a watercolour of sandpits in the (former) harbour of the Louvre with the now rebuild Pont du Carrousel, also painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1886 from the opposite boarder. At the background right lies ‘L’Institute de France’. See map.
SdAF-1887-3309, La berge du quai du Louvre, pendant les travaux de reconstitution en 1886; aquarelle
A1891-42 — La Berge du quai du Louvre (Exposition de 1887), aquarelle sous verre
Thirdly an oil painting of the Pont Neuf that is not in the BNF database. This work was auctioned 2017/06/15. I found a picture on several auction sites and it is attributed to Auguste-Louis-Marie Ottin, so to Léon his father. The size is rendered as 110x201cm (iR11), which is quite big comparing to the small watercolours. The title compares works Léon Auguste Ottin exhibited at the Salon, mostly watercolours and a watercolour of him now at the Musée Carnavalet in Paris, so I assume it was made by Léon Auguste Ottin.
SdAF-1885-3080-1, Le Pont-Neuf, aquarelle
SdAF-1886-3207, Le Pont-Neuf; aquarelle
SdAF-1890-3212, Le Pont Neuf du port au charbon à Paris; aquarelle
A1891-6 — Le Pont-Neuf, du quai des Orfèvres, painting
A1891-49 — Le Pont Marie, aquarelle sous verre
Compare also:
SdAF-1884-3064-3, La berge du quai Voltaire, aquarelle
SdAF-1885-3080-2, Le Pont-au-Change, aquarelle
SdAF-1904-3740, Quatre aquarelles: Les anciens ponts de Paris
A1891-57 — Le Pont des Anneaux, aquarelle sous verre


The 1er  arrondissement de Paris:
Léon Ottin made some works in the ‘1er arrondissement de Paris‘. This arrondissement includes the Pont Neuf, the Louvre and the Tuileries. The Pont Neuf I depicted above under the bridges.
A1891-45 — La Cité de la Fenêtre du salon d’Apollon, au Louvre, aquarelle sous verre
A1891-52 — Passage Saint-Roch, aquarelle sous verre
The Passage Saint-Roche lies north of the Tuilleries.
Léon Ottin also made two watercolours of the Tuilleries gardens in the district Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris.


The 2nd  arrondissement of Paris:
Léon Ottin made at least two watercolours in the district Vivienne the 2e arrondissement ‘Bourse’ in Paris.
The first one from what is now probably the Rue Radziwill.
The second one depicts a house called ‘Elisa Moiron’ that seems to have disappeared from the 77 Rue Richelieu (iR9).


The 4th  arrondissement of Paris:
Léon Ottin made at least two watercolours in the 4e arrondissement ‘Hôtel de Ville’ in Paris. See (also above) the quai and bridge at the Île Saint-Louis. The second depicts the former Auberge de l’aigle d’or, that was located at the Rue Pierre au Lard.
A1891-10 — Coin de la rue des Rosiers
The Rue des Rosiers lies in the 4th arrondissement.


The 5th arrondissement of Paris:
SdR-1863-289, rue Saint-Jacques; de Delaroche
The Rue Saint-Jacques lies in the 5th arrondissement, between the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Panthéon, south of the Seine.

The 6th arrondissement of Paris:
The Saint-Sulpice church lies in the 6th arrondissement 2, Rue Palatine.


The 9th arrondissement of Paris:
Léon Ottin made at least one watercolour in the district Saint-Georges in the 9e arrondissement ‘Opera’ in Paris. In this watercolour he depicts 60, Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, but I’m afraid it’s all changed.


The 16th  arrondissement of Paris:
A1891-9 — La Baraque bleue, rue Saint-André.
There is a Rue Saint-André des Arts in the 16th arrondissement.
Compare: 2IE-1876-183, La maison bleue (butte Montmartre)


General works on Paris:
2IE-1876-195-4e L’observatoire à 10 cent
A1891-22 à 41 — (20) Toiles sans cadre: Vues de Paris
A1891,no.62-114,  53 views on Paris, watercolours on carton


Views on Venice:
I found some views on Venice made by L. Ottin, so probably Léon-Auguste.


Seaviews / harbour views:
Léon Ottin made several seaviews (during his holidays along the Canal coast).

SdAF-1881-3230, Vacances en Normandie; sept aquarelles
SdAF-1888-3444, *La route de Vaucotte, à Yport; aquarelle
SdAF-1884-3064-1. Dans le petit ris; aquarelle
Eng.: In the small reef.
SdAF-1884-3064-2. Navire sur le chantier; aquarelle
SdAF-1884-3064-4. Les bains de la Frégate, aquarelle
SdAF-1904-3741, Quinze aquarelles: Au Portel
A1891-115 à 129 – Quatre-vingt-huit aquarelles, bords de la mer : Étretat, le Tréport, Yport, Courseulles, et divers


General landscapes / city views:
S1865-1630, Entre ciel et terre
2IE-1876-195-5e Village Kabyle
2IE-1876-195-6e D’un balcon, soleil couchée
2IE-1876-196-1e Le parc
2IE-1876-196-2e Auvergne; Appartient à M. And. Gill
SdAF-1882-3688, Promenade au bord d’un canal, d’après Leys; peinture sur verre
SdAF-1882-3689, Les cantons suisses et leurs alliés; peinture sur verre
SdAF-1890-3213, Le lavoir, à l’Isle-Adam; aquarelle


Churches and castles:
SdR-1863-434, Une église de campagne; étude
1IE-1874-129, Après la messe à la campagne
1IE-1874-130, Au château (Sannois)


Léon Ottin made some interiors. I render an interior of a church and of an inn. On the page of Google images on Léon Ottin you will find a picture made by Léon-Auguste Lehrmitte of a Paris workshop of a locksmith, which was auctioned 2015/11/26 (iR10;iR100).
S1867-1162, Concert à l’atelier
1IE-1874-134, At home; appartient à  M.T.N.
SdAF-1885-1892, *Intérieur finlandais
A1891-48 — Huit Croquis de théâtre, aquarelle sous verre
A1891-54 — Au Théâtre Montmartre, aquarelle sous verre
A1891-55 — Sur la scène de l’ancien Opéra-Comique, aquarelle sous verre


Portraits and figure painting:

S1861-2409, Portrait de M. P…
SdR-1863-432, Portrait de M. L.
SdR-1863-433, Portrait de madame O.
S1864-1459, Portrait de M. A. A…, artiste dramatique
S1864-3286, Le donneur de trompe, valet de chiens ; Peinture
S1868-1894, *Les deux sœurs
S1868-1895, *Après le bain
S1869-1836, Madelaine
1IE-1874-135, Mariette, tête d’étude
SdAF-1886-3206, Portrait de Mlle Albertine L…; aquarelle


Classical themes:
S1866-1470, Vénus


As far as I know, Léon Ottin has never exhibited a still-life, nor was there one at the 1891 auction. Still, in 2019 I found a still-life that was attributed to Léon Ottin: 18xx, Corbeille de fleurs, 54×81, A2006/06/02 (aR4;iR10;iR100;iR13). In a new search in 2022 I couldn’t find it anymore. I won’t render it, because the attribution is not sure. Maybe it was made by his son Henri Ottin of whom I could find a flower still-life.


Early watercolours as bookillustration:
Joconde renders 3 watercolours made by Léon Auguste Ottin (iR23). They are part of a little book called ‘Cuisin Charles’ and published 1854/05/15. Curiously one work of Ottin is dated 1855 and the other 1856. The signatures have many similarities with the watercolours from the BNF (iR40;aR21;aR8). Joconde mentions Léon Auguste Ottin as the author of the booklet. The booklet also contains songs partly written by Gérard de Nerval. It is unclear if other songs are traditional or made by Léon August Ottin.



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