Forain, 1879 expo

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Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)

Art-works 4th impressionist exposition 1879




Here you will find an impression of the 26 art-works Forain did exhibit at the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879. Of 2 fans (no.103+4) and 2 screens (no.105+6) I could not find a picture. See also my account. My main sources for the pictures are (iR2), (iR11) and Wikimedia (iR6).  See for more sources at the bottom of the main page about Forain. See link for explanation of the subscription of the paintings.


1879-82 Portrait de M. M…
compare: 18xx, portrait of a man (R. de Montesquiou), 81×65, private, (iR2)

1879-83 Portrait de M. Coquelin-Cadet dans le Sphinx,
Very uncertain: 18xx, Portrait of an Actor, xx, Philadelphia MA (iR2).

1879-84 Portrait de M. H…
compare: 1878, JK Huysmans, pastel, 55×45, Orsay (iR6;R50,p96)

1879-85 Portrait de M. H…
compare: 18xx, portrait of a man, xx, A2006/06/21 (iR11)


1879-86 Intérieur de café,
Perhaps: 1879ca, At the Café, gouache, 33×26, Wisselingh Naarden (iR2;iRx;R2,p282),

1879-87 Fin d’un souper
Uncertain: 18xx, Après le repas (after the meal), 52×46, A2011/08/15 (iR11)

1879-88 Loge d’actrice Uncertain: 1877-79ca, The Admirer, xx, MFA Houston, (iR2)


1879-89 Sortie de théâtre
compare: 1885ca, Leaving the Theater, Night-Time Scene (subscription probably ‘à Astruc’), gouache, 33×25, DGG Memphis, (iR2)

1879-90, Pourtour des Folies-Bergère Uncertain: 1878ca, The Bar at the Folies-Bergère (Scène de café), gouache, 32×20, BM New York (iR6;R50,p96;R43,p16)


1879-91 Pourtour des Folies-Bergère
compare: 1880ca, Les Folies-Bergère, etch, 25×18, A2001/11/07 (iR11)

1879-92 Pourtour des Folies-Bergère
compare: 1xxx, Les Folies Bergère, etch, xx, A2013/04/18 (iR11)


1879-93 Entre’ acte Perhaps: 1879ca, Intermission on Stage, gouache, 35×27, DGG Memphis, (iR2;iR6)

1879-94 Coulisses de théâtre
very uncertain: 1xxx, Dans les coulisses, d30, A2006/12/01 (iR11)

1879-95 Coulisses de théâtre,
Uncertain: 1878, In the Wings, gouache, 36×26, private, (iR2;R3,p180)


1879-96 Café d’acteurs
Very uncertain: 1xxx, Au café, gouache, 34×26, A2006/06/22 (iR11)

1879-97 Femme au café
compare: 1885ca, At a Restaurant, gouache, 33×24, A2007/06/20 (iR2;iR11)

1879-98 Coin de Salon Uncertain: 1878, Parisian Salon, gouache, 41×33, DGG Memphis, (iR2)

1879-99 Cabotin en demi-deuil
Uncertain: 18xx, Head of a Woman with a Veil, xx, NSM Pasadena, (iR2)


1879-101 Un éventail
Uncertain: 1879ca, Evening at the Opera, gouache, 17×59, DGG Memphis, (iR2)

1879-102 éventail
compare: 1903, Eventail pour la bal Gavarni, 26(or15)x49, A2015/03/10 (iR11;R43,p54)


1879-100 Pourtour des Folies-Bergère
compare: 18xx, Folies Bergère, etch, xx, A2002/03/07 (iR11)

1879-107 Un dessin
Very uncertain: 18xx, La Comédie Parisienne, xx, PP Paris, (iR2)