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Henri Rouart (1833-1912)

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In this account I will make an analyses of the works mentioned in the catalogues. I will start with the seven times he exhibited with the ‘impressionist’ expositions and later on will mention the works he showed at the Salon. When possible I will do a suggestion what actual work might resemble the work exhibited. Mostly I will just compare the title in the catalogue with the actual title. There are very little works of Rouart known and many are not dated, some are not even signed. There neither is much known about his artistic development (R2,p332), which makes identification hard, see also. (For the general references (=R) see. For the general references to internet pages (=iR) see. For the additional references (=aR) see at the bottom of the main page about Rouart.)


The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:


Catalogue numbers 148-158 (so Rouart exhibited 11 works).
6x oil painting; 3x aquarelle (=water-colour painting); 2x eau-forte (=etching)
6x an indication of place: 3x of Brittany (148, 153, 154), 2x close to the Pyrenees (155, 156), 1x of Melun
0x an indication of time, season or weather; 0x a study; 1x a loan of M. J.D. (150)

The catalogue numbers:

1874-148        Ferme bretonne
Eng.: a farm in Brittany; see location of Brittany;
To compare I suggest HR4.5 made around 1885: Landscape with Farm, Brittany, 66×92, private
Compare: 1876-229, 1877-207
Compare other pictures made in Brittany: 1874-153+154; 1876-229, 233; 1877-207; 1881-125, 127, 129, 133, 134, 137, 138; S1868-2069, SdR1873-303.

1874-149        Levée d’étang
Eng.: dam (?) of a pond

1874-150        Vue de Melun ; appartient à  M. J.D.
Eng.: view of Melun; see location of Melun; Melun lies about 40km south-east of Paris along the Seine;
The Rouart family had a property in Melun (R2,p332), according to others it belonged to his father-in-law and it was situated at the Quai Fournaux (now Quai Lallia) in Mée-sur-Seine (aR8). Moffett suggests that HR3.1 possibly also was exhibited under this number.
Compare other pictures from Melun: 1876-232, 1879-229 (‘port’), 1880-182 and S1870-2479 ‘L’Île’).

1874-151        village
Eng.: village; this very general title makes it hard to identify. Maybe HR4.2 gives an impression.

1874-152        Forêt
Eng.: forest; this very general title makes it hard to identify
Compare: HR5.1  ‘La forêt’

1874-153        Route bretonne
See also 1874-148. Compare: HR2.4Une allee a la Queue-en-Brie,

1874-154        Route bretonne , aquarelle
153 + 154: Eng.: a road in Brittany; 154 being a water-colour

1874-155        Maisons béarnaises , aquarelle

1874-156        Maisons béarnaises , aquarelle
155 + 156: Eng.: houses from Béarn; both indicated as water-colours
Béarn is an old province near the Pyrenees (see); there also is a Rue de Béarn in Saint-Cloud and in Paris;
Other pictures made in the Pyrenees are: 1877-209; 1879-205, 219; 1880-184; 1881-128, 135; 1886-141, 150, 151, 152.

1874-157        Eau-forte

1874-158        Eau-forte
157 + 158: two works without title; just the indication they are etchings
Compare: HR18.1-18.4.


The second ‘impressionist’ exposition 1876:

  • catalogue numbers: 227-236
  • so he exhibited 10 works
    • 1x Encre de chine (no.234; Eng. Chinese ink)
    • 1x sepia  (no. 235; Eng.: sepia (ink)
    • 7x an indication of place
      2x of Brittany (229, 233)
      2x of Normandy (227, 234)
      2x of Melun (231, 232)
      1x from the middle of France (230)
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 1x a study (no.229)
    • 0 of them were loans
The catalogue numbers:
  • 1876-227        Chemin bordé d’Arbres (Normandie)
    Eng.: road verged with trees in Normandie; see location of Normandie;
    Compare HR5.2Allee arborée‘; but this work looks like a watercolour.
    Other works made in Normandie are: 1876-234,
  • 1876-228        Ancien manoir
    Eng.: old mansion; Maybe HR4.6: ‘Maison ancienne pres d’un pont‘.
    Compair 1876-234 Manoir de Graffard.
  • 1876-229        Vieille ferme bretonne (étude)
    Eng.: old breton farm; compare HR4.5.
    Compare: 1874-148, 1877-207
  • 1876-230        Bords de l’Indre
    Eng.: the shore of the Indre; Indre is a department in central France named after the river Indre (see); did Rouart went here on a holiday?; He also draw Crozant (see 1879-225) which lies along the Indre. He also painted ‘bords de Sédelle’ (see 1876-230) which is more to the south. And ‘bords de Loir’ (see 1879-209).
    Maybe this is now known as ‘landscape with bathers’ (151×181) soled at auction in 2011/09/01 (?), which should have been exhibited at this second exposition (see). See HR13.2.
    Rouart exhibited 2 other riversides: 1877-206; 1879-209, S1868-2182. HR6.3 is an option for these works.
  • 1876-231        Chemin des Fourneaux (Melun)
    Eng.: road of the ovens; maybe nowadays this is ‘chemin des Fours à Chaux’ (see), Chaux means lime; see also 1877-210 and 1874-150;
  • 1876-232        Vue de Melun
    Compare 1874-150 and 1880-182. And also 1879-221 and S1870-2479.
    HR3.2 a picture from the 1912 catalogue has the same title.
  • 1876-233        Enfants bretons
    Eng.: breton children; see also 1874-148;
  • 1876-234        Manoir de Graffard (Encre de Chine)
    Eng.: mansion of Graffard; See in a list of castles and mansions in Normandy. It lies in Barneville-Carteret, see. Maybe it is now called Manoir de Barneville, see.
    More works made in Normandy see 1876-227.
  • 1876-235        Dans un parc (sépia)
    Eng.: in a park;
  • 1876-236        Chaumières
    Eng.: a hut (covered with reed); Other huts see: Compare: HR4.5 .


The third ‘impressionist’  exposition 1877:

  • catalogue numbers: 206-210
  • all containing one work
  • so Rouart showed only 5 works
    • 1 of them was a portrait
    • 4x an indication of place
      1x from the middle of France (206)
      1x from Brittany (207)
      1x from the Pyrenees (209)
      1x of Melun (210)
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0 of them were loans
The catalogue numbers:
  • 1877-206        Bords de la Sédelle
    La Sédelle is a river in the middle of France, see. See also 1876-230. Maybe HR6.3.
  • 1877-207         Ferme Bretonne
    Compare 1874-148; 1876-229. Maybe HR4.5.
  • 1877-208        Portrait
    Compare HR11.2. ‘femme au jardin’.
  • 1877-209        Vallée de Cauterets
    For the location at the border of the Pyrenees see . See also 1874-155/6.
  • 1877-210        Quai des Fourneaux, à Melun
    Eng.: Quay of the ovens at Melun; maybe this nowadays is the Quai Etienne Lallia, where you have a restaurant called ‘bars des fours à chaud’ (see); compare 1876-231; Compare: HR3.4Sur la terrasse des Fourneaux, à Melun‘.
  • 3IE-1877-210+hc,  La ferme
    Referring to a review of Sébillot, Berson suggests that Rouart exhibited this work outside the catalogue = hc (R90II,p83+283). Sébillot reviews (1877) ‘La Ferme, the one that is not catalogued…’ (R90I,px).


The fourth ‘impressionist’  exposition 1879:

  • catalogue numbers: 205-227
  • all containing one work
  • so Rouart showed 23 works
    • 14 of them were drawings (214-227)
    • 4 of them rendered a castle (207, 208, 214, 217)
    • 17x an indication of place
      2x from around the Pyrenees (205, 219)
      6x from the environment of Clermont-Ferrand (206, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218)
      2 from Egypt (212+213)
      1x of Melun (221)
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0 of them were loans
The catalogue numbers:
  • 1879-205        À Gèdres, Basses-Pyrénées
    HR4.4 nowadays has the same title. Invaluable (aR11) suggests it was exhibited in 1879 under this number 205. But what strikes me, is that the title changed several times during the last years.
    For the location see. See also 1874-155/6.
  • 1879-206        Royat dans son nid
    Eng.: Royat in his nest. (The meaning is not clear to me.) Compare HR7.3Cascade à Royat‘.
    For the location of Royat see , it lies in the middle of France close to Clermont-Ferrand. See also 1879-215.
  • 1879-207        Un coin du château de Monaco
    Eng.: a corner of the castle of Monaco. For the location in the French Riviera, see .
  • 1879-208        Château de Fleury
    For the (uncertain) location of this castle about 90km north-west of Paris see .
  • 1879-209        Bords du Loir
    The Loir is a river in the middle in France, streaming from east to west in Nantes, see for info, see for location . For other riversides see: 1876-230, 1877-206. Maybe HR6.3 .
  • 1879-210        Paysanne
    Eng.: peasant (female). Compare HR4.1Paysanne dans les champs (peasant in the fields)‘.
  • 1879-211        Au Bas-Bréau
    Eng.: at Bas-Bréau. Bas-Bréau is a route in the forest Fontainebleau (see), but also a Hôtel (see location, see website)
  • 1879-212        Au vieux-Caire, Égypte
    Eng.: At old Cairo, Egypt. For info on old Cairo see. For the location see. A source mentions Rouart has been in Egypt in 1869.
  • 1879-213        A Boulac, Égypte
  • At Boulaq, Egypt. Boulac also is a quarter of Cairo (see). The museum of Egyptian antiquities is found at the border of this quarter (see).
  • 1879-214        Château de Tour-Noël, (dessin)
    This castle lies in the middle of France, about 20km north of Clermont-Ferrand (see).
  • 1879-215        Royat, (dessin)
    See also 1879-206.
  • 1879-216        Chateldon, (dessin)
    This municipality lies in the middle of France, about 20km north-east of Clermont-Ferrand (see).
  • 1879-217        Château de Chateldon, (dessin)
    For the location of the castle see .
  • 1879-218        Thiers, (dessin)
    Thiers lies in the middle of France, about 40km east of Clermont-Ferrand (see).
  • 1879-219        Vue prise de Pau, (dessin)
    Eng.: View taken from Pau, which lies about 45 km north of the Pyrenees (see). For other pictures from Pau see 1881-128, 1886-150. Other pictures in the Pyrenees see 1874-155/6.
  • 1879-220        sous les Frênes, (dessin)
    Eng.: under the ash trees. Compare: 1879-224.
  • 1879-221        Port de Melun, (dessin)
    Eng.: the harbour of Melun
    See other pictures of Melun: 1874-150, 1876-232, 1880-182, S1870-2479.
  • 1879-222        Cour de ferme, (dessin)
    Eng.: farm yard
  • 1879-223        Plaine de Brie, (dessin)
    Eng.: the plain of Brie
    Brie-Comte-Robert lies about 15km north of Melun (see).
  • 1879-224        Sous les châtaigniers (dessin)
    Eng.: under the chestnut-tree. Compare: 1879-220.
  • 1879-225        Crozant (dessin)
    Crozant is a town in the middle of France, see, along the Indres (see 1876-230), not far from the river Sédelle (see 1877-206)
  • 1879-226        – (dessin)
  • 1879-227        – (dessin)
    • Compare HR19.1 as example of a drawing by Rouart


The fifth ‘impressionist’  exposition 1880:

  • catalogue numbers: 181-192
  • all containing one work
  • so Rouart showed 12 works
    • 8 of them were watercolours all named Venise (185-192)
    • 10x an indication of place
      1x of Melun (182)
      1x from the Pyrenees (184)
      8x from Venise (185-192)
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 1x a study (183)
    • 0 of them were loans
The catalogue numbers:
  • 1880-181        paysage
    Eng.: Landscape. This very general title makes it hard to identify. Compare HR7.2Paysage bucolique (rustique landscape)‘. Compare also 1881-133.
  • 1880-182        Melun
    Moffett (R2,p314+332) suggests this work exhibited is perhaps now HR3.1 which is in musée d’Orsay. It is the only picture of Rouart that Moffett and also Walther (R3,p203) renders. Moffett doesn’t give further arguments why he indicates this work. He also writes that ‘it is not known if this is the same work that was exhibited … as ‘View of Melun’ (1874-150). That would suggest a different date for this work, which is now dated around 1880.
  • 1880-183        étude
    Eng.: study. This most general title doesn’t give a clou what it represents. Compare 1886-141.
  • 1880-184        Belchenia, Pyrénées
    I only could found a bed and breakfast called Belchenia, close to the Pyrenees (see). See also 1874-155/6.
  • 1880-185        Venise (Aquarelle) 
  • 1880-186        Venise (Aquarelle)
  • 1880-187        Venise (Aquarelle)
  • 1880-188        Venise (Aquarelle)
  • 1880-189        Venise (Aquarelle)
  • 1880-190        Venise (Aquarelle)
  • 1880-191        Venise (Aquarelle)
  • 1880-192        Venise (Aquarelle)
    • Probably HR8.1 is one of the watercolours Rouart exhibited.
      See also 1886-152-163.


The sixth ‘impressionist’  exposition 1881:

  • catalogue numbers: 125-139
  • all containing one work
  • so Rouart showed 15 works
    • 15x an indication of place
      7 from Brittany (125, 129, 133, 137, 138), including 2 from Portrieux (127, 134)
      6 from the Riviera, (132, 139), including 4 from Antibes (126, 130, 131, 136); compare S1868-2181
      2 from the Pyrenees (128, 135)
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0 of them were loans
The catalogue numbers:
  • 1881-125        Cimetière de Chouans en Bretagne
    Eng.: graveyard of Chouans in Brittany. See also 1874-148.
    In Muzillac in Brittany there is a ‘Allée des Chouans’. a further away there is a graveyard (see), what is a possible location.
  • 1881-126        Vue d’Antibes
    Eng.: view of Antibes. Antibes lies in the french Riviera (see). Compare: HR8.5a view of a southern town with pine trees‘.
  • 1881-127        Entrée du port de Portrieux
    Eng.: entrance of the harbour in Portrieux. See location. See also 1881-134. For Brittany see 1874-148.
  • 1881-128        Environs de Pau
    Eng.: Surroundings of Pau. For Pau near the Pyrenees see 1879-219. Other pictures from the Pyrenees see 1874-155/6.
  • 1881-129        Chaumières bretonnes
    Eng.: Breton huts (covered with reed). Compare 1876-236. For Brittany see 1874-148. Maybe HR4.5 .
  • 1881-130        Près d’Antibes
    Eng.: Close to Antibes. See 1881-126.
  • 1881-131        Port d’Antibes
    Eng.: the harbour of Antibes. See also 1881-126. For the location see.
  • 1881-132        Escalier du château des Grimaldi à Cagnes
    Eng.: Staircase of the Grimaldi castle at Cagnes. Cagnes-sur-Mer lies in the french Riviera (see). In the castle there nowadays is a museum (see location, see info, ).
    Maybe HR8.3 with the same title ‘Escalier du château de Grimaldi à Cagnes‘. But the building in the Rouart picture is build of white stones, while the Grimaldi castle is build of red stones. And the only source where I found this picture was Google images, which took it from Pinterest. Both sites are not always reliable.
  • 1881-133        Paysage breton
    Eng.: landscape in Brittany. For Brittany see 1874-148. See also 1880-181 ‘paysage’.
  • 1881-134         Portrieux
    Portrieux is a harbour town in the north of Brittany (see). See also 1881-127. For Brittany see 1874-148.
  • 1881-135        Saint-Jean-de-Luz
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz is a harbour town close to the Pyrenees (see).
  • 1881-136        Bateau à sables, Antibes
    Eng.: boats in the sand, Antibes. For Antibes see 1881-126
  • 1881-137        Village Breton
    Eng.: A breton village. See for Brittany 1874-148.
  • 1881-138        Chemin en Bretagne
    Eng.: a road in Brittany. For Brittany see 1874-148.
  • 1881-139        Tour Constance à Aigues-Mortes
    Eng.: the Constance tower in Aigues-Mortes. Aigues-Mortes lies in the French Riviera. For the location see. For info in french see. Compare HR 8.4 the tower of Collioure.


The eighth ‘impressionist’  exposition 1886:

  • catalogue numbers: 139-165
  • all containing one work
  • so Rouart showed 27 works
    • 13 of them were water colours (153-165)
      11 of them from Venice (153-163)
    • at least 22x with an indication of place
      11x in Venice (153-163)
      4x near the Pyrenees (141, 150, 151, 152)
      2x in (Le) Mans (164+165)
    • 0x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 1x a study (142)
    • 4 of them were loans, all belonging to ‘M…’  (139; 142; 144; 146; 163)
The catalogue numbers:
  • 1886-139             Intérieur; appartient à M…
    Eng.: interieur.
    Compare HR2.1Intérieur de la Queue-en-Brie
  • 1886-140             Lisière de bois
    Eng.: the border of the wood. Compare HR2.8Les-Arbres-la-Queue-en-Brie‘.
  • 1886-141             Pyrénées
    See other pictures made in the Pyrenees 1874-155/6.
  • 1886-142             Étude ; appartient à M…
    Eng.: Study. Compare 1880-183.
  • 1886-143             Jarde de l’Évêché à Blois ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: Garden of Évêche at Blois (watercolour). Maybe it is the (rose) garden ‘Jardin de l’Évêche’ in Blois (see), along the Loire. Compare HR15.1Massifs de fleurs‘, which is not a watercolour. Compare 1886-145.
  • 1886-144             Château du Moulin, Sologne ; (aquarelle) ; appartient à M…
    The castle lies in the middle of France (see). For information in french see.
  • 1886-145             Porte du château de Blois ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: door of the castle of Blois. For the location see. Compare 1886-143.
  • 1886-146             Ruines de Bury ; (aquarelle) ; appartient à M…
    Eng.: the ruins of Bury. Bury lies about 50km north of Paris, see. I couldn’t find information about ruins in Bury, see.
  • 1886-147             Village de Moulineux ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: the village of Moulineux, about 50km south of Paris (see).
  • 1886-148             Belle-Croix ; (aquarelle)
    It is unclear what it means, maybe a chapelle.
  • 1886-149             Intérieur de parc ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: interieur of a parc. A quite general title.
  • 1886-150             Jardins Beaumont, à Pau ; (aquarelle)
    For the location near the Pyrenees see. See also 1879-219; 1881-128. Compare the garden of 1886-143. Other pictures from the Pyrenees see 1874-155/6.
  • 1886-151             A Jurançon (aquarelle)
    Jurancon lies just south of Pau, more towards the Pyrenees (see). For other pictures from the Pyrenees see 1874-155/6.
  • 1886-152             Place de Jurançon ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: square at Jurancon. See 1886-151.
  • 1886-153             Fondamenta Nuove, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    For the location near the water see. For general information about Venice see. See also 1880-185-192.
  • 1886-154             Barques de Coggia, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: boats of Coggia, Venice. Maybe it is meant Chioggia, see.
  • 1886-155             Palli, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    The meaning is unclear, maybe it means palaces.
  • 1886-156             Bateaux de foin, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: boats with hay, Venice.
  • 1886-157             Giudecca, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    For the location of this island see. See also 1886-160.
  • 1886-158             Derrière le Redemptore, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: behind the Redemptore, Venice. For the location of the church Il Redentore, see.
  • 1886-159             Près la Dogana, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: Near the Dogana, Venice. For the location see.
  • 1886-160             Un soir dans la Giudecca, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: An evening in the Giudecca, Venice. See also 1886-157.
  • 1886-161             Pont St-Zanni et Paolo, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: Bridge of Saint-Zanni and Paolo, Venice. I can’t make out which two bridges are meant.
  • 1886-162             Dans la Giudecca, Venise ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: In the Giudecca, Venice. See 1886-157.
  • 1886-163             A Murano, Venise ; (aquarelle) ; appartient à M…
    For the location of this island see.
  • 1886-164             Maison des Morets, Mans ; (aquarelle)
    Eng.: the house of the Morets, Le Mans (see).
  • 1886-165             La grabaterie, Mans ; (aquarelle)
    Eng., the meaning is uncertain, maybe: the (poor) bed, Mans. See also 1886-164



Rouart at the Salon:

My main source is aR1. Henri Rouart exhibited at the Salon in 1868, 1869, 1870 and 1872. In 1873 he was refused at exhibited at the Salon des Réfusés. In 1894, 1895 and 1909 the name Rouart appears in the Salon database, but I can’t find his name in the list. In 1899, 1903, 1906 and 1907 his son Ernest-Henri exhibits at the Salon / SNBA. So there is no indication, neither in other sources that Rouart after joining the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1874 exhibited again at the Salon. In 1850 there also was a Rouart who exhibited at the Salon.
Rouart is called a pupil of L. Levert, Brandon and Véron. Véron is not mentioned in 1868 and in 1873 is spelled as Déron.

  • in total Rouart showed 8 works at the Salon and the Salon des Réfusés
  • 2 of them were still lives
  • 5x an indication of place; 4x vague; 1x more precise
  • 1x an indication of time, season or weather
  • 0x a study
  • S1868-2181: Souvenir des Aliscamp, à  Arles
    Eng.: Souvenir from Aliscamp, at Arles. For the locationat the French Riviera see.
  • S1868-2182: Bords de la Voïse
    Eng.: at the boarders of the Voïse. For info of this river see. Maybe HR6.3 . for other riversides see 1876-230, 1877-206, 1879-209. 

  • S1869-2069: Chaumière au milieu des arbres, en Bretagne
    Eng.: huts (with reed) in the middle of trees, in Brittany. Compare HR4.5. See for Brittany 1874-148. See for other huts 1876-236, 1881-129. 
  • S1870-2479: L’île de Melun
    Eng.: The island of Melun. Compare HR3.3. See also 1874-150.
  • S1870-2480: Rue de village
    Eng.: Village road. A very general title which makes it hard to identify. Compare: HR2.5 .
  • S1872-1342: Officiers de canonniers volontaires
    Compare HR17.1Mobilizing the canons‘. Note: a completely other theme.
  • S1872-1343: Chaumine
    Eng.: little hut. See for other huts S1869-2069, 1876-236, 1881-129.
1873 Salon des Réfusés:
  • SdR1873-303: Souvenir de Bretagne (arrière automne)
    Eng.: a souvenir from Brittany (late autumn). For other pictures from Brittany see 1874-148.