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On this page you will find an overview of the pictures of Frédéric Cordey. I render the titles of works he exhibited (see account), titles I found in books, titles of works that were auctioned and an overview of known works (iR251;iR260;aR7).  And I render all the pictures I could find on Cordey, when possible combining these data. Unfortunately many pictures are of a poor quality. I render all these works in a thematical order. Sometimes I render a picture or a title more than once, when it fits in more than one theme. I hope this will help in the research after this great, but forgotten Impressionist.
In books about Impressionism there are no paintings of Cordey, except in Walther (R3,p384), Schurr & Cabanne (2008,R9,p194) and Adler (1998=R89,no45). Some refer to him as a model in paintings of others, in particular Renoir (R1,p382+383). There are just a view paintings of Cordey in musea:

  • 1879, Mme Cordey faisant de la tapisserie, 92×73, Orsay (iR10;iR64;iR23;iR127;iR251;iR260;R89,no45)
  • 1881, Le Rocher de l’oeuf à Alger (Marine), xx, MUDO Beauvais (iR127;iR10;iR108)
  • 1904ca, Waiting on the Oise (le chômage sur l’Oise; Mooring of the barges on the Oise River), 46×64, Leeds Art Gallery (iR2;iR10;iR64;iR22;iR173;iR10) =SdA1904-298, Chômage de péniches sur l’Oise (R239;iR1;iR77)
  • 1906, Plat de Pêches (Dish of Peaches), xx, MFBA Nevers = SdA1906-386, Le plat de pêches  (R239;iR251;iR260;aR7 ;iR261)

My main sources (for the pictures) from the internet are the Athenaeum (iR2), Wikimedia (14x=iR6), Mutualart (=iR11), Artview (=iR13), invaluable (=iR17), WGI (=iR22), Joconde (1x=iR23), askart (=iR41), pinterest (=iR64), lotsearch (=iR100), (2x=iR127), (1x=iR173), Zibelius (iR250), (iR251), fracademic (iR260), and Google images (iR10). A special thanks I like to give to Frank Meissner (Germany) who kindly gave me a picture from a work in his collection. See link for info about the subscriptions. For info about the sources see at the bottom of the main page about Frédéric-Samuel Cordey. Enjoy!



  • SdC-1890-83, Nature morte (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • 1906, Plat de Pêches (Dish of Peaches), xx, MFBA Nevers
    = SdA1906-386, Le plat de pêches (R239;iR251;iR260;aR7 ;iR261)



  • SdA1903-143, Dans la bibliothèque
  • SdA1906-378, La Machine à coudre (The Sewing Machine) (R239;iR261)

Portraits / figure painting:

  • S1876-491 Portrait d’enfant (iR1)
  • 1879, Jeune femme lisant, 45×54, A1999/07/06 (iR260;aR7)
  • HD1881/05/14: ‘Le Grog’ (auction Hôtel Drouot to support Cabaner) (R240;iR40;iR3;R88I,p88)
  • SdC-1890-69, Fillette lisant (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-70, Portrait du peintre (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-71, Portrait (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-72, La Partie de cartes (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdA1904- 294, La leçon de chant ( the singing lesson) (iR1)
  • SdA1905-263, Méditation  (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1905-364, Portrait  (iR261)
  • 1905, Femme pensive, 45×36, A2001/11/23  (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • SdA1906-383, Le Foulard jaune (étude) (The Yellow Scarf (study) (R239;iR261)
  • BJ1908-30, Cabaner (R247;iR261)
  • 1xxx, Léon Dierx prince des poètes (former docteur Viau collection) (R88I,p149;iR3)
  • 1xxx, Mme Cordey (R88I,p149)
  • 1xxx, Le peintre Renoir au travail (R88I,p149;iR3)

Figures in a landscape:

  • 3IE-1877-36, Pêcheur (esquisse) (R2,P204;R90I,P118;R88I,P149;IR1)
  • SdC-1890-76, Le Tas de fagots (The pile of branches) (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-80, Laveurs d’osier (Willow (wicker) washers) (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • 1xxx, Le jardin de Mme de Callias (R88I,p149;iR3)


Note: Algers was a former colony of France. In Marz/April 1881 Cordey went on a trip to Algers, together with Lhote and Lestringuez) (R1,p454;iR3;iR5;R31,p300) and met Renoir there or/and travelled also with Renoir (R3;R88;iR251).

  • SdC-1890-74, Kouba aux environs d’Alger (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdA1907-388, Mauresque d’Alger (R239;iR19;iR6)


Antwerp is a large harbour town in Belgium. So probably Cordey has made a trip to Antwerp.

  • SdA1905-365, La Ravine (Anvers)  (iR261)
  • SdA1905-366, La Vieille route (Anvers)  (iR261)

Views of Paris:
Note: 1854/07/09: Frédéric-Samuel Cordey was born in Paris (iR24;iR69;R88;iR77). In 1876 Cordey lived at 35, Rue Forest, Paris (Montmartre) (iR1) and in 1877: at 14, Rue Le Chapelais, Paris (Montmartre) (R2,p204;iR1). In 1907 Cordey lived at the 61, Rue Orfila, Paris (R239;iR19;iR6). 1911/02/18 Cordey died in Paris (iR24;iR69;R88;iR77).

  • 3IE-1877-33, Rue, à Montmartre (R2,P204;R90I,P118;R88I,P149;IR1); see map (iR9)
  • 3IE-1877-34, Le pont des Saints-Pères (R2,P204;R90I,P118;R88I,P149;IR1); see map (iR9)
  • SdC-1890-73, Le Pont Royal (R230;iR19;iR6); see map (iR9)
  • 1xxx, Moulin de la Galette (R88I,p149); see map (iR9)

Chantilly lies about 45km north of Paris.
3IE-1877-35, Le Séchoir (Chantilly) (the drying room) (R2,P204;R90I,P118;R88I,P149;IR1)

Moret-sur-Loing lies about 78km south-east of Paris. Note: Sisley lived here and in its surroundings 1880-1899.
1xxx, Garage à Moret  (R88I,p150)

Sartrouville lies just west of Argenteuil, about 20km west of Paris (iR9).
SdC-1890-77, La Seine à Sartrouville (R230;iR19;iR6)

Martollière (Loir-et-Cher); Lavardin; Martollière:
The region Loir-et-Cher lies about 180km south of Paris. I couldn’t find a place called Martollière. Lavardin is famous for it’s castle. (iR9)
SdA1906-381, Hameau de la Martollière (Loir-et-Cher)  (R239;iR261)
SdA1908-458, Le soir à Lavardin (paysage)  (R239;iR261)

Saint-Valery-sur-Somme lies north of Dieppe. (iR9)
1xxx, Rue des Moulins à Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme (R88I,p150)
SdA1907-386, vue sur la Baie de la Somme (Saint-Valéry) (R239;iR19;iR6)


Auvers-sur-Oise lies about 45km north-east of Paris, along the river Oise. (iR9) Note: Dr. Gachet, the art-collector, lived in Auvers-sur-Oise 1872 onwards. Vincent van Gogh died here in 1890. Cordey and Dr. Gachet were friends, Cordey already came in nearby Pontoise in 1873 (R89,p60).

  • 1890ca, Les Chaumes du gré à Auvers-sur-Oise, xx, private (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • 1900, Cerisiers en fleurs aux environs d’Auvers-sur-Oise, 38×46, A1996/05/02  (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • SdA1904- 297, Auvers (bords de l’Oise) (R239;iR1)
  • 1xxx, Vielle route à Auvers  (R88I,p150)

Pontoise lies south of Auvers-sur-Oise. (iR9) Note: Pissarro lived in Pontoise from 1872-82; Cordey already came in Pontoise in 1873 (R89,p60).

  • SdA1906-379, Le cours de l’Oise (en aval de Pontoise) (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1906-380, Le quai de Pothuis à Pontoise.
  • 1906, Les environs de Pontoise, 66×100, A1997/06/08  (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • 1xxx, Paysage près de Pontoise, 36×46, Zibelius Art (iR251;iR250)

Saint-Ouen-L’Aumône lies opposite of Pontoise at the other side of the Oise. (iR9)
1xxx, Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône  (R88I,p150)

Éragny and Neuville:
Éragny-sur-Oise  lies south of Pontoise on the opposite bank of the Oise.  Neuville-sur-Oise lies a bit more south. (iR9) Note: after 1890 untill 1907 Cordey lived in Éragny, at the route nationale, 4, which I could not locate. He also lived in Neuville (iR77;iR116;R88;R239;iR261). Note: he also visited Pissarro in Éragny-sur-Epte (R89,p60).

  • SdC-1890-82, Le Clocher d’Eragny (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdA1906-382, Terrains bas, à Éragny  (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1906-387, Paysage, à Éragny  (R239;iR261)
  • 1xxx, Péniches à Éragny  (R88I,p150)

Cergy lies south of Pontoise, opposite Éragny. (iR9)
1xxx, Clocher de Cergy  (R88I,p150)

Ronquelles lies about 20km north of Pontoise (iR9).
SdA1907-387, Noyers au Printemps (Ronquerolles) (R239;iR19;iR6)

Chaumont-en-Vexin lies about 30km north-west of Pontoise. Note: 1884 onwards Pissarro lived in closeby Éragny-sur-Epte, where Cordey did visit him (R89,p60).
1896, Paysage Vexin, 61×73, Zibelius Art  (iR251;iR250)
SdA1907-385, Parc des Buttes Chaumont (Le Lac) (R239;iR19;iR6)


Village views / chaumières / farms / castle / millstone:

  • 1892,  La basse-cour, 90×146, A2005/07/01 (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • 1898, Paysage avec l’église, 44×41, A2005/06/11  (iR251;aR7)
  • SdA1903-144, Le toit rouge


Poplars along the Oise:

Barges on the Oise:

  • 1900, Les Péniches, 38×55, A1992/04/18  (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • SdA1904- 298, Chômage de péniches sur l’Oise (Mooring of the barges) (R239;iR1)
  • 1xxx, Péniches à Éragny  (R88I,p150)

Riverviews along the Oise:
Note: see also above at Auvers-sur-Oise and Éragny.

  • 1903,  Bord de l’Oise, 56×44, Axxxx/12/22  (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • 1903ca, Bord de l’Oise en automne, 32×45, A2008/12/07 (iR251;iR260;aR7)
  • SdA1904- 297, Auvers (bords de l’Oise) (R239;iR1)
  • SdA1904- 299, Temps gris (bords de l’Oise) (R239;iR1)
  • SdA1906-379, Le cours de l’Oise (en aval de Pontoise) (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1906-384, Sous des Saules (bords de l’Oise) (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1906-385, Bords de l’Oise  (R239;iR261)
  • 1xxx, L’Oise débordée  (R88I,p150)

1895,  Bord de rivière, 73×54, A1995/11/19 (iR251;iR260;aR7)
1896,  Bord de rivière, 50×61, A2007/06/27 (iR251;iR260;aR7)

Seascapes and harbours:
SdA1907-386, vue sur la Baie de la Somme (Saint-Valéry) (R239;iR19;iR6)

Landscapes: roads / orchards:

  • SdC-1890-78, Le Chemin latéral (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-79, La Route (soleil d’hiver) (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-81, La Voie (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • 1900, Cerisiers en fleurs aux environs d’Auvers-sur-Oise, 38×46, A1996/05/02  (iR251;iR260;aR7)

Landscapes: Edge of a forest / fields / haystacks:

  • 1890ca, Les Chaumes du gré à Auvers-sur-Oise (wheat stalks), xx, private (iR4;iR77;iR22;iR251)
  • SdA1904- 295, Blé mûrissant (Ripening / maturing wheat) (R239;iR1)
  • SdA1904- 296, Seigles en fleurs (Rye in bloom) (R239;iR1)

Landscape; effect of season, weather, time of day:
See above.

  • SdC-1890-75, Matin d’été (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdC-1890-79, La Route (soleil d’hiver) (R230;iR19;iR6)
  • SdA1905-367, Soleil de Juin  (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1907-387, Noyers au Printemps (Ronquerolles) (R239;iR19;iR6)
  • SdA1908-458, Le soir à Lavardin (paysage)  (R239;iR261)
  • SdA1908-459, Fin d’été (paysage)  (R239;iR261)



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