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Armand Guillaumin


at other exhibitions

An impression of his exhibited paintings


General introduction:
On this page you will find an impression of the pictures that were shown by Armand Guillaumin at other exhibitions, than the works he exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1874, 1877, 1880, 1881, 1882 and 1886 and the works that were exhibited in New York in 1886. Guillaumin exhibited at other exhibitions, namely at the Salon des Refusés (=SdR), with Les XX (=XX), at the Salon des Indépendantes (=SdI), the Salon d’Automne (=SdA), at regional exhibitions (namely in Le Havre and Toulouse), at international exhibitions (namely in London). Also rendered are works exhibited at galleries such as Bernheim-Jeune (=BJ), Eugène Blot (=EB), Druet (1909) and at auction sales (namely of Viau). Note: most suggestions are uncertain. See links for an account, an explination of the subscriptions and an overview of the locations where Guillaumin did paint. For the references see at the bottom of the main page on Armand Guillaumin. I render the pictures by form, chronologically by exhibition date and partly by theme. I hope it will give you an overview of the themes and locations that Guillaumin depicted. As you can see Guillaumin repeatedly depicted a same scene or theme throughout the years. Note: If you double click on the first picture and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow. Enjoy!



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