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The Impressionists were dependant on art collectors who bought their work. With some collectors the impressionists had befriended relationships. The most important art-collectors for the impressionists you’ll find here. My main source is the lexicon of Walther (R3,p642-705) and data of Denvier (R5). For the additional sources / general references (=R) see , for the references to internet pages (=iR) see.


Bellio, Georges de (1828-1894)

  • or: Dottore (=doctor) de Bellio (R31, p6)
  • Born in Bucharest, Rumania (R3)
  • joined the impressionists at their meeting points, including dinners café Riche (R3,p647)
  • De Bellio did loan 12 paintings to the impressionist expositions. In 1877 3 paintings of Monet (no. 95, 96, 98) and 3 of Sisley (no. 214, 215, 216). In 1879 5 paintings of Monet (no. 145, 146, 152, 164, 165). And in 1881 one painting of Gauguin (no.33). (R2)
  • Buys other works from Monet (R22,CR412+423+425+430).


Bérard, Paul (1833-1905):

  • a embassy secretary (R3,p220)
  • lives at the château Wargemont at the Normandy coast (R31, R30)
    1879 onwards Renoir will stay with him several times (R31; R30)
  • 1905/05/8-9 sale of his collection (R31)


Charpentier, Georges (1846-1905)

  • or: born 1849
  • 1871 inherited the publishing house of his father, who had published books of Victor Hugo, Balzac and others (R30, p7)
  • published works of Daudet, Flaubert, Maupassant and Zola (R3,p220)
  • 1869, Renoir painted a portrait of Marie-Pauline Charpentier (R30, no.39)
  • 1870, Renoir portrays Marie Charpentier (R30, no.57)
  • 1875: meets Renoir and buys a first painting of him (at the Drouot auction) (R3,p220)
  • 1878: Charpentier pushed Renoir to submit to the Salon (R2,p245)
  • 1879/04/10 starts publishing the illustrated journal ‘La Vie Moderne’ (R3; R5,p112)
  • his wife Marguerite Lemonnier plays an important role in cultural Paris
    • since 1875 their house is a meeting point of naturalist writers, impressionist painters en socialist politicians (R3,p220), it is a literary and political salon (R31, no.44)
      Place Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois (R5,p110)
  • 1879/04/20 buys 6 works of Sisley for 400 franc
  • befriended with Renoir (R3)
  • 1907/04/11: auction of the Charpentier collection (R31; R30)
  • Charpentier did loan 6 paintings to the impressionist expositions. In 1877 one of Monet (no. 106), two of Renoir (no. 187 + 188) and two of Sisley (no.217+218). In 1882 one of Monet (no. 58). (R2)
  • Charpentier buys other works of Monet (R22, CR427)


Chocquet, Victor (1821-1909)

  • (Walther wrongly writes Choquet, as is done in the catalogues of the impressionist expositions)
  • Chocquet retired in 1877 after years of service as a supervisor in the customs service. (R2,p195; R3,p192)
  • 1875 auction at Hotel Drouot; discovers Renoir and others (R3,p192; R31)
  • starts to support Cézanne (R3,p654)
  • 1876/02/04: meets Monet through Cézanne (R5,p94; R3, R22, CR401)
    Choquet lived at 198, Rue de Rivoli, Paris
    Monet  paints four paintings of the Tuileries from the top the building where Chocquet lived (R22, CR401-4); the first three of them exhibited as 1877-95, 1877-119, 1877-105
  • 1876: Chocquet did loan 8 paintings to the second impressionist exposition of 1876. Six of Renoir (no. 210, 211, 213, 214, 215, 216), one of Monet (no.158) and one of Pissarro (no. 199) (R2)
  • 1877: Chocquet loaned most of the pictures Cézanne exhibited. It is said that he daily attended the third impressionist exposition (R2,p195; R3,p200; R5,p104)
  • 1877: buys a smaller copy of the ‘Moulin de la Galette’ of Renoir (R3,p159)
  • 1877, Duranty writes to Zola: ‘whose wife … will some day have an income of 50.000 francs’ (R2,p244)
  • 1882/04: his wife had inherited a fortune (R5,p129)
  • 1890 buys a big house in Rue Monsigny (R3,p654)
  • 1891/04/07: Chocquet dies (R5,p181)
  • 1899 death of madame Chocquet;
  • 1899, June: auction of their inheritance at George Petit (R3,p654; R5,p223/4; R31)


Doria, Count (18xx-1899?):

  • lived at château d’Orrouy, an estate about 73km north of Paris
  • married with Isabelle, who was a niece of Zacharie Astruc (iR23)
  • Supported artists like Cals and Lépine (iR69)
  • also contacts with Colin, Corot and Manet (iR35)
  • 1899/05/04: posthumous auction sale of 685 works of Count Armand Doria, including a large number of paintings by Cals (iR65). It amouned the sum of 1.129.019 francs. The catalogue contained: paintings (1-251); watercolours (252-304); pastels (305-309); drawings (310-556); a collection of gravures (557-664; no titles); bronze by Barye (665-684; no titles); a ’tableau non catalogué (685). It contained many works by Cals, Colin, Guillaumin, Lépine, Renoir, Vignon  and also Barye, Corot, Daumier, Delacroix, Jongkind, Millet (JF), Rousseau (Th).  (aR1;iR40;iR242;iR65)


Faure, Jean-Baptiste (1830-1914):

  • opera singer and composer;  (R3,p661); famous baritone in the Paris Opéra (R2,p177)
  • one of the first collectors of impressionist works (R3)
  • befriended with many impressionists (R3)
  • joins their meetings (R3)
  • 1870/71: stayed in London; befriended with Durand-Ruel (R5,p81)
  • buys works from Manet, Degas, Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Sisley (R3,p193; R22, R30; R2,p177)
    1872/04/29 buys 42 impressionists works at an auction (R5,p73)
    1873: buys several Manets (2500-6000 franc) and 11 paintings of Degas (R5,p81)
  • 1874: buys 6 works of Degas back from Durand-Ruel; received in return in 1876 two works and only in 1887 the other two promised; this poisoned their friendship (R5,p81)
  • 1874 + 1876: Faure did loan 11 paintings to the first two impressionist expositions. In 1874 two of Degas (no. 54 + 63).  In 1876 nine of Monet (no. 148, 149, 151, 152, 154, 155, 156, 157, 160) (R2; R3,p193)
  • At one time Fauré possessed 68x Manet, 30x Sisley, 23x Monet and a smaller number of Renoir and Pissarro (R5,p81)
  • 1878 auction Fauré collection (42 works) in Hôtel Drouot (R3; R5,p81)
  • 1881 receives ‘Legion d’Honneur’ (R3)


Gachet, Paul-Ferdinand (1828-1909):

  • doctor, homeopath, socialist, painter, printmaker and art-collector (R3,p663)
  • friendship with realists (R3)
  • joins meetings with the Impressionists in Café Guerbois and Café Nouvelle Athènes (R3)
  • 1871: as a doctor connected with the Commune (R3)
  • 1872 buys house in Auvers-sur-Oise (R3)
  • 1873, Februar: Cézanne stays with him (R5,p78)
  • friendship with and supporting Cézanne, Guillaumin, Pissarro, Renoir and Daubigny (R3)
  • 1874 first impressionist exposition: did loan two paintings, one of Cézanne (no.43) and one of Guillaumin (no.66). (R2,p120)
  • 1890 treats Vincent van Gogh (R3)
  • 1891 exhibits at the Salon des Indépendants (R3)
  • 1952 his collection is given to the French state and is now in Musée d’Orsay (R3)


Hoschedé, Ernest (1837-1891)

  • 1863 Marriage with Alice Raingo (1844-1911) (R3,p669)
  • 1870 Alice inherits chateau Rottembourg in Montgeron (R3,p197; R22,CR416)
  • 1874/01/13: auction of his collection in Hôtel Drouot (R224;iR40)
  • 1874 Hoschedé organises an exposition of impressionist painters (?) (R3)
  • 1875/04/20: auction of his collection in Hôtel Drouot (R225;iR40)
  • supports Monet, Sisley, Pissarro, Manet and others (R3)
  • 1876, summer Monet (+Manet) stays with them in Montgeron (R3,p197; R22)
    Monet makes four decorative panels partly exhibited at the third impressionist exposition (1877-101 + 112) (R2; R22,CR416+418+420+433)
    Monet paints his daughter Germaine (R22, CR434 = 1877-99)
  • 1877: Hoschedé did loan paintings to the third impressionist exposition, indicated as ‘appartient à M. H… 11 of Monet (no. 90, 91, 92, 93, 97, 99, 100, 101, 108, 109, 112). And maybe 4 of Pissarro (no. 170, 171, 175, 176) and three of Sisley (no. 211, 212, 213) (R2)
  • 1877/08/18: declared bankrupt having a debt of 82.500 franc to the art-dealers Durand-Ruel and George Petit (R3,p198; R2,p262)
  • 1878/06/5+6 auction of his paintings in Hôtel Drouot (R3;R226;iR263)
  • 1879 ? the family moves in with Monet in Vétheuil (R3,p238; R22)
  • Ernest goes living in Paris (R3)
    Alice stays with Monet and moves with him to Poissy (1881) and later Giverny (1883) (R3, R22)
  • 1891 death of Ernest (R3)
  • 1892 Claude Monet marries Alice (R3, R22)


Meunier, Hyacinthe Eugène (1846-1906)

  • mostly named: Eugène Murer (R3,p684)
  • Born in Moulins (R3)
  • art collector, writer and later also a painter (R3)
  • Guillaumin was his youth friend (R3,p149)
  • 1870 owner backery, patisserie and restaurant (R3)
    85, Boulevard Voltaire, Paris (R3)
  • 1877/11: opens a restaurant at 95, Boulevard Voltaire in Paris (R5,p101)
    Offers supper on Wednesday evenings to Renoir, Monet, Sisley, Pissarro, Guillaumin (R3, R31)
  • Friend of Guillaumin (R3)
  • Portraits made by Renoir, Pissarro (R3)
  • buys works of Monet (R22, CR415)
  • 1878 co-organizer International exhibition (R3)
  • 1879, November: organized a lottery .. with a Pissarro painting as first prize (R2,p244)
  • 1880/06 demands from Sisley to pay back the 1200 franc he borrowed him the last 3 years (R5,p117)
  • 1883? Pissarro visits Murer in Rouen (R3,p241)
  • 1881 moves to Auvers-sur-Oise (R3)
    1887, September: Renoir visits him here (R31)
  • 1887 owns 28 works of Sisley (R31?)
  • 1896, May: exhibition of his collection, including 30 works of Renoir (R31)
  • 1906 dies in Auvers-sur-Oise (R3)


Natanson, Thadée (1868-1951):

  • born in Warsaw, Poland (R3,p685)
  • important collector of impressionist art (R3)
  • acquainted with Gauguin, Monet, Pissarro, Redon, Renoir, Signac and Rodin (R3)
  • 15/6/1896: publishes an article on Renoir (R31)
  • is often portrayed (R3)
  • part of his collection is now in Musée National d’Art Moderne (R3)


Viau, George:

  • 1907, auction of his collection at Durand-Ruel galleries in Paris (R244;iR261)
    1907/03/02: 1st auction of paintings (1-79) and pastels + watercolours (80-89)
    1907/03/19: 2nd auction of paintings (1-92); pastels, watercolours and drawings (93-184); etchings and litho’s (185-192; no titles)
    With works of: Boudin (8+0;3+8); Brandon (0;1+0); Caillebotte (0;1+0); Cals (0;2+0); Cassatt (2+0;0+2); Cézanne (3+0;1+0); Colin (0;1+0); Degas (0+4;0+3); Forain (0;0+5); Gauguin (0;2+0); Guillaumin (9+0;4+3); Lebourg (6+0;6+0); Lépine (2+0;0+0); Monet (5+0;0+0); Morisot (1+1;0+0); Pissarro (9+1;10+3); Redon (0;1+0); Renoir (15+0;7+2); Schuffeneckere (0;1+0); Seurat (0;0+1); Signac (0;1+0); Sisley (12+0;4+2); Vignon (0;7+0); Zandomeneghi (0;2+1).



My main source is the lexicon of Walther (R3,p642-705) and data of Denvier (R5). For the additional sources / general references (=R) see , for the references to internet pages (=iR) see.


Additional sources (=Rx):

  1.  Album-souvenir de la collection de Armand Doria. Preface de Arsène Alexandre and L. Roger-Milès. Paris, 1899; =iR40.
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