Forain, 1886 expo

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Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)

Art-works 8th impressionist exposition 1886




Here you will find an impression of the 14 art-works Forain did exhibit at the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886, including 1 work that was not in the catalogue (=hc). See also my account. My main sources for the pictures are (iR2), (iR11) and Wikimedia (iR41).  See for more sources at the bottom of the main page about Forain. See link for explanation of the subscription of the paintings.


1886-29 Femme à sa toilette
Perhaps: 1884ca, Femme à sa toilette, 65×55, private collection in London (R50,p81)

1886-30 Place de la Concorde
Now: 1884, Place de la Concorde, 71×51, private (R2,p429)

1886-31 Portrait de Mme W.
Very uncertain: 18xx, Portrait de femme au chapeau,73×60, A1999/11/02 (iR11)


1886-32 portrait de Mme S…
Uncertain: 18xx, portrait of a lady (à Mathilde Salle), xx, A2006/06/21 (iR11)

1886-33 Femme respirant des fleurs.
Uncertain / compare: 1883ca, Woman with a Fan, pastel, 90×79, private or Memphis, (iRx;R2,p455)

1886-34 Femme fumant une cigarette
Very uncertain: 1882-5ca, The Box (At the Skating Café), 65×93, MFA Boston (iR2;R43,p38)


1886-35 Tête d’étude
Very uncertain: 18xx, Bust of a Small Boy in a Red Coat, 46×40, FM Cambridge, (iR2)

1886-36 Tête d’étude
Very uncertain: 18xx, Tête de femme (Young Lady with Hat Decorated with Cherries), 64×53, A2017/10/15 (iR11;iR10)

1886-37 Jeune fille au bal. Compare: 1885ca, At the Masked Ball, gouache, 34×25, private, (iR2)


1886-38 Femme en noir.
Very uncertain: 18xx, Elégante à la robe noire dans un fauteuil, 46×37, A2016/09/14 (iR11)

1886-39 Souvenir de Chantilly
Compare: 1xxx, La Chaumière, drawing, 22×34, A2012/05/02 (iR11)

1886-40 Un coin d’Opéra
Compare: 1xxx, Un coin des coulisses de l’Opéra, gouache (+ink?), 33×20, A2003/02/27 (iR11)


1886-41 Pompier dans les coulisses de l’Opéra
Compare: 1883, un coin des coulisses de l’Opéra, gouache, xx, A2004/06/22 (iR11)

1886-41+hc Jacques Blanche,
Now: 1884, Portrait de Jacques-Emile Blanche, 64×40, MBA Rouen, (HW;R43,p36)