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Regional exhibitions

in France (1858-1914)

another option to promote

for the ‘impressionist’ artists


Were the regional exhibitions in France a good alternative for the partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions to promote oneselves (and sell their art-works)? Here below you will find a start of an answer based on limited and fragmented information. You will also find a comparison in size between the regional exhibitions and the ‘impressionist’ expositions and the Salon.
On the rest of this page you will find an overview of regional exhibitions held in France per city. The focus is on the years 1858 – 1914. I will render what ‘impressionists’ did partake with how many works and if possible what works were (possibly) exhibited. I will also mention what other more-known (French) artists did partake. My main source is the Salon database (=iR1).

The ‘impressionists’ at regional exhibitions:
Were the regional exhibitions in France a good alternative for the partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions to promote oneselves (and sell their art-works)? This question is hard to answer. I have only fragmented information on the regional exhibitions. Only of  Monet and Pissarro I have more complete information. We see that before 1874 Monet exhibited 13 paintings at 7 exhibitions and Pissarro 8 at 7. From 1874-86 Monet exhibited 12 works at 6 exhibitions and Pissarro 16 at 8. After 1886 Monet exhibited 30 paintings at 18 exhitions and Pissarro 23 at 10. From the more limited information of the others it is clear that Boudin, Raffaëlli, Renoir and Sisley also exhibited regularly. All the other partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions, joined less than 5 regional exhibitions according to the data given here below.
It seems that many Barbizon painters and Para-Impressionists exhibited more often. So in general one could say that the regional exhibitions offered a limited oppertunity to profile oneselve as an artist and that these oppertunities increased since the late 1870s.
It is good to remark that several works were sent in by Durand-Ruel and other art-dealers (sometimes posthumous), so in those cases it was no direct way of profiling oneself as an artist.

The size of the regional exhibitions compared:
The ‘impressionist’ expositions had an average of 18 partakers, showing an average of 244 works. When we look at the regional exhibitions the amount of partakers varied from 27 till 573. The amount of works varied from 95 till 1495. Partakers showed just a few works, mostly 1 à 3 and at max 5. So the regional exhibitions always had more partakers and often more works exhibited. But at their own expositions the ‘impressionists’ were able to exhibit a larger amount of art-works, with an average of 14. Compared with the Salon, the regional exhibitions were small in number of partakers and number of exhibited art-works. At the Salons of 1874-1886 there was an average of 3468 partakers and 5033 exhibited works. Varying from 2157 partakers with 4874 works (in 1874) and 3701 partakers with 7339 works (in 1880 with the start of the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français). (iR1)


Albi lies about 700km south of Paris and 76km north-east of Tolouse (iR9). From 1866/04/28 till 05/31 there was an ‘Exposition Artistique et Archéologique’ with a ‘concours régional’. There were 573 partakers showing 1495 art-works. In 1902 there was a first ‘Salon des Artistes Albigeois’ from the 15th of February till the 15th of March; there were 27 partakers showing 95 art-works. In 1903 there was the first ‘Exposition de l’Union artistique Tarnaise’ with 55 partakers showing 189 art-works. In 1904 they held a second exposition with 60 partakers showing 151 art-works. None of the ‘impressionists’ did partake. (iR1/Albi).

In 1886 Mulot-Durivage exhibited in Angers (iR69;R87;R88), about 300km south-west of Paris. Mulot-Durivage received  a ‘médaille de 2e classe’ (aR15=iR40).

Beauvais lies about 75km south / south-east of Paris (iR9). Note: I only found indirect information.
1903/07/12 – 08/16: Ouvrages de Peinture, sculpture, dessin, gravure, art décoratif by the Société des Amis des Arts du Département de l’Oise in the Foyer du théâtre: Pissarro exhibited 1 work (R116I,p366).

Bar-le-Duc lies about 235km east of Paris (iR9). In 1841 and 1846 there was an ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts et Industrie’. In 1841 there were 80 partakers showing 125 art-works. In 1846 there were 94 partakers showing 212 art-works. (iR1/Bar-le-Duc)

Besançon lies about 370km south-east of Paris (iR9).
In 1858 there was an ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’ for living artists born in Franche-Comté or living in Besançon. The ‘Société des amis des Beaux-Arts de Besançon‘ was founded in 1858 and organised in 1870 their 5th, in 1880 their 8th and in 1893 their 11th exposition. In 1902 there was an exposition of the ‘Société franc-comtoise des amis des Beaux-Arts et Art Industriels’. The number of partakers of these 7 expositions varied from 36 till 446 partakers with an average of 197. The number of art-works they exhibited varied from 139 till 926 with an average of 445.
Artists that participated in these expositions were Paul-Albert Besnard, Léon Bonnat, Alexandre Cabanel, Fernand Cormon, A. Dubourg, Auguste Feyen-Perrin, François-Louis Français, Jean-Louis Gerôme, Antoine Guillemet, Henri Harpignies, Jules Lefèbvre, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, James Tissot. In 1897 there had been a small retrospective of Gustave Courbet showing 13 works and in 1906 again showing 5 works. (iR1/Besançon)
In 1870 Boudin showed 1 seascape, Bureau showed 1 landscape, Lépine 2 riverviews, Léon Ottin showed 1 portrait (iR1).
In 1880 Monet showed 2 unidentified paintings (R22IV,p1016), Lépine and Vignon also showed two paintings and had the same address ‘chez M. Martin’ (iR1).

Blois lies about 175km south / south-west of Paris (iR9).
There had been several ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’ at least in 1852 +58 + 75 +83, mostly in the Château de Blois (in the ‘salles du Palais de Gaston d’Orléans’). The ‘Société des arts de Loir et Cher’ organised an ‘Exposition (et concours) des Beaux-Arts et Arts Industriels (modernes)’ in 1887 +88 +90 +93. The ‘Société des amis des arts du Loir-et-Cher Peinture, Sculpture, Architecture’ organised in 1891 their 4th exposition, in 1892 their 5th, The ‘Société des Arts Sciences & Lettres de Lois-et-Cher’ organised in 1894 their 7th ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts, Arts Industriels Modernes et Photographies d’Amateurs’, in 1895 their 8th, in 1899 their 10th, in 1902, in 1905 and in 1912 their 14th exposition. (iR1) It is well possible that these different societies were one and the same. The 12 expositions from 1887-1912 counted an average of 109 partakers, showing an average of 289 art-works. Among the partakers were Barbizon painters like: Diaz (1875), Dupré (1875), Harpignies (1875), Huet (1875) and also Para-Impressionists like: Besnard (1883+87+88+90+91), Bonnat (1883), Carolus-Duran (1875), Gervex (1875), Isabey, Rochenoire (1883), Lansyer (1883) and also Post-Impressionists like: Toulouse-Lautrec (1888).
Léon-Auguste Ottin exhibited a still-life in 1858. Lepic exhibited in 1875 two landscapes and 1 in 1883. Attendu exhibited 2 still-lifes in 1893.
Note: I have only quickly checked the catalogues of 1875 +83 +87 +88 +90 +91. (iR1/Blois)

Bordeaux lies about 550km sout-west of Paris (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1). The Société des Amis des Beaux-Arts organised exhibitions.
In 1865 Jongkind exhibited paintings depicting Normandie landscapes and Paris city views (R177,p34).
1866/03/24: 15th exposition Galeries de la Société des amis des arts: Pissarro exhibited 1 landscape (=no.432) (R116I,p361).
1866/05/01: Manet exhibited 1 work (La lecture) (R5,p39).
1868/03/21: Monet exhibited 3 not identified works, catalogue numbers 448-450 (R22IV,p1016)

Carcassonne lies about 720 km south of Paris and about 90km south-east of Toulouse (iR9).
In Carcassonne several expositions were organised. The salon database mentions: the ‘Exposition de peinture, d’objets d’art et d’antiquités, non sat panis et vestitus Livret’ in 1859 and 1876, ‘Exposition d’objets d’art moderne et d’archéologie’ in 1867, ‘Exposition artistique, archéologigue et d’art rétrospectifs’ organised by the ‘Société des arts et sciences de Carcassonne’ in 1884 and the ‘exposition annuelle’ organised by the ‘Société des Beaux-Arts de Carcassonne Siège Sociale’ in 1894. The number of partakers varied from 144 till 336 with an average of 270. The number of exhibited art-works varied from 252 till 621 with an average of 445.
Among the partakers were Néo-Classicists like: Cabanel (1859), Gérôme (1876); Barbizon painters like: Daubigny (1859+76), Français (1894), Gudin (1859), Huet (1859), Jacque (1867), Rousseau (1884) and Ziem (1876); and Para-Impressionists like: Rosa Bonheur (1859), Breton (1894), Eva Gonzalès (1876), Guillemet (1884), Rochenoire (1876). Posthumous there were works exhibited of Courbet (1884), Delacroix (1884+94)
Boudin exhibited in 1867 one seascape. Pissarro exhibited 3 landscapes in 1876. (iR1/Carcassonne)

Castres lies about 665km south of Paris and about 72km east of Toulouse (iR9).
The Salon database renders two catalogues. The ‘Exposition de peinture et d’objets d’art, Non sat panis et vestitus Livret’ in 1859 and the ‘Exposition municipale internationale Industrie et Beaux-Arts in 1894. The 1859 exposition counted 89 partakers showing 245 art-works, the 1894 exposition 299 partakers showing 489 art-works. In 1859 a certain Lasbordes exhibited 34 works. And in 1894 Marcel Briguiboul exhibited 40 works. (iR1/Castres)

Dieppe lies about 165km north-east of Paris along the Normandy coast (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1873/07/20-?: 3e exposition; with Monet (?x) (R22IV,p1016)
1902/07/20 – 09/20: Expositon des Beaux-Arts in the Salons de la Société des Amis des Arts: Pissarro (2x) (R116I,p365).
1903/07/19 – 09/21: Expositon des Beaux-Arts in the Salons de la Société des Amis des Arts: Pissarro (2x) (R116I,p366).

Épinal lies about 350km east of Paris (iR9).
The ‘Société Vosgienne d’art‘ organised in 1909 their 2nd exposition and in 1911 their 3rd. In 1924 there was an ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’. The 1909 exposition counted 93 partakers showing 338 art-works, the 1911 exposition 446 partakers showing 1215 and the 1924 exposition 106 partakers showing 451 art-works. (iR1/Epinal)
In 1909 probably Raffaëlli exhibited 1 city view. In 1911 Lebourg exhibited 2 landscapes.
Fritz Thaulow, a Norwegian Impressionist, exhibited 5 works in 1909.

1887, Exposition de Peinture de Fontainebleau, reviewed in the Gil Blas of 1887/08/23 (aR9=iR40) and anncounced in the Figaro (iR40;iR4). Mulot-Durivage exhibited 1 work.

Grénoble lies about 540km south-east of Paris (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1886/10/7 – 31/8: Monet exhibited 3 works of Bordighera (R22IV,p1017)
1890/07/01 – 08/30: 16th Exposition des Beaux-Arts at the Musée des Beaux-Arts: Pissarro (2x) (R116I,p363+CCP865).

Le Havre:
Le Havre lies about 200km west at of Paris at the rightbank of the estuary of Seine (iR9).
1850: Boudin exhibited 2 works with the ‘Société des amis des arts du Havre’ (R3,p649).
1858: Exposition municipale de la ville du Havre: with Boudin (?), Monet (1x) (R22IV,p1016+CR1↓).
1868/07/02 – 11/15: Exposition Maritime Internationale: with Monet (4x); Pissarro (2x); Boudin; Courbet; Daubigny, Manet; Boudin received a silver medal (R161,p54/5;R22IV,p1016+CR65+77+94+109;R116I,p361+CCP116?).
1870: A. Devaux in his ‘résumé des travaux de la 41me année 1874’ mentions: ‘Mulot Durivage is not in progress this year; he had however shown undeniable qualities at the last exhibition (1870), where his ‘Etang d’Oudale’ had attracted attention.’ See: 1876/01/01, Recueil des publications de la Société havraise d’études diverses, 41me & 42me Années, 1874 + 1875. Le Havre, 1876 (aR13,p411=iR40).
1880/08/05 – 09/20: with Monet (3x) (R22IV,p1016+?522+578+?580).
From 1875-1896 Attendu exhibited regularly at the Salon du Havre (aR3)
1893/08/03 – 10/01 exhibition of the Société des amis des arts du Havre in Le Havre, where Mulot-Durivage exhibited 2 paintings (aR7=iR40)
1896/10/01 – 05 exhibition at Le Havre of the Société des amis des arts du Havre, where Mulot-Durivage exhibited 2 paintings (aR8=iR40)
1902/08/02 – 10/05: Exposition de 1902: Ouvrages de peinture, sculpture, dessins, gravures et faïences des artistes vivants by the Société des Amis des Arts: Pissarro (1 painting lent by Durand-Ruel) (R116I,p365); Monet exhibited 2 works (R22IV,p1018+CR788+819).
1906 May till July: Exposition Cercle de l’Art moderne in the Hôtel de Ville: Monet exibited 2 works (R22IV,p1019).
1907: 2nd exposition of the ‘Cercle de l’Art Moderne’. Guillaumin, Redon and Signac all exhibited two paintings. Other partakers were Post-Impressionists like: Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, Félix Valloton,  and E. Vuillard; Néo-Impressionists like: Henri-Edmond Cross, Maximilien Luce, Théo van Rysselberghe; and Fauves like: Georges Braque, André Derain, Raoul Dufy, Othon Friesz, Henri Manguin, Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck. In total there were 66 partakers showing 147 art-works. (iR1/Havre)
1909/08/07 – 29: ‘Exposition Régionale’ organised by the ‘Société des Amis des Arts’ held in the École des Beaux-Arts. There were 66 partakers showing 147 works. No ‘impressionist’ did take part. (iR1/Havre)

Honfleur lies about 190km west of Paris at the leftbank of the estuary of Seine (iR9).
In 1899 there had been an exhibition. Raffaëlli exhibited 1 landscape. Of some painters there were posthumous art-works exhibited, send in by their widows. Of Boudin 30 paintings and several drawings; of Dubourg 7 paintings and several pastels and drawings; of Gustave Hamelin 8 paintings and several drawn portraits; of Emile Renouf 12 paintings and several pastels. Other partakers were Emile Boivin, Léon Bonnat, Eugène Feyen and Paul Flandrin. In total there were 341 partakers showing 672 art-works. (iR1/Honfleur)

Lille lies about 225km north of Paris (iR9).
In 1817 +18 +20 there had been exhibitions at the École académique, with an average of 44 partakers showing 92 art-works. In 1822 +25 there had been a ‘Salon de Lille’, with an average of 320 partakers showing 722 art-works (iR1/Lille).
1866/07/22, exposition des Beaux-Arts with 1566 catalogues numbers, including several ‘impressionists’: Boudin (2x); Brandon (2x); Bureau (2x); Cals (1x); Colin (2x); Latouche (1x); Meyer (2x); Pissarro (2x); Redon (3x); Sisley (2x). (R248/iR40; see  catalogue

Lyon lies.
In 1863 Félix Bracquemond showed at least 4 etchings: Margot le Critique (B113); le Corbeau (B115); le Canard (B116); le Héron or les Cigognes (B179). (R52,p86+Ac4+6+22);

Mâcon lies about 385 south-east of Paris (iR9). Note: I only found indirect information.
1903/07/04 – 08/24: Exposition des Beaux-Arts: Pissarro exhibited 8 works (R116I,p366); Signac also was present (R106,p420).

Marseille lies about 750km south / south-east of Paris at the Mediterrean Sea (iR9).
In 1851, there had been an exhibition of the ‘Société Artistique et Littéraire des Bouche-du-Rhône’. This exhibition was held at the (‘grande salle’) of the Musée de Marseille, just like other exhibitions held from 1816-1842. (iR1)
The ‘Cercle artistique‘ organised in October / November 1873 their 12th exposition. The salon database also renders the catalogue of 1868/12 and 1872/01. In 1877 and in 1878 there was an exhibition of the ‘Société des Amis des Arts de Marseille, also called ‘Cercle artistique’. I assume this was the same society. The number of partakers varied from 33 till 111 with an average of 82 and showing an average of 149 art-works. Partakers were Néo-Classicists like: Gérôme (1868); Barbizon painters like: Chintreuil (1872), Corot (1868+72+77), Daubigny (1872+77), Decamps (1877), Diaz (1868+72+77), Dupré (1868+72+77), Jacque (1868), Millet (1877), Rousseau (1872), Troyon (1868+72+77) and Ziem (1868+72+77); Para-Impressionists like: Brown (1877), Courbet (1868), Isabey (1868+72+77), Mettling (1877). Boudin exhibited 2 landscapes in 1877 (iR1)
The ‘Association des Artistes Marseillais‘ organised exhibitions in 1891 (the 3rd), in 1893, in 1894, in 1895 (the 6th), in 1896, in 1897 (the 8th), 1898 (the 9th), 1899 (the 10th), 1901 (the 12th), 1903 (the 13th), 1912 (the 17th), 1913 (the 18th), 1914 (the 19th exhibition). There was an average of 170 partakers showing 388 art-works. The exhibitions were held at the ‘Square de la Bourse’ and at the ‘Salle des Fêtes of the École des Beaux-Arts’. (iR1) Note: I have not checked which artists did participate.
The salon database also renders the 1907 catalogue of the yearly ‘Exposition de Provence’, with 164 partakers showing 453 art-works. (iR1) Note: I have not checked which artists did participate.
In 1912 there was a ‘Salon de Mai‘ held in the ‘Atelier du Quai Rive-Neuve’ under the honorary chairmanship of Auguste Renoir and Auguste Rodin (iR1;R31,p312). Renoir himself exhibited two paintings. Signac exhibited two paintings of the harbour of Marseille. There were posthumous two paintings of Paul Cézanne exhibited. Other partakers were Neo-Impressionists like Henri Lebasque, Maximilien Luce; Post-Impressionists like: Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, Félix Vallotton; and Fauves like: Othon Friesz, Henri Manquin, Albert Marquet and Kees van Dongen. In 1913 there also was a ‘Salon de Mai’. Posthumous there were works shown by Honoré Daumier, Eugène Delacroix, Vincent van Gogh and also two paintings of Paul Gauguin. Renoir showed 1 painting and Signac 3. Many of the partakers mentioned at 1912 again exhibited. There was an average of 35 partakers showing 78 art-works. (iR1/Marseille)

Montauban lies about 610km south of Paris and about 50km north of Toulouse (iR9).
In 1891 the ‘Société archéologique de Tarn-et-Garonne‘ celebrated it’s 25th anniversary with an ‘Exposition rétrospective’. 516 partakers showed 992 art-works. The salon database also renders the catalogue of their 1897 ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’ (iR1/Montauban).
Desboutin exhibited in 1897 one portrait and 6 engravings. (iR1)
1901, August-september: Exposition internationale des Beaux-Arts: Monet (1x) (R22IV,p1018+CR511).

Montpellier lies about 680km south of Paris, close to the Mediterrean Sea (iR9).
The salon database renders the catalogues of the expositions held in the ‘Salle des concerts’ held in 1845 +46 +48+ 49 +50 +51 +52 +53. In 1860 there was an ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’ held in the Salon de Montpellier. Gustave Courbet showed 7 paintings, 4 of them exhibited earlier at the Salon. Delacroix exhibited 4 works and the Barbizon painters Diaz 5, Rousseau 1 and Troyon 3. In total there were 335 partakers showing 980 art-works. (iR1/Montpellier)

Mulhouse lies about 440km east / south-east of Paris, close to the German and Swiss border (iR9).
The ‘Société Industrielle’ organised exhibitions in Mulhouse. The salon database renders the catalogues of 1836 +39 +76 (iR1).
1899/04/19 – 05/31 (or 1899/04/20 – 06/04): the ‘Société des Arts‘ organised their 7th ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’. Durand-Ruel lent 2 paintings of Pissarro (R116I,p365+CCP1067+1200); there were 2 works of Monet exhibited, probably lent by Durand-Ruel (R22IV,p1018+CR376+851).
1902/04/23 – 06/05: 8th ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’ by the ‘Société des Arts’ (R116I,p365+CCP1207+375;iR1).
The ‘Société des arts de Mulhouse’ organised in 1902 their 2nd edition (iR1).
The ‘Société Suisse d’Aquarellistes’ organised in 1907 their 19th (sale) exhibition in the Nouveau Musée (iR1).
The ‘Artistes du Haut-Rhin’ held from 1909/03/16 till 04/08 an exhibition in the Nouveau Musée (iR1).
The ‘Künstlervereins ‘Palette’ held from 1909/05/01 – 31 and from 1912/05/15 – 06/31 exhibitions (iR1).
The salon database also renders non-specified catalogues of 1879 +83 +85 +86 +90 + 93 +96 +99 +1900 +05 +08 +11.
Boudin exhibited 2 seascapes in 1883. Forain exhibited in 1905 (2x) and 1908 (1x). Lebourg exhibited in 1902 (2x), 1905 (2x), 1908 (1x), 1911 (3x) and 1914 (2x). Monet exhibited in 1902 (2x), in 1905 (1x), 1908 (1x) and 1911 (2x) (R22IV,p1018/9+CR273+826+737+1618+1029+179). Durand-Ruel lent works of Pissarro in 1899 (2x) +1902 (2x). Raffaëlli exhibited in 1902 (2x) +05 +08 +11.
Among the partakers were Néo-Classicists like: Bouguereau (1879+86), Gérôme (1879+83+86); Barbizon painters like: Dupré (1883), Français (1879+83+85+86+90), Gudin (1885), Harpignies (1886), Jacque (1879+83+86), Millet (1883+86) and Ziem (1883); Para-Impressionists like Bastien-Lepage (1879); Béraud (1886), Bonnat (1883), Brown (1879+83+86), Dagnan-Bouveret (1890), Feyen-Perrin (1879+83+86), Gervex (1886), Guillemet (1883+86+90), Isabey (1883), Lansyer (1879+83+85+86), Stevens (1883).
Note: I only did a quick check on the catalogues of 1876 +79 +83 +85 +86 +90 +1902. (iR1/Mulhouse;R116I,p365+CCP375+1067+1200+1207).

Nancy lies about 310km east of Paris (iR9).
1884/05/31 – 07/15: the Société Lorraine des Amis des Arts organised an Exposition des Beaux-Arts. Durand-Ruel lent pictures, including 1 of Pissarro and 1 by Sisley (R116I,p362/3;R166,p270). Monet also exhibited (R22IV,p1016)
In 1909 the École de Nancy organised an exposition at 15, Rue de la Pépinière. There were 54 partakers showing 243 art-works. No ‘impressionist’ did take part. (iR1/Nancy)

Nantes lies about 375 km south-west of Paris (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1884/05/20 – 07/01: with Monet (R22IV,p1016).
1886/10/10 – 1887/01/15 (or 1886/11/30): Exposition des Beaux-Arts, Palais du cours Saint-André (or cours Saint-Pierre); with Pissarro (3x), Renoir (2x), Seurat (R183,p281), Signac (CR95+103), Sisley (1x) (R116I,p363+CCP825+826;R31,p315;R39,p325;R106,p419+no95+103;R166,p271). This exhibition was organised by John Flornoy, a pupil of Pissarro (R106,p419).
1891/04/04 – 05/04: 2th exposition of the ‘Société de amis des arts‘ in the Préaubert gallery (paintings lent by Durand-Ruel); with Monet (2x), Pissarro (1x), Renoir (2x), Sisley (2x) (R22IV,p1017+CR?1253/1258+?1090;R116I,p363+CCP809;R31,p315;R166,p274).
1900/04: maybe Renoir again exhibited (R31,p319).
1910/02/20 – 04/03: 19th exposition of the Société des amis des arts: with Signac (R106,p420).
1913/02/07 – 03/16: 22th exposition of the Société des amis des arts: with Signac (R106,p420).

Pau lies about 715km south of Paris and 170km west / south-west of Toulouse (iR9).
In Pau the ‘Société (béarnaise) des Amis des Beaux-Arts’ organised exhibitions in the Musée de la Ville (1876+77+78).
Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1866/01 – 1866/03: Renoir exhibited 3 works.
1869: Boudin exhibited in Pau (R161,p55).
1876/01/06 – 03/06, 12th exposition annuelle: Pissarro and Renoir exhibited 2 works (R116I,p362;R31,p298;).
1877/01/08 – 03/08, 13th exposition annuelle: Pissarro exhibited 1 work (R116I,p362+CCP312); Sisley 2 (R166,p266).
1878/01/15 – 03/15, 14th exposition annuelle: Pissarro exhibited 3 works (R116I,p362); Sisley also (R166,p266).
1879/02/03: Sisley exhibited 3 works, but sold nothing (R5,p112).
1922/04/?: Guillaumin exhibited 2 works at the ‘Salon de Pau’.

Périgueux lies about 465km south / south-west of Paris (iR9). Note: I only found indirect information.
1898/05/19 – 07/17: Expositon des Beaux-Arts: Monet (1x) (R22IV,p1018+CR288).

1898/06/25: a Mulot-Durivage exhibited two works at the 4th Salon de Pontoise. Edouard Cyrval reviewed: ‘I said several times all the good I thought of the landscapes of Mr. Mulot-Durivage; I am glad to have to repeat myself: his “Maison du garde de l’Isle-Adam” (133) is a charming piece of naturalness and poetry, and his ‘Église de Valmondois” (134), in which the setting sun illuminates with a very oriental light, is of a striking effect’ (aR6=iR40). As our Émilien Mulot-Durivage lived in 1893 closeby in L’Isle-Adam and in 1896 in Auvers-sur-Oise, I suppose that it was he who exhibited in 1898 in Pontoise.

Reims lies about 150km north-east of Paris (iR9). Also written as Rheims. Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1873/02/15 – 03/23: Société des Amis des Arts in Le Cirque, Boulevard des Promenades: paintings lent by Durand-Ruel: Monet (1x), Pissarro (1x), Sisley (1x) (R22IV,p1016+CR149;R116I,p361;R166,p263)
1874/02/07 – 03/23: Société des Amis des Arts, Exposition des Beaux-Arts (lent by Durand-Ruel): Pissarro (2x) (R116I,p362+CCP210?).
1896/09/12 – 11/02:: 15th exposition of ‘peinture, sculpture, architecture, gravure et lithographie’ by the ‘Société des Amis des Arts’ in the Palais de l’Industrie: Pissarro (2x) (lent by Durand-Ruel) (R116I,p364+CCP632+1074); Monet (2x) (lent by Durand-Ruel?) (R22IV,p1018+CR725+851).
1901/09/18 till November: 16th ‘Exposition générale’ by the ‘Société des Amis des Arts’: Pissarro (1x) (lent by Durand-Ruel) (R116I,p365+CCP1171); Monet (1x) (R22IV,p1018+CR1093).

Remiremont lies about 370km east / south-east of Paris (iR9).
From 1895/08/10 till 09/10 there was an ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts de Remiremont’ with 145 partakers showing 415 art-works. Among the partakers was François-Louis Français showing 8 paintings. (iR1). In 1913 there was an ‘Exposition régionale de Peinture’ with 88 partakers showing 261 art-works. None of the ‘impressionist’ did partake. (iR1/Remiremont).

Roubaix lies about 236km north of Paris, just north of Lille (iR9).
1869: Boudin exhibited in Roubaix (R161,p55).

Rouen lies about 125km north-west of Paris along the Seine (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1862/10/01: 19th exposition municipale des beaux-arts at the Musée de Rouen: Pissarro exhibited 1 work (R116I,p361+CCP44?).
1864/10/01: 20th exposition municipale des beaux-arts, Musée de Rouen:  Monet (1x) (R22IV,p1016+CR20?).
1869/08: Marie Bracquemond exhibited ‘Fauconnerie’ at the Exposition Municipale de Beaux-Arts in Rouen (aR17).
1872/03/31 – 05/15: 23th exposition municipale des Beaux-Arts, Musée de Rouen: with Monet (1x); Pissarro (1x) (R22IV,p1016+CR163;R116I,p361+CCP222).
1884/06 or 1886/05: in Rouen, Hôtel du Dauphin et de l’Espagne: ‘Magnifique collection d’impressionnistes’ (collection Murer = Meunier); with Cézanne (1x), Gauguin (1x), Guillaumin (several), Monet (3x), Pissarro (9x), Renoir (30x), Sisley (4x) (R5,p140;R22IV,p1016+CR304+338+?415;R31,p315;R166,p270). Note: this was more an exhibition of a private collection, than a regional exhibition.
1884/08/12, 29th exposition Municipale in the Musée de Rouen, where Mulot-Durivage exhibited 2 landscapes (aR10=iR40)
1903/05/14 – 07/15: Exposition internationale des Beaux-Arts in the Musée de peinture, Rue Thiers: Monet exhibited 2 unidentified works (R22IV,p1019).
1907/03/02 – 04/02: “L’Exposition d’Art Français Contemporain au Chateau Des Rohan”. Exhibition of 585 works by 101 artists, including Cézanne (1x), Degas (1x), Forain (1x), Guillaumin (1x), Lebourg (1x), Monet (4x), Morisot (1x), Pissarro (3x), Raffaëlli (5x), Renoir (3x), Sisley (2x). Many works were loans by Durand-Ruel and Bernheim. Source/catalogue: Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 7,  2021. =R248=iR261/iR242; iR1.

Saint-Brieuc lies about 420km west / west-south of Paris (iR9). Note: I could find only indirect information.
1891/06/10 – 07/19: Exposition des Beaux-Arts: Monet (2x) (R22IV,p1017+CR198+1112).

Strasbourg lies about 445km east of Paris (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
In 1864/05/15 – 07/07 at the Société des amis des arts Brandon exhibited 3 works (aR5).
1907 /03/02 – 04/02: exhibition ‘Art Français contemporain’ in the Château des Rohan. Guillaumin showed 1 work (iR261); Monet also exhibited (R22IV,p1020); Renoir exhibited 3 works (R31,p316).
1913 March till Mai: Monet exhibited 1 work (R22IV,p1021+CR1451).
1920/03/06 – 26: Exposition d’art indépendant français in the Maison d’art alsacien: Signac exhibited a watercolour (R106,p421).

Toulouse lies about 660km south of Paris (iR9).
In Toulouse the ‘Exposition des produits des Beaux-Arts et de l’Industrie’ were organised. The Salon database renders the catalogues of 1827 +29 +35 +40 +45 +65. In 1877 there was a large ‘Exposition des Beaux-Arts’ with 1301 partakers showing 1966 art-works. In 1887 there was an ‘Exposition internationale’ with 461 partakers showing 712 art-works. In 1908 there was an ‘Exposition industrielle internationale’ including 712 artists showing 1204 art-works.
There were also exhibitions called ‘Salon de l’Union Artistique‘. The Salon database renders the catalogues of 1861 +62 +64 and than yearly from 1885 till 1909. In 1889 the exposition is called the 5th year, in 1891 the 7th, in 1892 the 8th and in 1909 the 25th year, so the earlier exhibitions weren’t included in the counting. Most of the exhibitions started at the 15th of March, all seems to be held in the Spring. They were held in the Salle des Illustres in the galeries du Capitole. The number of partakers varied from around 200 till 400 and the exhibited art-works from around 350 till 650.
There were also exhibitions called ‘Salon des artistes méridionaux‘. The Salon database renders the catalogues of 1908 + 09 +10 +11 +12 +13 +14. In 1908 it was already the 3th exposition of the ‘Société des Artistes Méridionaux’. In 1909 it was held from the 8th of May till the 30th of June. The mentioned catalogues render an average of 37 partakers, showing an average of 206 art-works.
Note: many of these exhibitions were held at the ‘galeries du Capitole’, in 1909 this was at 34, Rue Pargaminières.
The following partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions exhibited in Toulouse: Attendu exhibited several years: in 1885 (2x), in 1886 (1x), in 1888 (1x), in 1889 (1x), in 1891 (1x), in 1892 (1x); all still-lifes. Boudin exhibited 2 seascapes/landscapes in 1864, 2 in 1865, 1 in 1885, 2 in 1889. Colin exhibited 1 landscape in 1887. Guillaumin exhibited in 1906 and 1907 both 2 works;  Franc Lamy exhibited 2 works in 1887 and 1 in 1901. Alfred Meyer exhibited an email portrait in 1862. Léon-Auguste Ottin exhibited 2 works in 1887. Pissarro exhibited 1 work in 1862. Raffaëlli exhibited in 1892 +93.
Among the partakers were Néo-Classicists like: Cabanel (1865); Barbizon painters like: Chintreuil (1861+62+65), Corot (1861+62+64+65), Daubigny (1862+64+65), Diaz (1864+65), Français (1864+86+88+89+90), Harpignies (1885+86+90), Jacque (1864+87+89+90), Troyon (1865) and Ziem (1864+65); Para-Impressionists like Rosa Bonheur (1862), Carolus-Duran (1886), Courbet (1862+65), Desbrosses (1862), Destrem (1885+87+88), Feyen-Perrin (1885+88+90), Guillemet (1886), Isabey (1864), Jongkind (1862+64+65), Laporte (1885+86), Lhermitte (1887).
Note: I did a quick check on the catalogues from 1861-90. (iR1/Toulouse)

Tourcoing lies about 235km south / south-west of Paris (iR9). Note: I only found indirect information.
1906/07/08 till end of October: Exposition internationale in the Palais de Beaux-Arts: Monet exhibited 1 work (R22IV,p1019+CR803).

Tours lies about 220km south-west of Paris along the Loire (iR9). Note: The Salon database doesn’t render any catalogue (iR1).
1882/09 – 1882/10, Société des Amis des Arts de la Touraine (paintings lent by Durand-Ruel):  Monet (2x); Pissarro (1x); Renoir; Sisley (2x) (R22IV,p1016+CR722+735;R116I,p362+CCP688;R166,p268;R5,p130)

1870/08 Marie Bracquemond exhibited at the Salon de Vichy ‘La Mandarine’ (=1867, SD, La Japonaise) (aR17).



Further research:
The information on the regional exhibitions is limited and very fragmented. I have no knowledge of a more systematic research. Interesting questions for further research are: What was the connection between the artist and the Regional exhibition? Did they (formerly) live in that regio? Did they have family or other connections in that regio? Did they sent in the pictures themselves or were they loans from private owners or galleries?


Some of the catalogues I found in the Salon database (iR1) and in other sources (R248=iR40+iR261), but of most exhibitions I only have indirect information. Other main sources are the Catalogues Raisonnée of Monet (R22IV,p1016), Signac (R106), Pissarro (R116), Seurat (R183); catalogues of Renoir (R31,p315), Sisley (R166). Other sources are Denvir (R5). For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see.


Recommanded citation: “Meta-Impressionism / other exhibitions: Regional exhibitions in France (1858-1914); another option of profiling for the ‘impressionist’ artists. Last modified 2024/01/04.

Note: additional info and pictures will be added in the future.