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Paul Cézanne (1839-1906)




On this page you will find an account of the works that Cézanne exhibited at the 1st and 3rd ‘impressionist’ exhibition and at the Salon (of 1882). For general info on Paul Cézanne and the used sources see the main page. For his pictures see.


The first ‘impressionist’ exposition 1874:

  • catalogue numbers 42-44
  • so Cézanne exhibited 3 works
    • 2x indication of place
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 2x a study
    • 1x loans (appartient à…); of Dr. Gachet.
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p120) and of Dayez (R87,p234/5). Moffett refers to the Catalogue Raisonné of Venturi (1936). I also refer to the numbers in the catalogue edited by Dony (1976=R48).
Catalogue 1874:

1874-42          La Maison du pendu, à Auvers-sur-Oise
Moffett and Dayez suggest 1873, CR133, La maison du pendu à Auvers-sur-Oise, musée d’Orsay. Now: 1872-3, CR133, Auvers-sur-Oise, house of the hanged man, 55×66, Orsay (iR2;iR59;R48,no136;R163,p46). It is also called the suicide’s house. Mario de Micheli writes that this work is considered Cézanne’s first impressionist masterpiece (R164,no13). But when we look close at this work, we see that the colours are quite subdued and brownish and not bright.

1874-43          Une moderne Olympia, esquisse ; appartient à  M. le Dr Gachet
Moffett and Dayez suggest 1873ca, CR225, Une moderne Olympia, musée d’Orsay. Now: 1873, CR225, a modern Olympia, 46×55, Orsay (iRx;R48,no250). Castagnary comments: ‘an excessive impression’, ‘a romantism without restraint’, ‘a subjective fantasy’. De Montifaud describes Cézanne as a ‘crazy, agitated fool painting from a delirium tremens’ suggesting that he used opium and haschisch.  (R87,p235).

1874-44          Étude, paysage à Auvers
Moffett suggests with a perhaps 1873ca, CR157, Quartier Four, à Auvers, 46×55, Philadelphia Museum of Art (R2,p126). Rewald suggests 1873, CR138, House of Père Lacroix, NGA Washington (R2,p126;R48,no142).




The third ‘impressionist’  exposition 1877:

  • catalogue numbers 17 – 32
  • 1 work was exhibited outside the catalogue (=hors catalogue = hc)
  • so in total  Cézanne exhibited 17 works, probably exhibited in room 3.
    • 0x indication of place
    • 0x indication of time, season or weather
    • 9x a study
    • 0x loans (appartient à…)
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p203/4). Moffett refers to the Catalogue Raisonné of Venturi (1936), Rewald (R1) and Brettell / Belloli (R17).
Catalogue 1877:

1877-17          Nature morte
1877-18          Nature morte
1877-19          Nature morte
Moffett gives several suggestions for no. 17-19: CR 196; 1877 or 79, CR197, the dessert, 59×73, Philadelphia MA (R2,p194); CR207, referring to Rewald.

1877-20          Étude de fleurs
1877-21          Étude de fleurs
Moffett gives several suggestions for no.  20+21: CR179; CR180; CR181; CR182, Pushkin; CR222, NGA Washington, referring to Rewald; referring to Brettell CR181, CR182.

1877-22          Paysage, étude d’après nature
1877-23          Paysage, étude d’après nature
1877-24          Paysage, étude d’après nature
1877-25          Paysage, étude d’après nature
Moffett gives several suggestions for no.  22-25: CR158; CR171; CR464, referring to Rewald; CR158; and referring to Brettell CR168, CR171, CR173. And: 1876ca, CR168, La mer à l’Estaque, 42×59, private collection in Switzerland (R2,p214). De Lora / de Fourcaud (1877/04/10) reviews ‘they resemble unscraped palettes’ (R2,p214).

1877-26          Les baigneurs, étude, projet de tableau
Moffett suggests 1876-8ca, CR273, bathers at rest, 35×46, private (R2,p200) and mentions that previously this was thought to be CR276 in the Barnes collection.

1877-27          Tigre
Moffett suggests CR250, (Wildenstein collection?)

1877-28          Figure de femme, étude d’après nature
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

1877-29          Tête d’homme, étude
Moffett suggests 1876-7, CR283, Victor Chocquet, 46×37, private collection New York (R2,p215).

1877-30          Aquarelle, impression d’après nature
1877-31          Aquarelle, impression d’après nature
Moffett mentions ‘Rewald 8 + 10’ referring to Brettell.

1877-32          Aquarelle, fleurs
Moffett mentions ‘Rewald 17’ referring to Brettell.

1877-32+hc    Scène fantastique
Moffett suggests 1873ca, CR243, fantasy scene (the fisherman), 54×81, private collection (R2,p13). It hung in room 2.



Cézanne at the Salon:

Cézanne only one time exhibited at the Salon (iR1). He was rejected many times.


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