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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Albert Lebourg



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1879 + 1880


Which paintings did Lebourg exhibit in 1879 + 1880?
On this page you will find an accounted impression of what paintings Albert Lebourg exhibited at the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879 and the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1880. In 1879 Lebourg showed 20 paintings (and 10 charcoal drawings) (catalogue numbers 108-137). In 1880 Lebourg showed 10 paintings (and 10 untitled charcoal drawings) (catalogue numbers 85-104). Most works are not described, so the identification is almost impossible, see account. Several works have the same themes, therefore I will render the titles from the catalogues in a thematical way. The drawings Lebourg exhibited you can find on a seperate page.
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Albert Lebourg lived in Algiers from 1872 till 1877 (or 1876). According to the Catalogue Raisonné (=1CR) of Bénédite (1923) Lebourg made here 76 paintings (aR7;R390,nos.8-85). In 1879 Lebourg exhibited 8 paintings made in Alger and in 1880 he exhibited 5 paintings depicting Algerian scenes. Here below these titles will be compared.

4IE-1879-109, Une rue à Alger
4IE-1879-110, Une rue à Alger

1875, SDbl (1875), 1CR55, Une Rue à Alger, 31×47 =GP1918-105 (aR7;R390,no55).
1876, SDbr (Alger 1876), 1CR40, La Rue des Bouchers, à Alger, 46×35, former Tisseyre collection (aR7;R390,no40).
1875, SDbr (Alger 1875), 1CR59, La Rue Blanche, Alger, 41×27 =GP1918-138 (aR7;R390,no59).
1872-77ca, Sbr, 1CR72, Rue du Vieil-Alger, 32×24 (aR7;R390,no72).
Note: Lebourg made more works depicting roads in Alger, that weren’t in the Bénédite catalogue.

4IE-1879-111, Boutique Arabe

1875, SDbr (Le Hammam 1875), 1CR61, Boutique à Alger, on panel, 41×27 (aR7;R390,no61).
1876, SDbr (76), 1CR63, Une Boutique de marchand de fruits, dans une rue d’Alger, 35×27 (aR7;R390,no63).
1872-77ca, Sbr, 1CR76, Boutique ouverte dans une rue d’Alger, 28×24 (aR7;R390,no76).
1876, SDbr (1876), 1CR83, Boutique de Mozabite, à Alger, 24×19 =GP1918-55 (aR7;R390,no83).

5IE-1880-93, Café maure

1877, SDbr (Alger 1877), 1CR12, Le Café maure du Jardin d’Essai à Alger, 31×47 =GP1918-137 (aR7;R390,no12).
1875, SDbl (Alger 1875), 1CR58, Café maure du Jardin d’Essai, Alger, 41×27 =GP1918-32 (aR7;R390,no58).
1872-77ca, Sbl, 1CR67, Intérieur de café maure, à Alger, 34×25 (aR7;R390,no67).

4IE-1879-112, Mosquée Sidi ab der Bhaman, Alger

1876, SDbl (1876), 1CR51, Intérieur de la mosqué. Sidi-Abd-er-Rhaman, à Alger, 48×31 =1914-40 (2nd sale Roger Marx) =GP1918-80 (aR7;R390,no51).
1872-77ca, Sbl, 1CR53, Intérieur de la mosquée de Sidi-abd-er-Rhaman, Alger, 47×31 =GP1918-133 (aR7;R390,no53).
1877, SDbl (Alger 1877), 1CR74, Intérieur de la mosquée de Sidi-abd-er-Rhaman, 32×24 (aR7;R390,no74).
Note: The Sidi Abd er-Rhaman mosque in Alger was build in the 17th century (iR4; aR8)

5IE-1880-91, Intérieur d’une mosquée

1872-77ca, Sbr, 1CR38, Intérieur de mosquée, à Alger, 46×38 (aR7;R390,no38).
1876, SDbr (76), 1CR46, Intérieur de mosqué, à Alger, 25×33 (aR7;R390,no46).
1872-77ca, Sbl, 1CR49, Intérieur de mosquée, 48×32 (aR7;R390,no49).
1876, SDbr (76), 1CR52, Intérieur de la Grande Mosquée, Alger, 47×31 =GP1918-132 (aR7;R390,no52).
Note: Another mosque that Lebourg depicted was the Djamaa al-Djedid, also called the Mosquée de la Pêcherie (iR3;iR4;iR6)
Another mosque in Algiers is the Ketchaoua Mosque, located in the old city (Kasbah) (iR3;). Also located in the old city is La mosquée de Ali Bitchin (iR4)

5IE-1880-92, Une cour de mosquée

1875, SDbr (Alger 1875), 1CR62, Cour intérieure de la Grande Mosquée, à Alger, 35×27 =GP1918-144 (aR7;R390,no62).
1875, SDbl, 1CR10, Fontaine dans la grande mosquée, Alger, 31×47 =GP1918-56.
Note: La Grande Mosquée or the Djamaa el Kebir was build around 1097 and located in the old city (Kasbah) of Algiers (iR3;iR4)

4IE-1879-113, Tentes arabes (le matin), Algérie

1872-76ca, Sbr, 1CR43, Les tentes; Boghari, 26×34 =GP1918-50 (aR7;R390,no43).
1875, SDbl (1875), 1CR27, Campement arabe à Médéah, on panel, 27×41 (aR7;R390,no27).
1875, SDbr (Médéah 1875), 1CR41, Campement arabe à Médéah, 14×35 (aR7;R390,no41).

5IE-1880-90, Tente arabe

1875, SDbl (Bogari 1875), 1CR31, Tente arabe au désert, 17×41 (aR7;R390,no31).

4IE-1879-114, Tentes de grands chefs, Algérie

1872-77ca, Sbr (Boghari), 1CR26, Tente de chef arabe; tribu des environs de Boghari (Algérie), on panel, 27×41 (aR7;R390,no26).
1877, SDbl (77), 1CR45, Tente de campement d’un grand chef arabe, 15×34 =EU-1900- Série algérienne =GP1918-53 (aR7;R390,no45).
1875, SDbr (75), 1CR28, La Tente rouge du grand chef; Médéah, on wood, 27×41 =GP1918-109 (aR7;R390,no28).
1875, SDbr (1875), 1CR77, La Tente rouge, Algérie, 16×24 (aR7;R390,no77).
1872-77ca, Sbr, 1CR48, Petit Campement d’Arabes, au milieu du jour, 24×33 =GP1918-54 (aR7;R390,no48).

4IE-1879-115, Bateau à voile, port d’Alger
4IE-1879-116, Bateau à voile, port d’Alger

1876, SDbl (AL Alger 76), 1CR14, Balancelle espagnole dans le port d’Alger, 31×47 =GP1918-106 (aR7;R390,no14).
1876, SDbl (Alger 76), 1CR16, Balancelles espagnoles dans le port d’Alger, 28×47 (aR7;R390,no16).
1872-77ca, Sbl (Alger), 1CR29, Balancelle dans le port d’Alger. Ciel clair, 26×41 (aR7;R390,no29).
1876, SDbr (Alger 1876), 1CR60, Balancelle espagnole, dans le port d’Alger, on panel, 41×27 =GP1918-135 (aR7;R390,no60).
Note: a ‘Balancelle’ is a mediterranean sailing boat (iR4).

Note: I assume the next titles are less likely matches, because the kind of boat is more specific, something you could have aspected back in the 1879 title.

1876, SDbr (76), 1CR25, Bateau de pêche, aux grandes voiles, sur la Méditerranée. Alger, 27×41 =GP1918-108 (aR7;R390,no25).
1876, SDbl (Alger 76), 1CR71, Trois-mâts amarrée dans le port d’Alger, 32×24 =GP1918-142 (aR7;R390,no71).

4IE-1879-119, Bateau à vapeur, port d’Alger
Note: I couldn’t find a title explicitly referring to a steamboat.

1872-77ca, Sbl (Alger), 1CR8, Bateaux dans le port d’Alger, 31×60 =GP1918-45 (aR7;R390,no8).
1876, SDbr (76), CR13, Bateau à quai, à Alger, 31×47 =GP1918-136 (aR7;R390,no13).
1872-77ca, Sbl (Alger), 1CR32, Dans le port d’Alger, à l’aurore, 21×41 (aR7;R390,no32).

4IE-1879-118, L’Amirauté, port d’Alger

1876, SDbr (76), 1CR18, Dans le port d’Alger; l’Amirauté, =1914-44 (2nd sale Roger Marx) =GP1918-46 (aR7;R390,no18).
1876, SDbr (76), 1CR19, Le port de l’Amirauté, à Alger, 37×45 =GP1918-122 (aR7;R390,no19).
1875, SDbr (75), 1CR22, L’Amirauté. Port d’Alger, 27×41 =GP1918-139 (aR7;R390,no22).
1876, SDbl (Alger 76), 1CR15, Le Port d’Alger, 31×47 =GMJ-1914/05/11-48, Le Port d’Alger =GP1918-110 (iR40;iR261;aR7;R390,no15).

5IE-1880-94, L’Amirauté, Alger

1872-77ca, Sbl (Alger), 1CR11, L’Amirauté à Alger, temps clair, 31×47 =GP1918-196 (aR7;R390,no11).
1875, SDbr (1875), 1CR33, L’Amirauté. Alger, 27×40 (aR7;R390,no33).
1875, SDbr (Alger 1875), 1CR75, L’Amirauté à Alger, 29×24 (aR7;R390,no75).
1875, SDbr (1875), 1CR36, Le Quai de l’Amirauté, à Alger, 46×38 =GP1918-107 (aR7;R390,no36).
Compare: 1875, Sbl, 1CR34, Sur les quais, à Alger, 1875, 21×40 (aR7;R390,no34).
1876, SDbl (Alger 1876), 1CR50, L’Amirauté, à Alger; effet du soir, 24×32 (aR7;R390,no50).
1875, SDbr (Alger 1875), 1CR65, Le Balcon vert à l’Amirauté, Alger, 32×26 =GP1918-33 (aR7;R390,no65).
1875, SDbl (Alger 1875), 1CR66, Les Bâtiments de l’Amirauté, à Alger, 14×26 (aR7;R390,no66).
1875, SDbl (Alger 1875), 1CR80, Barques et canots dans le bassin de l’Amirauté, Alger, 19×22 =GP1918-146 (aR7;R390,no80).
1875, SDbl (Alger 1875), 1CR85, Petite Fontaine de l’Amirauté, Alger, 28×18 (aR7;R390,no85).

4IE-1879-117, L’Amirauté (le matin), port d’Alger
Note: none of the Bénédite’s titles renders ‘matin’, so we will have to look for a picture depicting a morning scene.

Lebourg exhibited in 1879 7 Marines and in 1880 1. In 1879 J. de Tarade explicitly mentioned 2 little marine studies. Only 5IE-1880-85 is slightly described. The Catalogue Raisonné doesn’t seem to render a work made in Marseille (aR7;R390), neither could I find a picture made in Marseille.

4IE-1879-108, Marine
4IE-1879-126, Marine
4IE-1879-127, Marine

4IE-1879-120, Marine, Rouen
4IE-1879-121, Marine, Rouen
4IE-1879-122, Marine, Rouen
5IE-1880-85, Marine, Rouen
“le Port de Rouen” with a a cloudy, silvery effect; R90I,p313. 

4IE-1879-123, Marine, Marseille

Lebourg exhibited in 1879 2 and in 1880 also 2 landscapes. They were not described. Bénédite renders many paintings depicting Normandie (R390,no379-549). The following works are dated early:
1871, SDbl, 1CR520, Bord de rivière, 33×55, =sale 1920/03/05-199.
1877, SDbr, 1CR547, Bords de rivière, à Hondouville, 46×30.
1880ca, Sbl, 1CR1766, Effet de neige; soleil couchant dans le brouillard sur la rivière couverte de glaçons, 50×73.

4IE-1879-124, Paysage Normand
5IE-1880-86, Paysage, Normandie
5IE-1880-87, Paysage, Normandie


4IE-1879-125, Paysage, bords de la Risle (Eure)



City views:
Lebourg exhibited in 1880 2 views on Paris. They were not described.

5IE-1880-88, Vue de Paris
5IE-1880-89, Vue de Paris



Most suggestions are uncertain, sometimes I render more than one option, sometimes I render other pictures to compare (even photo’s). See the links for an account and an explanation of the subscriptions of the pictures. See at the bottom of the main page on Albert Lebourg for the used sources.
At the Salon it is often more likely that an art-work that is dated and larger is exhibited. But it is the question if this counts also for the ‘impressionist’ expositions. Havard wrote about ‘series of painted studies’ (R90I,p223), this could argue for smaller sketchlike paintings. Most works Lebourg made in Algiers are quite small; and for example a work on panel is dated and a work on canvas isn’t; so all this doesn’t give much clue. Still, if possibly I will render dated works, so it will also give an impression of his painting style till 1880.


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