Caillebotte 1879 expo

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Gustave Caillebotte (1848-1894)

Pictures at the 1879 exposition

catalogue numbers: 7 – 31 + 2hc


On this page you will find an impression of the 29 paintings that Gustave Caillebotte exhibited at the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition of 1879 in Paris. I render the pictures in a more thematical way. See the link for an account. See for an explanation of the subscriptions and the used sources below at the main page about Gustave Caillebotte.


1879-7 Canotiers, Now: 1877, CR75, Oarsmen, 81×116, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p266;R41,p47)

1879-8 partie de bateau, Maybe: 1877, Boating Party (Canotier au chapeau haut de forme), 90×117, private Paris, (iR2;R41,p89) maybe CR93


1879-9 Périssoires, Probably: 1877, Périssoires sur l’Yerres (Boating on the Yerres), 103×156, Milwaukee AM (iR2), Probably CR76

1879-10 périssoires, Now: 1877, CR95, Sculls (Canoeing on the Yerres), 89×116, coll Mellon, Upperville (iR2;R2,p272)

1879-13 canotier ramenant sa périssoire, Probably: 1878, Boater Pulling His Périssoire, 74×93, Richmond VMFA, (iR2;R2,p266;R41,p4) Probably CR96


1879-11 Vue de toits, Maybe: 1878, view of roofs, Paris, 50×65, private, (iR2) Maybe CR105

1879-12 Vue de toits (effet de neige), Now: 1878, CR107, view of rooftops (snow effect), 65×81, Orsay (iR2;R2,p273)

1879-14 Rue Halévy, vue d’un sixième étage, Now: 1878, CR116, Rue Halevy, Seen from the Sixth Floor, 60×73, private, (iR2;R2,p254)


1879-15 Portrait de M.F… Very uncertain: 1877, Portrait of a Man, xx, private (iR2)

1879-16 Portrait de M. G… Compare: 1877, Portrait de A Cassabois, 80×72, A2018/11/13 (iR11)


1879-17 Portrait de M. D… Possibly: 1878ca, The Painter under His Parasol (=Dessommes), 81×65, private (iR2) Possibly: CR122

1879-18 Portrait de M. E. D… Now: 1878, Portrait d’Eugène Daufresne, 100×81, Josefowitz coll (R2,p274)

1879-19 Portrait de M R… Uncertain: 1879, Portrait de Georges Roman, 75×93, A2017/03/01 (iR11)


1879-20 portrait de Mme C…, Uncertain: 1877, Portrait of Mme. Martial Caillebotte (The Artist’s Mother), 83×72, private, (iR2) Maybe CR85

1879-21 portrait de Mme B…, Probably: 1877, Portrait of Madame Boissière Knitting, 65×80, MFA Houston, (iR2;R2,p266) Probably CR68

1879-22 portrait de Mme H…, Probably: 1877ca, Portrait of a Young Woman in an Interior (Portrait of Madame H), 81×65, private Paris, (iR2;iR11;) Probably: CR55


1879-23 Pêche à la ligne Maybe: 1878, Fishing, 157×113, private (iR2) Maybe CR89

1879-24 Baigneurs, Maybe: 1878, Bathers, 157×117, private Paris, (iR2;R2,p267) Maybe: CR90

1879-26 Baigneurs (pastel), Probably: 1877, Bathers, Banks of the Yerres, pastel, 75×95, Musée d’Agen, (iR2;R16,p88;R2,p267) Probably CR78


1879-25 Périssoires, Now: 1878, CR91, Périssoires (The Canoes), 157×113, MBA Rennes (iR2;R41,p95;R3,p185)

1879-27 Canotiers (pastel) Maybe: 1877, Boaters on the Yerres, pastel, 52×86, private Paris, (iR2) Maybe CR77

1879-30, Rivière d’Yerres (Pastel) Very uncertain: 1877, Canotier sur l’Yerres, pastel + gouache, 82×66, A2014/11/04 (iR11;iR2)


1879-28 Vallée de l’Yerres (pastel) Maybe: 1877, La Vallée de l’Yerres, pastel, 57×71, A2012/05/02 (iR11) Maybe CR99

1879-29 Potager (Pastel) Maybe: 1877, Jardin potager, Yerres, pastel 44×58, A2018/03/22 (iR11) Maybe CR63

1879-31 Prairie (Pastel) Compare: 1877, The Nap, pastel, 36×53, Hartford (iR2)


1879-31 Prairie (pastel) Compare: 1880-4ca, Les champs, étude en jaune et vert (Plaine de Gennevilliers), 54×65, A2009/11/05 (iR11;iR2)

1879-31+hc1, Une vache et une chèvre Compare: 1871-8ca, Yerres, Reddish Bay Horse in the Stable, 31×43, private (iR2)

1879-31+hc2 Un soldat, Now: 1879ca, CR170, a soldier, 106×75, Josefowitz coll Lausanne, (iR2;iR11;R2,p275;R41,p10)