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Meta-Impressionism / Other Exhibitions

Georges Petit Gallery

an alternative art-dealer


For several partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions around the mid 1880s the art-dealer Georges Petit became an alternative for the art-dealer Durand-Ruel. For some the Exposition International de peinture et de sculpture held at the Georges Petit gallery, became an alternative for their own ‘impressionist’ expositions.


General info on the Georges Petit gallery:
Georges Petit had a gallery at 8, Rue de Sèze in Paris. It started 1877. The predecessing gallery of his grandfather (starting around 1848) and of his father showed paintings of Delacroix, Corot and the Barbizon school and also of Bonvin, Ricard and Ribot. The gallery seems to have been luxerious (R1,p481). In 1880 Georges Petit started buying and selling works of the ‘impressionists’. 1882 onwards he organized with Giuseppe de Nittis yearly exhibitions called Exposition International de peinture et de sculpture (R3;R5,p129). For some partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions, these exhibitions were an alternative for there own exhibitions. 1885 onwards the exhibitions of the Société des Pastellist Français were organised at the Petit gallery. In the 1880s there was a hard rivalry between the art-dealers Georges Petit and Durand-Ruel. Monet deliberately chose to do buisiness with both dealers. Petit probably made promises of further acquisitions on condition that the artists did reappear at the Salon (R3,p230+349;R1,p515+419+434) From 1900 till 1922 the Société Nouvelle de Peintres et de Sculpteurs held almost all their exhibitions at the Georges Petit gallery (R297,p346/7). There also had been exhibitions held at the Georges Petit gallery of  ‘La Société de la gravure en couleurs’ (R88) and (1895? onwards) of La Société des Miniaturistes et Enlumineurs (aR3=iR26). Petit also (co-)organised solo or small group exhibitions. There were also auctions↓ held at his gallery. On this page you will find overviews. In 1907 the gallery went into the hands of the painter Prins. The gallery stopped in 1933 (aR3).
Note: the date of birth and death of Georges Petit is obscure. Some sources state that he was born in 1835 (R3,p686) others 1856 (aR3). Some sources state that he died in 1900/07/04 (R5,p228;R3,p686), others in 1920 (aR3;R88I,p648).


The ‘impressionists’ and Durand-Ruel, connections and purchases, a chronological overview:

  • 1878: at the Hoschedé sale at Hôtel Drouot Georges Petit had bought 3 works of Monet (R1,p434)
  • 1880/01: Petit bought 3 works of Monet; a still life for 500fr and 2 snow scenes for 300fr (R1,p434)
  • Sisley had signed a contact with Petit, making hem the sole art-dealer for his work (R1,p576)

Note: additional info will follow.


Chronological overview of exhibitions at the Georges Petit gallery:
Note: you will find a seperate page on the Exposition International de peinture et de sculpture.

  • 1882: exhibition of Berthe Morisot (R3,p683)
  • 1884/05/24 – 07/24: exhibition with works of Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier (1815-91) (aR3=iR26)
    PDF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1884/12/14: the exhibition called ‘Sports in art’ included two works of Degas (depicting horse rases) (R5,p140).
  • 1886/12: there was an exhibition with works of Whistler (R5,p150).
  • 1887/06/18: exhibition of Berthe Morisot (R100,p289)
  • 1889/04/30 posthumous exhibition of works of Sisley organised by Monet (R5,p223)
  • 1889: from June till July there was a large exhibition called Monet-Rodin, it included 145 works of Monet rendering a large retrospective (R22IV,p1017;R1,p551)
    (PDF catalogue; =iR19)
  • In 1891 there was an exhibition called ‘l’Exposition de dessins, peintures, aquarelles’. It included works of Henry Somm (aR11). The foreword was by Léon Roger-Milès (1859-1928).
  • 1891: exhibition of book illustrations (aR4=iR40), It included:
    Mme Bracquemond: no. 680, Dizain de femmes (illustration for Victor Hugo: Les Chansons des Rues et des Bois, Livre I)
    Raffaëlli: no.1268-1285 (illustrations for Victor Hugo: Le dernier jour d’un condamné)
  • 1892: retrospective of Pissarro (R88)
  • 1892: retrospective of Renoir (R88)
  • 1893: 140 drawings of Forain were offered for sale (R50,p31)
  • 1893/06: Portraits des écrivains et journalistes du siècle, including works of Monet (1x) (R22IV,p1017+CR78).
  • 1895?: start of yearly exhibitions of La Société des Miniaturistes et Enlumineurs (aR3=iR26)
  • 1897/02/05 there was a large retrospective of Sisley with 151 works: (R88;R3,p341)
  • 1898/06/03: Monet had a successful solo exhibition in June and July, it included 61 paintings (R22IV,p1018;R5,p216)
  • 1898/08: exhibition with Boudin, de Nittis, Sisley, Jongkind and others (R166,p280)
  • 1899/02/16 – 03/08: Tableaux par Besnard, Cazin, C. Monet, Sisley, Thaulow, including 14? works of Monet.
    (R22IV,p1018+CR65 +132 +200 +?279 +?726 +?763 +1032 +1177 +1179 +1192 +1275 +1317 or 1318 +1333 +?1473)
  • 1900-22: the exhibitions of the Société Nouvelle de Peintres et de Sculpteurs mostly were held at the Georges Petit gallery (R297,p346/7)
  • In 1901, 2-30 April, there was a large (sale) exhibition of works of Vignon; they were sold for higher prices than Pissarro’s works did in those days (R273;R272,p7+8;aR1;aR5;iR4).
  • 1906: large posthumous exhibition with 209 works of Gustave Moreau (catalogue at
  • In 1907 and December 1908 Zandomeneghi participated in the exhibition “La Comédie Humaine”, together with Forain, Raffaëlli and Van Dongen (aR1;aR3;R88).
  • 1909: large retrospective of Raffaëlli with 2021 canvasses (R88)
  • 1912: exhibition with 81 works of Albert Besnard called Voyage aux Indes (catalogue at =iR40)
  • 1918/01/12 – 31: exhibition of works of Lebourg (catalogue:; =iR19)


Chronological overview of auctions at the Georges Petit gallery:
Here I will mention auctions that have been held at the Georges Petit gallery of important collections. When available, you will find links to the catalogues on the page on the art-collectors and artists.

  • 1889/07/01 – 04: posthumous auction of the collection of (the widow of) Victor Chocquet; it included works of Cézanne (35x), Monet (12x), Pissarro, Renoir (14x), Sisley and also of Manet (5x) (R5,p223/4)
  • 1891/06/11+12: sale collection Johw Lewis Brown (PDF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1894/03/19: auction ‘Tableaux et pastels composant la collection de M. Théodore Duret‘. It included works of Pissarro (no.31-34; including CCP57 +147 +320 +633). (R116I,p428;R88) (online PDF version at
  • 1897/05/10: sale collection of the widow of Paul Aubry. It included works of Vignon (6x, including no.39 1884, SDbr, La Côte Saint-Nicholas à Anvers (sic), 65×54). (PDF catalogue:; =iR19;R90II,p285;iR6)
  • 1899/04/30 and/or 1899/05/01: Monet, after Sisley’s death, organised a sale in which donated art-works of other artists and works of Sisley left in his studio were sold. The profit, 115.640fr, was for Sisley’s children (R5,p222/3;R88)
  • 1899/05/04+05: Auction ‘Collection de M. le comte Armand Doria‘. It included works of Pissarro (nos.196-199; CCP335 +353 +819; R116I,p428)
  • 1899/05/08+09: sale collection Armand Doria, tome II, aquarelles et pastels (PDF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1899/07/03+04: auction of the widow of Victor Chocquet ‘Tableaux modernes, aquarelles et dessins, objets d’art et d’ameublement par suite du décès de Mme veuve Choquet, 1’. It included 32 works of Cézanne; 11 of Monet; 1 work of Pissarro (no.87=CCP331), 11 of Renoir, 1 of Sisley and 5 of Manet.
    Sources: R116I,p428; R5,p223/4; iR426; .
  • 1900/05/30 – 06/02: Auction sale Atelier Rosa Bonheur, Tome I, tableaux; preface M.L. Roger-Milès. (DPF catalogue:; =iR19)
    1900/06/05-08: Auction sale Atelier Rosa Bonheur, Tome II, aquarelles et dessins. Paris, 1900. (DPF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1901/05/10: Auction sale C. de Hèle at Georges Petit, including works of Boudin and others (PDF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1903/15/18+19, ‘Tableaux modenres, aquarelles, pastels, dessins, sculptures, objets d’art composant la collection de M. Arsène Alexandre‘. It included works of Pissarro (no.45-47; CCP881 +952 +1395; R116I,p429) (link to iR40//bpt6k1250746f).
  • 1905/05/08+09 there was a sale of Bérard his collection; the revenues were high, namely of Renoir CR457↓ (R31;R30,no602;R5,p230/1).
  • 1906: widow M.F. Stumpf collection (aR3=iR26)
  • 1907/05/06+07: auction sale studio Fritz Thaulow (PDF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1908/05/02: sale 31 peintures de J.Ch. Cazin (PDG catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1911/06/02 + 03: sale collection Jules Breton (PDF catalogue:; =iR19)
  • 1918 + 1919: 4 posthumous auctions of the collection of Edgar Degas (iR40).
  • 1919/07/09: sale collection studio Gustave Courbet (PDF catalogue:; =iR19)


My main sources are the catalogues raisonnée of Monet (R22IV,p1016+), of Pissarro (R116); catalogues of Renoir (R31), Sisley (R166). Other main sources are Rewald (R1), Moffett (R2), Walther (R3,p686), Denvir (R5), Monneret (R88I,p648/9), (iR19), data.bnf (iR26=aR2+3), gallica.bnf (iR40), the Metropolitan (=M23=R232=iR270=aR1) and the additional references. For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see.
See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

For further reading:
Sanchez, Pierre: Les expositions de la Galerie Georges Petit, 1881-1934. Dijon, 2011.


Additional references:

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