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PETIT, GEORGES (1835-1900)

  • gallery at Rue de Sèze, Paris (R3,p686)
  • his father already showed paintings of Delacroix, Corot and the Barbizon school (R3)
  • 1880 start selling works of the impressionists (R3)
  • 1882 organize (with De Nittis)  yearly exposition International de peinture et de sculpture (R3; R5,p129)
  • 1885/05/04 Monet exhibits 10 works (R5,p143)
  • 1886/06/05 Monet and Renoir exhibit at his 5th exposition… (R5,p149)
  • 1889: exhibition Monet (141x?) – Rodin (R22IV,p1017)
  • 1889/04/30 posthumes exhibition of works of Sisley organised by Monet (R5,p223)
  • 1889//07/01 posthumes auction of the collection of Victor Chocquet (R5,p223/4)
  • 1898/06/03: Monet has a successful exhibition (R5,p216)
  • 1900/07/04: Georges Petit dies (R5,p228)


Exposition Internationale de peinture et de sculpture / George Petit:
  • yearly exhibitions in the gallery at the Rue de Sèze of Georges Petit in Paris (R3; R31)
  • 1882/04 founding by George Petit and Giuseppe de Nittis (R5,p129; R2,p427; R3)
    co-founders / members: Alfred Stevens (R3)
  • 1885/05/15: 4e exposition; with Monet (10x), Jean Béraud, Albert Besnard, Henri Gervex (R2,p422; R5,p143; R22IV,p1017)
  • 1886, June-July: 5e exposition; with Monet (10x?), Raffaëlli, Renoir (5x) (R2,p422; R22IV,p1017; R31,p302)
  • 1887; 8/5-8/6: 6e exposition; co-organizers: Monet, Renoir; with Monet (16x?), Pissarro, Morisot, Renoir (5x) and Sisley (R22IV,p1017; R2,p426; R31,p315)
  • 1889, June-July: Monet-Rodin: with Monet (141x?) and the sculpture Rodin (R22IV,p1017).
  • 1898, June-July: solo exhibition Monet with 61 (?) works (R22IV,p1018).