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Henry Somm (1844-1907)


of his exhibited works



On this page you will find an account of the works that Somm exhibited at the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition and at the Salon. For general info on Henry Somm and the used sources see the main page. See link for his -/- pictures.



Somm only joined the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition:

  • At the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879 Somm showed at least 4 works (catalogue numbers 228-230) (R2,p270). The first two being etches of calendres and the last at least two drawings for a book.
  • See for the suggestions of Moffett (R2,p270)

4IE-1879-228        Calendrier de 1878, gravure à la pointe sèche
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. Henry Somm made many calenders, rendering the names of the saint of the day.

4IE-1879-229        Calendrier de 1879, gravure à la pointe sèche
Moffett refers to the Cabinet des Estampes: 1879ca, Calender for 1879, drypoint, xx, BNF Paris (R2,p251).

4IE-1879-230        1 Cadre, dessins à la plume pour servir à l’illustration du Livre des Baisers, de V. Billaud
Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.



Henry Somm at the Salon:
There is a Somm listed in the Salon catalogue of 1876 and 1880, but in the alphabetical order he is not found.
There also was a Somm who exhibited at the Salon of 1831/ 41/ 42/ 46/ 49/ 55.
There also was a Somm exhibiting at the Salon of 1887/ 88/ 93/ 94/ 95/ 96/ 98/ 99/ 1900/ 01/ 02/ 03/ 04/ 05.


SdAF-1881-4850 Une gravure : Poisson d’avril ;
Appartient à M. L. Monziès. Eng.: Fish of April or: April Fool’s Day.

SdAF-1882- 5562 Une gravure à la pointe sèche : Japonisme, composition de l’auteur

SdAF-1883- 4895 Une gravure : Parisiennes

SdAF-1885- 4994 *Une gravure : Ramoneur ;
Appartient à M. Marichy. Eng.: Chimney sweeper .


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