Impressionism: an art-movement


Impressionism: a historical reconstruction


an art-movement

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Impressionism can be seen as a painting style, but also as an art-movement. Main characteristic is organising their own independent group expositions. Another main characteristic is having mutual connections.
So, when was an artist part of the impressionist art-movement? For an affirmatieve answer the most of the selective questions here below have to be answered with yes. For answers concerning the individual artists see their descriptions and (later on also the descriptions of the related painters ). For more information and answers to the questions click on the links. (Note: the orange links are not yet public.)


Selective questions:

  1. Did the artist participate in most of the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions?
  2. Was the artist co-founder of the Société Anonyme d’Artistes?
  3. Was the artist active in the preparations and organizing of the expositions?
  4. Did the artist stop submitting to the Paris Salon?
  5. Did the artist join other independant group exhibitions?
  6. Did the artist frequently meet with the other impressionists?
  7. Did the artist frequently paint with the other impressionists?
  8. Did the artist portray other impressionists and / or was the artist portrayed by other impressionists?
  9. Did the artist own works of other impressionists and / or were works of the artist owned by other impressionists?
  10. Did the artist correspond with other impressionists?
  11. Did the artist belong to one of the circles of friends that formed the impressionist art-movement?
  12.  Who were the main artists belonging to the impressionist art-movement according to contemporaries?



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