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a topographical and thematical overview


Pictures of Charles(-Victor) Tillot scraped together:
What pictures did Charles Tillot show at 6 of the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions (=IE) the ‘impressionist’ expositions and at the Salon (=S)? On this page you will find a topographical and thematical overview of the titles of the pictures of Charles Tillot exhibited. I also render the limited amount of pictures I could find of Charles Tillot, namely flower still-lifes. When possible I will indicate if this work maybe has been exhibited by Charles Tillot at the Salon (=S) or at the ‘impressionist’ expositions (=IE). But this is very hard to do, see also my account. See also the link for an explanation of the subscriptions
I could find just two pictures of Tillot in books (R3,p264;R89,no9). On the internet I could find some pictures at Google images (iR10), but as the only source it is not very reliable. Many pictures I also found on auction sites: mutualart.com (iR11), artnet.com (iR13) and additionally on bidtoart.com (iR89), askart.com (iR41), blouinart.com (iR12), invaluable (iR17) and Alamy (iR48). Additionally I found pictures as indicated at the additional references at the bottom of the main page on Charles Tillot.


Charles Tillot made many landscapes. Most of them are now lost.

Villiers-sur-Mer and surroundings:
Charles Tillot made many works in Villers-sur-Mer, about 230km west of Paris, along the coast of the Canal (iR9). Caillebotte also painted here in the 1880s. Auberville lies just west of Villers-sur-Mer. 

2IE-1876-245, Le Chaos de Villers

2IE-1876-246, Vue prise des hauteurs du Chaos, à Villers

3IE-1877-238, Vue prise à Villers

5IE-1880-194, Vue prise des hauteurs d’Auberville, Villers-sur-mer

2IE-1876-247, Falaises, à Villers

4IE-1879-232, Falaises à Villers-sur-Mer

8IE-1886-204, Falaises, à Villers-sur-Mer

2IE-1876-248, Falaises à marée basse

5IE-1880-193, Falaises de Villers, marée basse

2IE-1876-250, Rochers et plage à Villers

3IE-1877-230, Plage de Villers

5IE-1880-195, Plage de Villers

6IE-1881-146, Plage de Villers

4IE-1879-231, Plage à mare basse

Honfleur lies about 25km north-east of Villers-sur-Mer. Boudin was very active over here.

SdR1863-759, Souvenir d’Honfleur (paysage)


Saint-Malo / Brittany peninsula
Saint-Malo lies at the north side of the Brittany peninsula along the Canal coast. The ‘rade’ means the bay / the harbour.

6IE-1881-147, Rade de Saint-Malo, étude

6IE-1881-148, Rade de Saint-Malo, étude


Charles Tillot was born in Rouen in 1825.

3IE-1877-231, Rouen


Barbizon and the Fontainebleau forest:
In 1860 he moved to Barbizon, about 60km south-east of Paris, bought the house ‘La Taupinière’, and lived across his neighbour Jean-François Millet (iR4;R9;iR3;iR1;R92,p16), who would become his friend. 

3IE-1877-228, Forêt de Fontainebleau

S1870-2740, Dormoir des Gorges d’Apremont; forêt de Fontainebleau

3IE-1877-236, Vue prise des hauteurs des Forges (sic) d’Apremont

3IE-1877-232, Maison et atelier de J-F Millet, à Barbizon

3IE-1877-233, La rue de Barbizon

4IE-1879-241, Vue de la rue de Barbizon

3IE-1877-234, Bout de village de Barbizon

2IE-1876-251, Plaine de Barbizon

3IE-1877-235, Meules dans la plaine

3IE-1877-229, Le Bas-Bréan (sic) et la plaine de Chailly

2IE-1876-252, Intérieur du Bas-Bréau


(other) forest views:

S1855-4061, Lisière de forêt

S1855-4062, Intérieur de forêt

S1861-2959, Dessous de forêt

3IE-1877-237, Étude d’arbres

5IE-1880-197, Allée de forêt au printemps


Savoie + Annecy:

Annecy lies around 560km south-east of Paris and 42km south of Geneva. South of Annecy lies the lake of Annecy. Sévrier lies at the west side of the Annecy lake, just south of Annecy. Savoie is a French department, strangely south of Annecy and (nowadays) not including Annecy.

S1859-2852, Un lac en Savoie

S1859-2853, Le lac d’Annecy (Savoie)

S1859-2854, Chemin de Sévrier, près du lac d’Annecy (Savoie)

8IE-1886-202, Le lac d’Annecy

The Pyrenees:
Note: Henri Rouart and Gustave Colin also were active in the Pyrenees.

S1855-4063, Souvenir de Pyrénées


City views of Paris:
Note: Charles Tillot never exhibited a city view of Paris.


Other landscapes:

2IE-1876-249, Manoir de Graffard

5IE-1880-196, Église de Lavardin, Loir-et-Cher

8IE-1886-203, L’Approche de l’Orage
1886, Orage sur mer’ (aR6)

18xx, Paysage animé, xx, A1998 (iR16)


Figure paintings:
Charles Tillot made several figure paintings, but I only could find one bude made by him.


S1846-1696, Portrait de l’auteur

S1848-4271, Portrait de Mme T…

S1849-1910, Portrait de M. CH. de Matharel

S1849-1911, Portrait de Mme A…

S1870-2741, Portrait d’enfant

3IE-1877-241, Portrait de M. X…

6IE-1881-143, Portrait d’enfant

6IE-1881-145, Jeune Italienne

18xx, Portrait de femme, 55×46, A2000/12/13 (iR13)



3IE-1877-240, Tête de femme

4IE-1879-240, Tête de jeune fille

5IE-1880-198, Tête de jeune fille

6IE-1881-144, Tête de jeune fille

5IE-1880-206, Tête d’étude



S1849-1909, Suzanne, étude

8IE-1886-213, Baigneuse

8IE-1886-214, Jeune fille dans un paysage

8IE-1886-215, Femme couchée, étude

8IE-1886-216, Étude de femme nue



The most pictures of Charles Tillot I could find were flower still-lifes. But as we have seen he is equally of figure painter and a landscapist.

Flower still-lifes:
Charles Tillot made many flower still-lifes. So I will render them by sort of flower. I will render the names in French, English and Dutch.

Pivoines = peonies = pioenrozen:

4IE-1879-234, Pivoines et Iris
8IE-1886-205, Pivoines et Iris

5IE-1880-200, Pivoines et Iris dans un vase de Delft

4IE-1879-235, Pivoines, coquelicots, etc.

5IE-1880-199, Pivoines dans une corbeille

8IE-1886-206, Pivoines blanches

8IE-1886-212, Pivoines et Pavots
1886, Bouquet de Pivoines et Pavots (aR6)

Roses = roses = rozen:

8IE-1886-209, Roses

8IE-1886-211, Roses dans un vase de Chine

coquelicots = cornpoppies = klaprozen:

4IE-1879-235, Pivoines, coquelicots, etc.

4IE-1879-236, Pavots et coquelicots

Pavots = poppies = papavers:

4IE-1879-236, Pavots et coquelicots

8IE-1886-212, Pivoines et Pavots
1886, Bouquet de Pivoines et Pavots (aR6)

Iris = irises = irissen:

4IE-1879-234, Pivoines et Iris
8IE-1886-205, Pivoines et Iris

5IE-1880-200, Pivoines et Iris dans un vase de Delft

Giroflées = wallflower = muurbloem:

5IE-1880-201, Giroflées
6IE-1881-141, Giroflées
6IE-1881-142, Giroflées

Chrysanthèmes = Chrysanthemums = Chrysanten:

5IE-1880-202, Chrysanthèmes
8IE-1886-207, Chrysanthèmes

5IE-1880-203, Soucis et chrysanthèmes

8IE-1886-208, Chrysanthèmes blanches et dahlias

Soucis = marigold= goudsbloem:

5IE-1880-203, Soucis et chrysanthèmes
Note: the work below also seems to depict some marigolds.

Dahlias = Dahlias = Dahlia’s:

8IE-1886-208, Chrysanthèmes blanches et dahlias

Anémones = Anemones = Anemonen:

8IE-1886-210-1, Anémones (2 études)
8IE-1886-210-2, Anémones (2 études)

Flowers in a vase:

4IE-1879-237, Fleurs dans un vase Persan

8IE-1886-211, Roses dans un vase de Chine

Other flower still-lifes:

3IE-1877-239, Fleurs
EU-C-1900-633, Fleurs (à M. Henri Rouart)
Note: one source (aR14=iR258) suggests that ‘1877ca, Floral still life in blue vase, 81×67, A2008/11/20’ was exhibited as 3IE-1877-239 (and as EU-C-1900-633). But this work was not reviewed, so it is not possible to render a solid suggestion. And since this work clearly depicts chrysantheums it is more likely that it was exhibited with a similar title.

4IE-1879-233, Fleurs de printemps
6IE-1881-140, Fleurs de printemps

4IE-1879-238-1, Printemps (et Automne)
4IE-1879-238-2, (Printemps et) Automne
(deux tableaux de fleurs sous le même numéro)


Other still-lifes:
Note: on the internet I found a still-life attributed to Charles Tillot, but not signed. I found the attribution to less substantiated, so I won’t render it. As far as I know he didn’t exhibited other still-lifes then flower still-lifes. 


Charles Tillot exhibited many studies at the ‘impressionist’ expositions. There are no indications if they were landscapes, figure paintings or still-lifes. 

5IE-1880-204, Un cadre d’études et esquisses

5IE-1880-205, Un cadre d’études et esquisses

6IE-1881-149, Etudes et esquisses d’après nature

8IE-1886-217, Recueil de croquis à l’encre de Chine



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