Tillot, pictures

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Charles Tillot (1825-1895)




Pictures of Charles Tillot scraped together:

Here below you will find the pictures I could find about Charles Tillot. ??? I could find none in books. On the internet I could find many pictures at Google images (iR10), but as only source it is not very reliable. Many pictures I also found on auction sites: mutualart.com (iR11), artnet.com (iR13) and additionally on bidtoart.com (iR89), askart.com (iR41), blouinart.com (iR12), invaluable (iR17) and Alamy (iR48). Additionally I found pictures as indicated at the additional references at the bottom of the main page on Charles Tillot.
I will render them thematically. When possible I will indicate if this work has been exhibited by Charles Tillot at the Salon or at the ‘impressionist’ expositions. But this is very hard to do, see also my account.