Astruc pictures

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Zacharie Astruc (1833-1907)




Here you will find most of the art-works I found of Astruc (on the internet). I will render them thematically. When there is some resemblance to art works he exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 or at the Salon, I will indicate it. See also my account. See about identification of pictures. See about the subscription of the paintings. See the general references (=R), the references to internet pages (=iR). The additional references (=aR) are at the bottom of the main page about Astruc. My main sources for the art-works are: (=iR2), commons.wikimedia (=iR6), Joconde (=iR23), Google images (=iR10), Mutualart (=iR11) and Artnet (iR13).


Exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition:


Spanish themes:



Figure paintings:


Still lives / flowers / watercolours:




Sculptures / bustes:


Le marchand de masques:

S1882-4069 Le marchand de masques ; statue, plâtre. Noms des masques : 1.B. d’Aurevilly – 2.Balzac -3.De Banville – 4.Berlioz – 5.Carpeaux – 6.Corot – 7.Delacroix – 8.Dumas – 9.Faure – 10.Gambetta – 11.Gounod – 12.Hugo.
S1883-3293 Le Marchand de masques ; statue, bronze / Noms des masques : 1.B. D’Aurevilly, 2.Balzac, 3.De Banville, 4.Berlioz, 5.Carpeaux, 6.Corot, 7.Delacroix, 8.Dumas 9.Faure, 10.Gambetta, 11.Gounod, 12.Hugo ; statue, bronze
S1889- 3990 Portraits masques Sculpture.