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List of 16 partakers

4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879

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Who were the partakers of the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition?
There were 16 partakers that exhibited at the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1879, Gauguin and Piette (posthumously) were not in the catalogue (=hc). Seven of them were newcomers, including Cassatt, Forain and Zandomeneghi who would join all the following ‘impressionist’ expositions except in 1882, Gauguin would join all. Marie Bracquemond (no.5) and Gustave Caillebotte (no.31+hc2) were portrayed. After the exposition 2 partakers would not return anymore to the ‘impressionist’ expositions. Monet would only return in 1882.

On this page you will find the catalogue numbers, links to info, pictures, an account and sometimes a (topographical / thematical) overview.
See also the links for the full 1879 catalogue, a slide-show, the used techniques and general info on the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition.
Explanation: hc = hors catalogue = outside the catalogue.

List of partakers in 1879:

  1. Bracquemond, Marie
    no.1-2; info artist ; paintings; account; overview pictures;
  2. Bracquemond (Félix)
    no.3-6; info artist; paintings; account
  3. Caillebotte, Gustave
    no. 7-31+hc3; info artist; paintings; account
  4. Cals, Adolphe-Félix
    no. 32-45; info artist; paintings; account;
  5. Cassatt, Mary
    no. 46-56+hcinfo artist; paintings; account;
  6. Degas, Edgard
    no. 57-81+hc2; info artist; paintings; account; thematical overview
  7. Forain, Louis
    no.82-107; info artist; paintings; account
  8. Gauguin, Paul
    info artist; pictures; account;
  9. Lebourg, A(lbert)
    no. 108-137; info artist; paintings; drawings; account; topographical overview;
  10. Monet, Claude
    no. 138-166+hc3info artist; paintings; account;
  11. Piette, Ludovic
    hc8info artist; paintings; account;
  12. Pissarro, Camille
    no. 167-204+hc; info artist; paintings; account
  13. Rouart, Henry
    no. 205-227; info artist; paintings; account; thematical overview;
    (Note: his first name is now written as Henry instead of (Stanislas-)Henri)
  14. Somm, Henry
    no. 228-230; info artist; pictures; account;
  15. Tillot, Charles
    no. 231-241; info artist; pictures; account;
  16. Zandomeneghi (Frederico)
    no. 242-246; info artist; paintings; account;



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Additional references (=aRx):

  1. (catalogue of the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition; =iR1)
  2. (Italian website with list of the partakers of the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition with links to additional info; =iR34)


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