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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

8 ‘impressionist’ expositions

1874 – 1886

frequency partaking

How often did the partakers join the ‘impressionist expositions?
Here below in the PDF you’ll find an overview of the 56+2hc-1=57 artists that exhibited at the 8 ‘impressionist’  expositions (1874-1886). Only 1 artist, namely Camille Pissarro exhibited at all the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions. Just 3 artists joined 7x: Degas, Morisot and Rouart and just 2 joined 6x: Guillaumin + Tillot. So, you see less known artists joined many times. But, many well known masters of Impressionism didn’t partake that often: Monet (5x), Renoir + Sisley (4x) and Cézanne just 2x. Remarkable is that in 1874 more than half of all the partakers exhibited (namely 31) and after the exposition 15 of them withdraw. In total there were 28 partakers (almost half) that joined just one time and 9 partakers that joined just two times.
See also the links for an overview of the partakers per year: 1874 + 1876 + 1877 + 1879 + 1880 + 1881 + 1882 + 1886. On these pages you will also find links to info on the artist, exhibited art-works, an account and sometimes (topographical or thematical) overviews.

Exhibiting outside the catalogue:
In the catalogues there were 56 names of artists mentioned. Reviews made clear that in 1874 Comtesse de Luchaire and in 1886 Comtesse de Rambure also exhibited, but they were not in the catalogue (=hors catalogue = hc) (indicated in the PDF↓ with pink). So you will find 56+2hc=58 names in the PDF and also in the left menu depicting the painters that participated the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions. But research shows that probably Comtesse de Rambure was the same as ‘Jacques François‘, who exhibited in 1876 and 1877. So, that leaves us with 56+2hc-1=57 partakers.
Of Cals (1881) and Piette (1879) posthumously works were shown, that were not in the catalogue. Gauguin exhibited in 1879 without being in the catalogue (=hc).

How often did partakers join the expositions?

Only 1 artist exhibited at all the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions,
namely Camille Pissarro.

Just 3 partakers joined 7x:
Degas, Morisot and Rouart.

Just 2 partakers joined 6x:
Guillaumin + Tillot.

4 partakers joined 5x:
Cals (4+1hc), Monet + Gauguin (4+1hc)+ Caillebotte.

7 partakers joined 4x:
Cassatt, Renoir + Sisley, Forain, Levert, Vignon, Zandomeneghi.

3 partakers joined 3x:
Marie Bracquemond; Félix Bracquemond, ‘Jacques François‘ =!? Comtesse de Rambure (2+1hc).

9 partakers joined 2x:
Béliard, Bureau, Lepic and Léon Ottin (in 1874 + 1876), Cézanne (1874 +1877), Piette (in 1877+1879 hc), Lebourg (1879+1880), Jean-François Raffaëlli and Eugène Vidal (1880 + 1881).

Almost half of the partakers, namely 28, exhibited just 1x!
After the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 no less than 15 partakers withdraw of the expositions, namely:
Astruc, Attendu, Boudin, Brandon, Colin, Debras, Latouche, Lépine, Comtesse de Luchaire (hc), Meyer, de Molins, Mulot-Durivage, de Nittis, Auguste Ottin and Robert.

8 partakers joined just 1x in 1876 +1877 +1879 +1880: in 1876:
Desboutin, Legros and Jean-Baptiste Millet; in 1877: Cordey, Franc Lamy and Maureau; in 1879: Somm; in 1880: Jean-Marius Raffaëlli.

5 partakers only joined 1x in the last exposition in 1886:
Lucien Pissarro, Redon, Schuffenecker, Seurat, Signac.

Some partakers died early:
Some of the partakers didn’t exhibit more often at the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions, because they died early.
Pierre-Isidore Bureau joined in 1874 +1876, he would die 1876/06/08.
Ludovic Piette didn’t (want to) join the first 2 expositions in 1874 +1876. In 1877 he did. A year later he died (1878/04/14). The next year he was posthumously honoured when several gouaches of him were shown outside the catalogue (=hc).
Adolphe-Félix Cals joined the first four expositions in 1874 + 1876 + 1877 +1879. He was absent in the year he died (1880/10/03). And in 1881 posthumously was honoured when some works were shown outside the catalogue (=hc).
Jean-Baptiste-Léopold Levert joined 4 expositions, namely in 1874 +1876 +1877 + 1880. He didn’t in 1879 +1881 +1882 (I don’t know why, maybe because of an illness). Around 1882 he died.
Other partakers also died early, but it is less likely they would have joined more often: Louis Alphonse Maureau probably in 1880; Jean-Marius Raffaëlli in 1882; Louis Latouche in 1883 and Giuseppe de Nittis in 1884.

overview frequency partakers 'impressionist' expositions 1874 - 1886


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On average the partakers did join 2,5 times, see.
Some partakers did join (very) often.
Some partakers did join just one time.
It is indicated when artists did depart before 1886.


My main sources are Moffett (1986=R2), Berson (1996=R90), Denvir (1993=R5) and Monneret (1978-81=R88).
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