Nittis, Joseph de

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Joseph (Giuseppe) de Nittis (1846-1884)


Was Giuseppe de Nittis an Impressionist?



Joseph(-Gaetan) de Nittis at the Salon:

De Nittis yearly joined the Salon from 1869-1879 and again in 1884. In 1879 + 84 he exhibited ‘hors concours’. 


Joseph de Nittis only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874:

At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition Joseph de Nittis showed 5 works (catalogue numbers 115-118bis) (R2,p122)
See link for his -/-art-works. See link for an -/-account.


Giuseppe de Nittis as an artist:

Giuseppe de Nittis was a pupil of Gérôme (iR1). De Nittis often uses an indication of place. Just now and than he indicates time of day (lever de lune) and of season (autumn).


Data of Giuseppe de Nittis:

  • 1873: 64, he lived at avenue du Bois-de-Boulogne (avenue Uhric) (iR1)
  • 1874: 64, he lived at avenue Ulhric, Paris (iR1)
  • 1875: 64, he lived at avenue Uhric, Paris (iR1)
  • 1876: he lived at London (iR1)
  • 1877-79: he lived at 64, Avenue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris (iR1)
  • 1884: he lived at 3bis, rue Viète, Paris (iR1)



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