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Impressionism: a historical reconstruction

Impressionist Expositions

1874 – 1886

Number of art-works exhibited

per artist

How many art-works did the artists exhibited?
In the PDF below you will see how many art-works the 56+2hc-1=57 partakers did show at the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions from 1874-1886. (Note: Comtesse de Rambure probably was the same as the woman who exhibited with the pseudonym Jacques François.) In total they showed 2053 art-works with an average of 257 per exposition. The number of partakers varied from 31 in 1874 to 9 in 1882 with an average of 18. They showed an average of 14,3 art-works per exposition. Camille Pissarro was the only partaker that joined all the 8 expositions. Almost half of the partakers (28) only joined 1 exposition. On average the partakers joined the expositions just 2,5 times. And in total they showed an average of 36 art-works. 6 partakers showed more than 100 art-works: Pissarro (199), Degas (140), Monet (129), Morisot (107) and the lesser known Armand Guillaumin and Henri Rouart (both 104).
Often the number of works exhibited was much higher than the given catalogue numbers. On this page you will also find an overview of the catalogue numbers per artist. You will namely see that artists that exhibited engravings, aquarelles, pastels and/or drawings have an obvious lesser amount of catalogue numbers. But also artists that showed many works outside the catalogue (=hc).

Overview of the exhibited art-works per artist:
Here below you will find an overview of the exhibited art-works per artist. It excludes catalogue numbers that were left out and works that were probably not exhibited, namely works of Degas. It includes bis and ter numbers. Often it is clearly indicated that 1 catalogue number included several art-works; these art-works will be counted each in its own right. Sometimes it is clear that at least two, but maybe more works were exhibited within one catalogue number; in the accounts on the artists you will find the (very) uncertain assumptions I have made. Artists and works that were not in the catalogues (=hors catalogue =hc) are also counted. All this makes an estimated amount of 2053 art-works that were exhibited, in stead of the 1755 catalogue numbers that were rendered.
The artists that were not in the catalogues (=hors catalogue =hc) are given in pink. The most obvious numbers are given in bold. The (obvious) high numbers are given in green. The (obvious) low numbers are given in red. In the overviews of the used techniques per year, the amount of exhibited art-works is indicated where relevant to be about (±) or at least (≥). Note: for the second page stand on the PDF and then press the ⇓ botton.

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Overview of the catalogue numbers per artist:
Here below you will find an overview of the amount of catalogue numbers per artist. This includes works that were probably not exhibited and also left out numbers. This excludes bis and ter numbers and the kind of works mentioned above.
Obvious are of course the partakers that joined outside the catalogue: Comtesse de Luchaire in 1874, Gauguin and Piette in 1879, Cals in 1881 and Comtesse de Rambure in 1886.
We see that there are large differences between the amount of catalogue numbers and the total of exhibited art-works with the following artists:
(note: I only render a disparity of 5 or more)
Félix Bracquemond: 12 vs 63!
Camille Pissarro: 174 vs 199
Morisot: 82 vs 107
Lucien Pissarro: 10 vs 32
Degas: 119 vs 140
Lepic: 43 vs 56
Legros: 12 vs 25
Tillot: 73 vs 85
Jean-François Raffaëlli: 70 vs 80
Monet: 121 vs 129
Piette: 31 vs 39
Léon Ottin: 21 vs 29
Astruc: 6 vs 14
Desboutin: 13 vs 20
Boudin: 6 vs 13
Brandon: 4 vs 10

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Main sources:
My main sources are Moffett (, Berson (1996=R90), Dayez (, and the Salon database (=iR1).


Recommanded citation: “Impressionism, a historical reconstruction: The ‘impressionist’ expositions 1874-1886; number of art-works exhibited. Last modified 2024/06/02.