Expos 1874-86: aquarelles

The ‘impressionist’ expositions

1874 – 1886

Exhibited aquarelles

An overview


At the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions held from 1874-1886 in Paris there were also several aquarelles. Mostly these were watercolours, but sometimes gouaches. Both are based on water, but in a gouache the colours are much more opague / covering, which make them look more like an oil painting. Namely Morisot repeatedly exhibited aquarelles, Piette showed many gouaches, in 1882 Pissarro also showed many gouaches. At the bottom of this page you will find a short accout per year.
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In 1874 the following partakers exhibited aquarelles: Astruc, at least 9 of which at least 2 were gouaches (no.1-3); Attendu 3x (nos.10-12); Boudin 4x (no.22); Brandon at least 2, I assume 6 (no.31); Lepic 4x (nos. 74-77); Morisot 3x (nos.110-112); Rouart 3x (No.154-156); Robert showed at least 2 aquarelles (no.160). So in total there were probably 34 aquarelles exhibited, about 15% of the total amount of art-works.
In 1876 the following partakers exhibited aquarelles: Lepic in total 14 (nos. 124-133); Jean-Baptiste Millet showed at least 5 aquarelles (nos 138-141 +147); Morisot 3 (no.179-181). The technique of Léon Ottin his art-works was not indicated in the catalogue; still it is suggested that 10 works were aquarelles (no.195+196), but it is even possible that all his 22 works were aquarelles; for the counting I assume 10. So in total there were probably 32 aquarelles exhibited, about 11% of the total amount of art-works.
In 1877 the following partakers exhibited aquarelles: Cézanne 3x (no.30-32); Morisot 2x (no.127-129); Piette 17x (nos.146-162), probably most of them were gouaches. So in total there were 22 aquarelles exhibited, about 9% of the total amount of art-works.
In 1882 Pissarro exhibited 10 gouaches (nos.126-135), about 5% of the total.


My main sources are the catalogues of the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions as rendered by Moffett (1986=R2), Berson (1996=R90I) and the Salon database (iR1). See the link for other general References (=Rx) and to the internet references (=iRx). See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.


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