Expos 1874-86: engravings

The ‘impressionist’ expositions

1874 – 1886

Exhibited engravings

An overview


At the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions held from 1874-1886 in Paris there were many engravings exhibited. In total they were indicated by just ? catalogue numbers. But in reality many catalogue numbers contained several engravings. Mostly the engravings were done on a copper plate. Namely Lucien Pissarro also made woodcuts, which he exhibited in 1886. In 1874 38 engravings were exhibited, including 32 of Félix Bracquemond. In 1876 47 engravings were exhibited including many of Legros, Lepic and Desboutin. More info you will find at the bottom of this page.
In several expositions Degas showed monotypes. Often he reworked them with pastel, than I render them at the mixed techniques. Lepic also made monotypes.
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The suggestions are often quite certain. Of one picture the artist mostly made a few states and several prints of one state. So, it is more likely that at least one print has been preserved. At an early stage engravings were catalogued by Beraldi (from 1885-92 =R85)  and Delteil (1906 onwards =R138). All this makes identification more easy.
In 1874 there were many engravings exhibited, namely by Félix Bracquemond: 32x (nos.24-28). Lepic showed 3 etchings (no.78-80). Léon Ottin showed 1 lithogrape (no.133). Rouart showed 2 etchings (no.157+158). So in total there were probably 38 engravings exhibited, about 17% of the total amount of 224 art-works.
In 1876 there were many engravings exhibited. Desboutin showed at least 12 engravings, all dry points. Maybe all the 25 art-works of Legros were engravings, with the numbers 81-4 +82 +83-4 +85 +88-1 being dry points and no. 83-5 containing two lithographes. Lepic showed at least 6 and probably 10 etchings. So in total there were probably 47 engravings exhibited, about 16% of the total amount of art-works.
In 1877 it is curious that not one etching was exhibited, while in 1874 and 1876 many were exhibited. Degas exhibited several monotypes. Two were (hardly) reworked, which I count as engraving. The others were reworked with pastel, therefore I count them at the mixed techniques.



My main sources are the catalogues of the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions as rendered by Moffett (1986=R2), Berson (1996=R90I) and the Salon database (iR1). See the link for other general References (=Rx) and to the internet references (=iRx). See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

Additional references:

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