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The eight ‘impressionist’ expositions were independent of the Paris Salon. The Paris Salon is considered as the place for an artists to find his buyers (R3,p56). In most books and on most websites it is suggested that the ‘impressionists’ were opposed to the Salon. Our impression is that it is better to speak of an ambivalent relationship with the Salon. On this page you will find links to several subjects concerning the Salon.
Note: most of the linked pages still have to be made (=-/-).

  • An ambivalent relationship between the Paris Salon and the Impressionists.
  • A chronology of Salon events .
  • -/-Info on the École des Beaux-Arts and related studios .
  • -/-Info on the prices and awards given by the Salon and the École.
    +Examples of price winning paintings.
  • -/-The Salon des Réfusés .
  • -/-The Exposition International Universelle .
  • -/-An overview of when the Impressionists (and related painters) were accepted and rejected .
  • -/-Impressionist titles exhibited at the Salon.