Courbet 1819-77


Gustave Courbet

1819 – 1877


Courbet, Gustave (1819-1877)
  • Realist; pre-impressionist;
  • 1855 solo-exhibition in his own ‘Pavillon du Réalisme’ (R59,p142);
  • Painted with Monet, Boudin and Jongkind;
  • 1866/05/03: sells works for 150.000 franc (R5,p39)
  • 1867/04/08: opens his own ‘Pavillon du Réalisme’ near the ‘Exposition International Universelle’ (R5,p43)
  • 1867 + 1869 he supports initiatives for an (independent) exhibition apart from the Salon (see)
  • 1871/03/28: in the Paris Commune responsible for the Fine Arts; abolishes the Ecole des Beaux-Arts en the awards of the Paris Salon (R5,p69)
    1871/05/16: leading role in the abolition of the column of Napoleon on the Place Vendôme (R5,p70)
  • 1873, June: released from imprisonment; shortly afterwards goes in exile in the Swiss (R5,p79)