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Already in 1889 and 1900 at the Exposition Universelle there had been Centennial exhibitions of French art, in 1889 covering the period from 1789-1889 and in 1900 from 1800-1889. There also have been Centennial exhibitions of French art inside and outside of France. This page will render those exhibitions (as far as I have data).


Some reflections on art-history:
Art-history can have a focus on scandals, but than it downgrades itself to a sort of journalism (see Manet). Art-history can also have a focus on avant-garde painters: what artists were innovative, what artists stood at the beginning of new movements and styles? This seems to be inspired by the dialectic world view of the philosopher Hegel with his thesis vs antithesis (stanford.edu). We see this in the emphasize that is laid in many sources on Impressionism on the rejection of the ‘impressionist’ for the Salon and on comparing Impressionism with Néo-Classicism.
I like to plead for an art-history that (also) focusses on what art-works are consistently appreciated. When an art-work is exhibited at a Centennial exhibition (long after it was made), this could indicate that an art-work is consistently appreciated. So let’s look which artists were present at these Centennial exhibitions and what art-works were shown.


1907, Prague:
1907/09/28 – 11/15, Société Manes: “Peinture française au XIXe siècle, with works of Monet (3x?). Note this could be the same as the exhibition held in October and November called “Triadvacaté výsavy spolku výtvarných umelcu Mánes: Francouzsti impressionisté” (Twenty-third anniversary of the Mánes Association of Visual Artists: the French Impressionists), see link.
Prague-1907-24 =CR145
Prague-1907-27 =CR737
Prague-1907-29 =CR1422

1912, Saint Petersburg:
1912/01/28 onwards there was an exhibition called “Vy’stavka sto let franczuzskoj zhivopisi (1812-1912)” (100 years of French painting, 1812-1912; or Exposition centennale de l’art français) held in Saint Petersburg (R250=iR261;R106,p420). The exhibition showed 948 works by 199 artists.
Works were exhibited of Boudin (9x, including 3 oils), Marie Bracquemond (1x), Cals (4x), Cézanne, Degas (4x), Desboutin (1x), Forain (9x, including 5 drawings), Gauguin (22x!), Guillaumin (4x), Lebourg (2x), Legros (2 drawings), Lépine (2x), Monet (9x), Morisot (4x), Pissarro (4x), Raffaëlli (2 drawings), Redon (3x), Renoir (23x!), Seurat (2x), Signac (2x); Sisley (7x), Vignon (1x).
And also Néo-Classicist painters. David (?8x, including 4 portraits and 2 studies); Ingres (11x, including 6 portraits). Note of Bouguereau there was just 1 portrait and of Pils 1 painting.
And also Romantic painters: Delacroix (21x!), Géricault (7x).
And also Barbizon painters: Corot (23x!); Decamps (7x, including 4x oils); Diaz (9x); Daubigny (7x); Huet (12x); Isabey (6x); Georges Michel (6x); Millet (11x); Rousseau (15x); Ziem (5x). Note: many works were just titled ‘paysage’.
And also Para-Impressionists: Courbet (22x!); Daumier (12x); Manet (10x); Adolphe Monticelli (1824-1886) (5x); Gustave Moreau (6x); Puvis de Chavannes (5x).
And also of Post-Impressionists like Bonnard (6x), Denis (5x), Roussel (5x), Vallotton (6x).
And also of François, Baron Gérard  (1770-1837) (7x); Louis Léopold Boilly (1761-1845) (7x); Paul Gavarni / Paul Chevalier (1801-1876) (6x, including 4x caricatures); Constantin Guys (1805-1902) (13x, including 11x drawings); Jean-Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855) (6x, including 4x caricatures); Eugène Louis Lami (1800-1890) (4 oils + 2 watercolours); Albert Marquet (4 oils + 3 drawings); Henry Monnier (1805-1877) (5x); Pierre-Paul Prud’hon (1758-1823) (12x); Louis Gustave Ricard (1823-1872) ( ?8x); La Santinelle (12x); Fontaine de Swebach (1769-1823) (5x).
Many loans came from art-dealers like Bernheim-Jeune, Beurdeley (Paris), Druet, Durand-Ruel , Paul Rosenberg, Vollard and art-collectors like Ackermann, Barbazanges, Duret, Victor Victorovich Goloubev, Alphonse Kahn, Pearson, Théodore Reinach, Mme Rouart and several collectors from Saint-Petersbourg. Just a few loans came from musea.
Note: the catalogue wasn’t allways accurate such as in the date of birth of Monet and the data of death of Pissarro.
Catalogue (iR261): “[Vy’stavka sto let franczuzskoj zhivopisi (1812-1912) : Exhibition 100 Years of French Painting (1812-1912)].” In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 1, 2023. http://exhibitions.univie.ac.at/exhibition/411.
Catalogue (iR40,bpt6k1421639x).


1914, Copenhagen:
1914/05/15 – 06/30 there was an “Exposition d’art français du XIXe siècle” in the Musée royale.
Works were exhitied of Monet , Signac, Seurat .
Copenhagen-1914-146 =CR279.
Copenhagen-1914-148 =CR792
Copenhagen-1914-149 =CR1284
Copenhagen-1914-150 =CR1358
Copenhagen-1914-151 =CR1361
Copenhagen-1914-152 =CR1442
Copenhagen-1914-153 =CR1622 or 1624
Copenhagen-1914-154 =CR1637

Copenhagen-1914-193 =CR207
Copenhagen-1914-193 =CR472

1914, Dresden:
1914, April – May, Ernste Arnold, “Französische Malerei des 19. Jahrhunderts. Works were exhibited of Monet (10x; R22). There were at least 2 work of Lebourg exhibited (iR261).

1914-Dresden-71 =CR755
1914-Dresden-72 =CR
1914-Dresden-73 =CR1177
1914-Dresden-74 =CR1004
1914-Dresden-75 =CR409
1914-Dresden-76 =CR109
1914-Dresden-77 =CR1744
1914-Dresden-108a =CR1546
1914-Dresden-108b =CR1691
1914-Dresden-108b =CR1433

1917, Stockholm:
1917, National Museum, Art français du XIXe siècle, with works of Monet (1x).
Stockholm, 1917-73 = CR792.

1920, Cent Ans de Peinture Française.
Held at la Ville-l’Evêque ? at Musée de Strasbourg ?.
Source: review in L’Amour de l’art, 1920 (p101-104=R356=iR40). Among the partakers were Cézanne (Rochers du Mont St. Victoire; badly represented), Degas (with inferieur works), Redon (1x),  Renoir (well represented), Seurat (including Le Port-en-Bessin, 1888, now in Saint-Louis). And also: Bastien-Lepage, Besnard, Bonnat, Braque (2 works made in 1920), Carolus-Duran, Chassériau, Corot, Daubigny, David, Delacroix, Diaz, Fatin-Latour, Géricault, Ingres, Manet, Henry Martin, Th. Rousseau, ; Fauves like Friesz, Matisse, de Vlaminck (all with more recent works). Monet, Pissarro and Sisley were absent; and also Courbet, Derain; and also foreigners like Bonington, Jongkind, Picasso and Van Gogh.


1922, Paris:
1922/03/15 – 04/20, at 18, Rue de la Ville-l’Evêque: Cent ans de peinture française, with works of Monet (4x).
Paris-100-1922-118 =? CR1090
Paris-100-1922-119 =CR163
Paris-100-1922-120 =CR229
Paris-100-1922-179 =CR643

1922, Rosenberg, Paris:
1922/05/03 – 06/03, Paul Rosenberg: Oeuvres de grands maîtres du XIXe siècle, with Monet (5x).
Paris-PR-1922-56 =CR401
Paris-PR-1922-57 =CR584
Paris-PR-1922-58 =CR442
Paris-PR-1922-59 =CR561
Paris-PR-1922-60 =CR797

1923, London:
1923/06/26 -07/21, Knoedler: 19th century French painters, with Monet (6x).
London-100-1923-31 =CR903
London-100-1923-32 =CR678
London-100-1923-33 =CR1754
London-100-1923-34 =CR1146
London-100-1923-35 =CR1192
London-100-1923-36 =CR124

1924, London:
1924, May + June, Lefevre Gallery: Important pictures by 19th Century French Masters, including Monet (5x).

1924, New York:
1924/05/12 -29, Fearon: French painters of the 19th Century, including Monet (x).
New-York-1924-3 =CR680
New-York-1924-6 =CR1171
New-York-1924-9 =CR385

1924, Paris, Knoedler:
1924, Knoedler: Peintres de l’école française du XIXe siècle, with Monet (12x).

1925, Paris, Paul Rosenberg:
1925/01/15 – 02/17, Paul Rosenberg: Les Grandes Influences au XIXe siècle (d’Ingres à Cézanne), with Monet.

1925, Vienna:
In March and April 1925 the “82e Ausstellung der Sezession” was dedicated to “Die Führenden Meister der französischen Kunst im neunzehnten Jahrhundert” (The Leading Masters of French Art in the Nineteenth Century). Works were exhibited of Monet and Signac.
Vienna-1925-35 =CR29
Vienna-1925-41 =? CR474
Vienna-1925-70 =?CR501

Vienna-1925-51 =CR419



My main sources are the catalogues in the Salon database (iR1) and other catalogues (R250;iR261); the catalogues raisonnée of Monet (R22IV,p1016-1022), Signac (R106,p420/1), Pissarro (R116); catalogues of Renoir (R31,p315), Sisley. Other sources are Denvir (R5). For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see. See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

1912, Saint-Petersbourg: In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Mar 16, 2021. http://exhibitions.univie.ac.at/exhibition/411 (iR261)



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