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Meeting and painting together




  • Argenteuil is a small village 11km west of Paris at the right / north side of the Seine. Opposite of it lies Petit-Gennevilliers.
  • End 1871 Monet came to live here (address unknown)
  • Between October 1874 and early 1878 he lived in a second house:
    5, Boulevard Saint-Denis (now: 21, Boulevard Karl-Marx, Argenteuil) (R22,CR406).
  • Manet, Renoir, Caillebotte and Sisley often came over and painted their. It’s nice to compare their paintings.
  • In 1878 Monet left again for Vétheuil.
  • For the sources see general references . For the subscriptions of the paintings see . Most of the pictures are from (=iR2). For other references to internet pages (=iR) see


Interieur of Monet’s second house:

Renoir, CR132, 1875, portrait of Claude Monet,
84×60, Orsay (iR52; R30,no163)

Monet, CR366, 1875, Camille Embroidering , 65×55, Philadelphia MA (iR51; iR2; R22)

Monet, CR365, 1875, A Corner of the Apartment, 80×60, Orsay (iR2; R22)


The house and garden of Monet’s first house by Monet and Renoir:

1873, Monet, CR284, The artist’s house at Argenteuil,
61x74cm, AI Chicago (iR2; R22)

1873, Monet, CR287, Camille Monet at the window, Argenteuil,
60×50, VMFA Richmond (iR2; R22)

1873, Monet, CR285, The luncheon (Monet’s garden at Argenteuil),
162×203, Orsay (iR2; R22)


Monet, 1873,  CR383, Monet’s Garden at Argenteuil (The Dahlias), 61×83, NGA Washington (iR2; R22)

Renoir, 1873, CR131, Monet painting in his garden
50×61, WA Hartford (iR52; iR2; R30,no160; R31,no.23)



The Monet family by Monet, Manet and Renoir:

1875, Monet, CR382, Camille Monet and a child in the artist’s garden in Argenteuil,
55x65cm, MFA Boston (iR2; R22)

1874, Manet, The Monet family in the garden,
61x100cm, Metropolitan (iR2)

1874, Renoir, CR104, Camille Monet and Jean in the garden at Argenteuil,
51×68, NGA Washington (iR2; R30,no123; R31,no.30)


Surroundings of the first house, the duck pond:

Renoir, 1873, The Duck Pond,
50×62, private (iR2; R30,no101)

Monet, 1873, CR289, The Pond with Ducks in Autumn,
54×65, private (iR2; R22)


Sailing boats on the Seine near Argenteuil:

Monet, 1874, CR324, Boaters at Argenteuil,
60×81, private (iR2; R22)

Renoir, 1873-74, Sailboats at Argenteuil,
50×65, MA Portland in Oregon (iR2; R30,no98; R31,no.29)


Monet, 1874, CR325, Le Bassin d’Argenteuil,
55×74, MA Rhode Island (iR2; R22)

Renoir, 1873, Boating at Argenteuil,
61×50, private (iR2; R30,no97)

Manet, 1874, The Seine at Argenteuil,
62×103, Courtald coll London (iR2)


Monet, 1874, CR340, Regatta at Argenteuil,
59×99, private (iR2; R22)

Renoir, 1874ca, Regatta at Argenteuil,
49×64, NGA Washington (iR52; R30,no119)


Streets in Argenteuil:

Monet, 1872, CR239, Argenteuil the old rue de la Chaussee
46×66, private (iR51; R22)

Sisley, 1872, CR31, Square in Argenteuil (Rue de la Chaussee),
47×66, Orsay (iR2)

Sisley, 1872, CR269, La Grande Rue, Argenteuil,
65×46, Norwich (iR2)


Monet, 1872, CR247, The Boulevard Heloise at Argenteuil,
35×59, YUAG New Haven (iR2; R22)

Sisley, 1872, CR44, Boulevard Héloïse, Argenteuil,
40×60, NGA Washington (iR2)


Winter in Argenteuil:

Monet, 1875, CR361, White Frost,
55×73, private (iR2; R22)

Renoir, 1875ca, Landscape with snow ,
51×66, Orangerie (iR52; R31; R33)

Sisley, 1872, Frost (in Argenteuil?),
46×57, private (iR2)