Vignon, Paul-Victor

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 Paul-Victor Vignon 

(1847 – 1909)


(Paul-)Victor Vignon joined the ‘impressionist’ expositions in 1880, 1881, 1882 and 1886:

  • At the 5th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1880 Vignon showed 9 works (catalogue numbers 216-224; R2,p314).
  • At the 6th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1881 Vignon showed 15 works (catalogue numbers 151-165; R2,p356).
  • At the 7th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1882 Vignon showed 15 works (catalogue numbers 189-203; R2,p394).
  • At the 8th ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1886 Vignon showed 18 works (catalogue numbers 218-234ter; R2,p447), no.234 counting 2 extensions, no. 233 was left out.
  • See link for his exhibited art-works in 1880, in 1881, in 1882 and in 1886. See link for an +/-account.


Victor-Paul Vignon exhibited at the Salon:

Vignon exhibited at the Salon in 1878.



Vignon is not mentioned in the circuit Pontoise (R137). My main sources are Moffett (1986, R2), Walther (2013, R3), Denvir (1993, R5) and xx. For other general references (=R) see. My main sources (for the pictures) from the internet are Wikimedia (iR6) and xx. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see. For other additional references (=aR) see below. See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

Additional references:

  1. (website about Vignon and related painters; in French)
  2. (Vignon was active in Parmain and surroundings, close to Pontoise)
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