Sisley 1882 expo

Alfred Sisley (1839-1899)

Paintings 7th impressionist exposition 1882:

catalogue numbers: 162-188

almost finished


General introduction:

Here you will find the 27 pictures that were shown by Sisley at the seventh impressionist exposition.
Sometimes the identification of a painting is ‘uncertain’, see. Sometimes to ‘compare’ another picture is given that is (probably) similar to the painting that was exhibited. For explanation of the subscriptions, see . For an account (references, info, discussion, locations on Google-maps) seeFor the general references see. For the references to internet pages (=iR) see. For the additional references (=aR) see at the bottom of the main page about Sisley. Most of the paintings are from the marvelous database of (=iR2). 

1882-162, Prairie de Veneux-Nadon
ca1882, CR456, The Plain at Veneux-Nadon, 54×72, private (iR2)

1882-163, Après-midi d’Août, CR436,
1881, An August Afternoon near Veneux,
54×73, private (iR2)

1882-164, Au bord du Loing, CR410,
1882, Canal du Loing – Chemin de Halage,
127×187, private (iR2)


1882-165, Le chemin de By, CR435,
1880, Near the Seine at By,
54×73, CAI Williamstown (iR2)

1882-166 Les laveuses,
1879, Lavandières près de Champagne,
60×73, private (iR2)
1882-167, Pâle soleil d’automne, CR335,
1881, CR439, Morning in November
54×73, private (iR2)



1882-168, Cabane au bord de l’eau,
very uncertain:
1881, CR450, A February Morning at Moret-sur-Loing, 50×65, private (iR2)

1882-169, Saint-Mammès, temps gris,
1880ca, Overcast Day at Saint-Mammes,
55×74, MFA Boston (iR2)

1882-170, La prairie, le matin,
perhaps: 1881, CR429, Willows in a field – afternoon, 50×60, xx (iR2)


1882-171, effet du soir,
to compare:
1888, Evening in Moret, end of October,
54×73, MTB Madrid (iR2;iR4)

1882-172, paysage, temps orageuse, CR405, uncertain
1880ca, Windy Afternoon in May, xx, xx (iR2)

1882-173, Les petits près à By,
perhaps: 1881, CR428, the small meadow at By, 60×73, AMB Rolandseck (iR2)


1882-174, St Mammès et les coteaux de la Celle, to compare:
1884, CR545, Morning in June (Saint-Mammes et les Coteaux de la Celle), 54×73, private (iR2;iR4)

1882-175, Un noyer à Veneux, CR432,
very uncertain:
1880, CR397, Walnut Tree in a Thomery Field, 58×72, Sotheby 2012 (iR2;iR14;iR22)

1882-176, Soleil d’hiver à Veneux, CR341,
very uncertain:
1881, Winter Morning – Veneux,
50×81, private (iR2)


1882-177, La confluent de la Seine et du Loing, compare:
1885, Confluence of the Seine and the Loing, 54×73, private (iR2)

1882-178, La Seine à St-Denis,
very uncertain:
1872, The Island of Saint-Denis,
51×65, Orsay (iR2)

1882-179, Saint-Mammès,
very uncertain:
1879, Saint-Mammes, 46×38, private (iR2)


1882-180, Le chemin des Fontaines à By, maybe CR434, compare:
1884, Chemin des Fontaines a Veneux-Nadon,
49×66, private (iR2)

1882-181, La sente des Roches,
very uncertain: 1880, CR403, The Roches-Courtaut Wood, near By, 50×65, private (iR2)

1882-182, La vue du bord de l’eau à Saint-Mammès, uncertain:
1881, The Seine at Saint Mammes,
xx, Muskegon MA (iR2)


1882-183, La berge de la prairie de Veneux-Nadon, CR384, very uncertain:
1881, The Fields and Hills of Veneux-Nadon, 54×73, private (iR2)

1882-184, Vue de Moret,
1880, View of Moret, 38×55, private (iR2)

1882-185, Saint Mammès,
very uncertain:
1881, Saint Mammes, 80×99, Princeton UAM (iR2)


1882-186, Après-midi de Septembre en bateau, Now: 1882, CR473, En canot à Veneux, après-midi de september (Dinghy at Veneux, Noon),
47×56, private (iR2;iR22)

1882-187, L’étang de Chevreuil,
1888ca, L’Etang de Chevreuil, seize unknown, private (iR2)

1882-188, Le chemin de l’étang,
very uncertain: 1880, Landscape on the edge of Moret (Landscape near Moret), 65×54, KMF Montclair, USA (iR2)