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The ‘impressionist’ expositions held from 1874-86 were independant of ‘the Salon‘ (des Beaux-Arts in Paris). But there were several ‘salons’, so it is good to discern ’the Salon’ from the other ‘salons’, namely from it’s successor the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (since 1880) and it’s alternative the Salon de la Société National des Beaux-Arts. The Salon of 1855 also was part of the Exposition Universelle, but in later editions the art exhibition at the Expositions Universelle were seperate exhibitions. Several regional exhibitions also were called ‘salons’. Several independant group exhibitions also were called ‘salon’, like the Salon des Indépendant.
On this page you will find an overview of ‘salons’ and related exhibitions, with links to the seperate pages.

Note 1: additional info and pictures will be added in the future on several of these pages.

Note 2: in the subscriptions of the pictures I use the given abreviations to indicate at what salon an art-work was exhibited.