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Henri Rouart (1833-1912)



There are not many pictures known of Rouart. In books on Impressionism you can hardly find one. On the internet many websites just have a few pictures, not one has many or it is not fully reliable. The most important sources I use are ‘spectacles’ (aR21) with 11 press photo’s for the Marmottan exhibition in 2012. And nl.WikiPedia (aR4) with 9 works of Rouart. Artnet (aR13) and Blouin (aR18) render many works which have been auctioned. There are just a few pictures of Rouart in musea.
Here below I render the pictures I found on the internet adding the sources where I found them. All pictures did I rework in a way I seemed appropriate. Also I will give suggestions which of these works might have been exhibited by Rouart at the ‘impressionist’ expositions (and at the Salon). I will render the catalogue numbers in turquois. See also my account of this. Sometimes I will also add some notes.
For info on the sources see at the bottom of the main page about Henri Rouart. See link for explanation of the subscriptions. Sometimes it’s not sure if a work really is made by Henri Rouart, than I will render an ‘?’ behind his initiales: HR?. When the work was shown at the 2012 exhibition in the Marmottan, I will add ‘M2012’.  When the work was shown at the 2014/15 exhibition in Nancy, I will add ‘N2014’. When the work was shown at the 2015 exhibition in Yerres, I will add ‘Y2015’.


Pictures arranged in themes:
I will render the pictures of Rouart arranged in themes which are numbered. Each picture in a theme will receive a succeeded number. I’m glad that I can render 67 different works.


1. Rouart and his family by himself:

HR1.1, 1880, autoportrait, 49×40, private, (aR20, aR28)
HR1.2, 1864ca, Madame Henri Rouart et sa fille Hélène sur les genoux, à La Queue-en-Brie , 35×28,  A2012/12/12; A2013/06/14; (aR18; aR13; aR14) Note: Hélène was born 1868 ! There first daughter Lucie was born in 1865.






HR1.3, 18xx, Hélène lisant rue de Lisbonne, xx, private, (aR4) Note: as well his wife as his daughter (b1868) was called Hélène


HR1.4, 1895, Portrait d’Hélène, fille de l’artiste, 46×38, private, (M2012, aR21, aR20). Note Hélène was born 1868.

HR1.5, Sbr, 1895, Louis Rouart lisant, wc, xx, (aR20). Note: Louis was born 1878


2. Pictures from Queue-en-Brie where Rouart lived:

HR2.1, 18xx, Intérieur de la Queue-en-Brie, 56×46, private, (M2012, aR20, aR21). Maybe: 1886-139 ‘Intérieur’.


HR2.2, Sbl, 18xx, Vue de La Queue-en-Brie, 62×50, private, (M2012, Y2015, aR21, aR20)

HR2.3, 1885, entrée de la Queue-en-Brie, 44×37; xx (aR28; aR20) (or 1890, figure by a gate of a country house , 61×51, aR18)



HR2.4, 18xx, Une allee a la Queue-en-Brie, 60×73, MBA Pau, (M2012, aR20, aR21). Note: this picture was used for the cover of the M2012 catalogue. Compare: 1874-153.

HR2.4d1, 18xx, Une allee a la Queue-en-Brie (detail), 60×73, MBA Pau, (M2012, aR20).

HR2.4d2, 18xx, Une allée à la Queue-en-Brie, xx, xx (aR20).


HR2.5, 1870ca, Une allée à la Queue-en-Brie, xx, MBA Pau, (aR20). Note: the same title as 2.4. Compare: S1870-2480: ‘Rue de village’


HR2.7, 18xx, Paysage de la Queue-en-Brie, 38×46, xx (aR17, aR18; aR20)

HR2.8, Sbr, 18xx, Les-Arbres-la-Queue-en-Brie, 73×92, private, (M2012, aR6, aR21, aR2). Compare: 1886- 140 ‘Lisière de bois’.

HR?2.9, S-, 18xx, unknown (mansion), xx, xx, (aR20)
Note: maybe his house in Queue-en-Brie?


3. Pictures from Melun, where his parents-in-law lived:


HR3.1, Sbl; 1880, Terrace on the Banks of the Seine at Melun, 47×66, Orsay, (aR2); Note: this is the most rendered picture of Rouart. Now: 1880-182 ‘Melun’ (R2,p332). Maybe 1874-150 (R2,p332).



HR3.2, Sbr, 18xx, Vue de Melun, xx, xx, (aR10,p136++ 1876-232 has the same title. Maybe: 1876-232 ‘Vue de Melun’.

HR3.3, Sbr, 1880ca, unknown (figures at the river), 35×28,  ebay2018/06/10, (aR26, aR20). Compare: S1870-2479: L’île de Melun.


HR3.4, Sur la terrasse des Fourneaux, à Melun, Note: from the 1912 catalogue (aR10, p136++). Compare: 1877-210.

HR3.5, 18xx, unknown (woman reading in the garden) xx, xx, (M2012, aR20, aR23) Note: in the back the same ornament can be depicted as in 3.4.

HR3.6, 1875ca?, Jardin (or: The steps of Les Fourneaux at Melun, aR20), drawing wc, xx, xx, (M2012, aR4, aR20)


HR3.7, 18xx, Chemin au Mée, Melun, 78×53, private, (M2012, aR6)

HR3.8, 1880, Le pont de Melun, xx, xx, iR8


4. In the country:

HR4.1, Sbr, 18xx, Paysanne dans les champs (peasant in the fields), 50×62, xx, (M2012, aR21, aR20). compare: 1879-210 ‘Paysanne’.

HR4.2, Sbr, 18xx, unknown (moulin), xx, xx, (aR20)


HR4.4, Sbr, 1878ca, à Gèdres (basses Pyrénnées), 73×92, A2011/03/16. (A2002/06/18: près du hameau; A2001/12/06: la halte des promeneurs près d’un mur); aR13, aR11, aR14, aR16; zoom;  Maybe 1879-205 À Gèdres (Basses-Pyrénées) (aR11; R2,p270)

HR4.5, Sbr, 1885ca, Paysage à la ferme (Landscape with Farm, Brittany) 66×92, private, (aR13->zoom, aR2, aR20,) Maybe: 1874-148, 1876-229, 1877-207 (vieille) ferme bretonne. Compare also 1876-236 ‘chaumières’ (hut covered with reed), 1881-129 and S1870-2069 ‘Chaumière au milieu des arbres, en Bretagne’.

HR4.6, 18xx, Maison ancienne pres d’un pont, 46×38, xx (Y2015, aR18, aR20). Maybe: 1876-228 ‘Ancien manoir’.


5. Forests:

HR5.1, Sbr, 18xx, La forêt, 60×73, A2010/04/21, (aR12, aR11, aR13, aR14) Compare: 1874-152.

HR?5.2, S-, 18xx, Allee arborée, oil or wc?, 30×45, xx (aR17) Compare 1876-227.


6. River views:

HR6.1, Sbr, 18xx, The Bridge (Paysage au pond), 37×46, Marmottan, (M2012, aR2, aR21, aR20)

HR6.2, Sbr, 1875ca, La Seine aux environs de Rouen, 36×52, private, (M2012, aR4, aR9, aR12->zoom)

HR6.3, 18xx, Bord de rivière à la campagne, 50×65, A20051216, (aR13). Maybe: 1876-230 or 1877-206 or 1879-209. or S1868-2182.

7. Water views:

HR?7.1, 18xx, Flusslandschaft mit Anglern in einem Boot, 22×27, A20090328, (aR11)

HR?7.2, 18xx, Paysage bucolique (rustique landscape), 45×54, xx, (aR18, aR20). Compare: 1880-181 ‘paysage’.

HR7.3, 18xx, Cascade à Royat, 92×76, private, (M2012, aR21). Compare 1879-206 ‘Royat dans son nid’ .


8. City views:

HR8.1, Sbr, 1875ca, Venise, wc?, xx, xx, (aR3) Compare: 1880-185-192 and 1886-152-163.

HR8.2, 1883ca, L’église de San Michelle, près de Venise, 51×61, Orsay, (M2012, aR20,)

HR8.3, 18xx, Escalier du château de Grimaldi à Cagnes, xx, xx, (aR20) Maybe: 1881-132 with the same title.


HR8.4, 18xx, Vue-de-Collioure, 58×72, private, (aR21). Compare: 18.4. Compare: 1881-139.

HR8.5, Sbr, 1883, a view of a southern town with pine trees, 27×54, A2004/12/21, (aR16, aR18; zoom). Compare 1881-126 ‘vue d’Antibes’.


9. Woman reading:

HR?9.1, Sbl->HR?, 18xx, woman reading (maybe: Lecture au jardin, 51×61),xx, (aR18, aR20)
HR9.2, 18xx, Femme à la lecture, 61×74, A2017/06/21, (aR16, aR13). Note: the model shows much resemblance with HR10.1.


HR9.3, 18xx, Reading woman in garden chair under old tree , 61×74, xx, (aR18)


10. Woman playing music:

HR10.1, 1885-90ca, Woman playing the guitar, xx, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, (aR20, aR27, iR10->zoom). Note: the model shows much resemblance with 9.2. Some suggest it is Rouart’s daughter Hélène.

HR10.2, Sbr, 1875ca?, La joueuse de mandoline (Musique), xx, MBA Pau, (aR27, aR4)


11. Woman in general:

HR11.1, 18xx, femme cousant à sa fenêtre, xx, xx, (Y2015, aR20)

HR11.2, 1875ca, Femme au jardin, xx, xx, (M2012, aR3). Compare: 1877-208.

HR11.3, 18xx, Femme à la robe, xx, xx, (Y2015, aR20)


HR11.4, 18xx, unknown (woman reading at her desk; maybe: femme de dos), xx, xx, (Y2015, aR25, aR20)

HR11.5, Sbr->HR?, 18xx, a girl with her pet dog in a meadow, 25×35, A1999/02/09, A2015/11/04, (aR19, aR13)

HR11.6, Sbr->HR?, 18xx, Young Woman with Fan, xx, xx, (aR20)


HR11.7, 18xx, Woman with Umbrella, pastel, 20×14, xx, (aR15)


12. Nudes:

HR12.1, 18xx, Nu assis au drap blanc, 92×73, A2017/06/22, (aR18, aR13)

HR12.2, 18xx, baigneuse, 74×93, A2013/04/12, (aR16->zoom, aR13, aR11)

HR12.3, Sbr, 18xx, Nu, 85×100, A20180602, (aR11)

HR12.4, 1876ca?, Nue allongé, 36×44, private, (M2012, aR4, aR21)

13. Swimmers in a landscape:

HR13.1, 1860-70, baigneuses dans un sous-bois, xx, xx. (aR13)

HR13.2, 1876ca, Landscape with Bathers, 151×181, xx, (aR4, aR13->zoom) It is suggested this work was exhibited in 1876. Number 230 ‘Bords de l’Indre’ would be the most likely.

HR13.3, Sbr, 18xx, unknown (baigneuses), 66×82, xx, (aR20)


14. Still-lives:

HR14.1, 18xx, Nature morte aux fleurs , 50×61 (or: 71), A20121217, (aR18, aR13, aR20)

HR14.2, Sbr->HR?,  18xx, Nature morte aux géraniums (or: un peintre de pleine nature au musée), 72×90, private, (M2012, aR9 aR21, aR20)

15. Gardens:

HR15.1, Sbl, 1875ca?, Massifs de fleurs (clump of flowers; peonies), 51×61, private (M2012, aR6, aR2, aR4). Compare 1886-143Jarde de l’Évêché à Blois‘.

HR15.1d, 1875ca?, Massifs-de-fleurs (detail), 51×61, private, (aR6)

16. X:


17. Military scenes:

HR17.1, 18xx, Mobilizing the canons, 60×92, A2008/05/08 (aR13, aR20). Maybe S1872-1342: Officiers de canonniers volontaires.

18. Graphic works:

Compare: 1IE-1874-157 + 158 ‘eau-forte’

HR18.1, 18xx, croquis a l’eau-forte 1, xx, Nm Warsaw, (aR20).

HR18.3, 18xx, croquis a l’eau-forte 2, xx, Nm Warsaw, aR20

HR18.3, 18xx, croquis a l’eau-forte 3, xx, Nm Warsaw, aR20

HR18.4, 18xx, graphic work, xx, xx, (aR20). Compare: 8.2 Vue de Collioure.

19. Drawings:

Compare: 4IE-1879-217-227 ‘dessins’ and 2IE-1876-233+234.

HR19.1, 18xx, dessin, xx, xx, aR20

20. Signatures:

HR20.1, signature, aR20
HR13.3d, signature, aR20