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Henri Rouart (1833-1912)




There are not many pictures known of Rouart. In books on Impressionism you can hardly find one. On the internet many websites just have a few pictures, not one has many or it is not fully reliable. The most important sources I use are ‘spectacles’ (aR21) with 11 press photo’s for the Marmottan exhibition in 2012. And nl.WikiPedia (aR4) with 9 works of Rouart. Artnet (aR13) and Blouin (aR18) render many works which have been auctioned. There are just a few pictures of Rouart in musea.
Here below I render the pictures I found on the internet adding the sources where I found them. All pictures did I rework in a way I seemed appropriate. Also I will give suggestions which of these works might have been exhibited by Rouart at the ‘impressionist’ expositions (and at the Salon). I will render the catalogue numbers in turquois. See also my account of this. Sometimes I will also add some notes.
For the additional References (=aR) see at the bottom of the main Henri Rouart page. For the general references see. For the references to internet pages (=iR) see. For explanation of the subscriptions of the paintings seeSometimes it’s not sure if a work really is made by Henri Rouart, than I will render an ‘?’ behind his initiales: HR?. When the work was shown at the 2012 exhibition in the Marmottan, I will add ‘M2012’.  When the work was shown at the 2014/15 exhibition in Nancy, I will add ‘N2014’. When the work was shown at the 2015 exhibition in Yerres, I will add ‘Y2015’.


Pictures arranged in themes:

I will render the pictures of Rouart arranged in themes which are numbered. Each picture in a theme will receive a succeeded number. I’m glad that I can render 67 different works.


1. Rouart and his family by himself:

HR1.1, 1880, autoportrait, 49×40, private, (aR20, aR28)
HR1.2, 1864ca, Madame Henri Rouart et sa fille Hélène sur les genoux, à La Queue-en-Brie , 35×28,  A2012/12/12; A2013/06/14; (aR18; aR13; aR14) Note: Hélène was born 1868 ! There first daughter Lucie was born in 1865.






HR1.3, 18xx, Hélène lisant rue de Lisbonne, xx, private, (aR4) Note: as well his wife as his daughter (b1868) was called Hélène


HR1.4, 1895, Portrait d’Hélène, fille de l’artiste, 46×38, private, (M2012, aR21, aR20). Note Hélène was born 1868.

HR1.5, Sbr, 1895, Louis Rouart lisant, wc, xx, (aR20). Note: Louis was born 1878


2. Pictures from Queue-en-Brie where Rouart lived:

HR2.1, 18xx, Intérieur de la Queue-en-Brie, 56×46, private, (M2012, aR20, aR21). Maybe: 1886-139 ‘Intérieur’.


HR2.2, Sbl, 18xx, Vue de La Queue-en-Brie, 62×50, private, (M2012, Y2015, aR21, aR20)

HR2.3, 1885, entrée de la Queue-en-Brie, 44×37; xx (aR28; aR20) (or 1890, figure by a gate of a country house , 61×51, aR18)



HR2.4, 18xx, Une allee a la Queue-en-Brie, 60×73, MBA Pau, (M2012, aR20, aR21). Note: this picture was used for the cover of the M2012 catalogue. Compare: 1874-153.

HR2.4d1, 18xx, Une allee a la Queue-en-Brie (detail), 60×73, MBA Pau, (M2012, aR20).

HR2.4d2, 18xx, Une allée à la Queue-en-Brie, xx, xx (aR20).


HR2.5, 1870ca, Une allée à la Queue-en-Brie, xx, MBA Pau, (aR20). Note: the same title as 2.4. Compare: S1870-2480: ‘Rue de village’


HR2.7, 18xx, Paysage de la Queue-en-Brie, 38×46, xx (aR17, aR18; aR20)

HR2.8, Sbr, 18xx, Les-Arbres-la-Queue-en-Brie, 73×92, private, (M2012, aR6, aR21, aR2). Compare: 1886- 140 ‘Lisière de bois’.

HR?2.9, S-, 18xx, unknown (mansion), xx, xx, (aR20)
Note: maybe his house in Queue-en-Brie?


3. Pictures from Melun, where his parents-in-law lived:


HR3.1, Sbl; 1880, Terrace on the Banks of the Seine at Melun, 47×66, Orsay, (aR2); Note: this is the most rendered picture of Rouart. Now: 1880-182 ‘Melun’ (R2,p332). Maybe 1874-150 (R2,p332).



HR3.2, Sbr, 18xx, Vue de Melun, xx, xx, (aR10,p136++ 1876-232 has the same title. Maybe: 1876-232 ‘Vue de Melun’.

HR3.3, Sbr, 1880ca, unknown (figures at the river), 35×28,  ebay2018/06/10, (aR26, aR20). Compare: S1870-2479: L’île de Melun.


HR3.4, Sur la terrasse des Fourneaux, à Melun, Note: from the 1912 catalogue (aR10, p136++). Compare: 1877-210.

HR3.5, 18xx, unknown (woman reading in the garden) xx, xx, (M2012, aR20, aR23) Note: in the back the same ornament can be depicted as in 3.4.

HR3.6, 1875ca?, Jardin (or: The steps of Les Fourneaux at Melun, aR20), drawing wc, xx, xx, (M2012, aR4, aR20)


HR3.7, 18xx, Chemin au Mée, Melun, 78×53, private, (M2012, aR6)

HR3.8, 1880, Le pont de Melun, xx, xx, iR8


4. In the country:

HR4.1, Sbr, 18xx, Paysanne dans les champs (peasant in the fields), 50×62, xx, (M2012, aR21, aR20). compare: 1879-210 ‘Paysanne’.

HR4.2, Sbr, 18xx, unknown (moulin), xx, xx, (aR20)


HR4.4, Sbr, 1878ca, à Gèdres (basses Pyrénnées), 73×92, A2011/03/16. (A2002/06/18: près du hameau; A2001/12/06: la halte des promeneurs près d’un mur); aR13, aR11, aR14, aR16; zoom;  Maybe 1879-205 À Gèdres (Basses-Pyrénées) (aR11; R2,p270)

HR4.5, Sbr, 1885ca, Paysage à la ferme (Landscape with Farm, Brittany) 66×92, private, (aR13->zoom, aR2, aR20,) Maybe: 1874-148, 1876-229, 1877-207 (vieille) ferme bretonne. Compare also 1876-236 ‘chaumières’ (hut covered with reed), 1881-129 and S1870-2069 ‘Chaumière au milieu des arbres, en Bretagne’.

HR4.6, 18xx, Maison ancienne pres d’un pont, 46×38, xx (Y2015, aR18, aR20). Maybe: 1876-228 ‘Ancien manoir’.


5. Forests:

HR5.1, Sbr, 18xx, La forêt, 60×73, A2010/04/21, (aR12, aR11, aR13, aR14) Compare: 1874-152.

HR?5.2, S-, 18xx, Allee arborée, oil or wc?, 30×45, xx (aR17) Compare 1876-227.


6. River views:

HR6.1, Sbr, 18xx, The Bridge (Paysage au pond), 37×46, Marmottan, (M2012, aR2, aR21, aR20)

HR6.2, Sbr, 1875ca, La Seine aux environs de Rouen, 36×52, private, (M2012, aR4, aR9, aR12->zoom)

HR6.3, 18xx, Bord de rivière à la campagne, 50×65, A20051216, (aR13). Maybe: 1876-230 or 1877-206 or 1879-209. or S1868-2182.

7. Water views:

HR?7.1, 18xx, Flusslandschaft mit Anglern in einem Boot, 22×27, A20090328, (aR11)

HR?7.2, 18xx, Paysage bucolique (rustique landscape), 45×54, xx, (aR18, aR20). Compare: 1880-181 ‘paysage’.

HR7.3, 18xx, Cascade à Royat, 92×76, private, (M2012, aR21). Compare 1879-206 ‘Royat dans son nid’ .


8. City views:

HR8.1, Sbr, 1875ca, Venise, wc?, xx, xx, (aR3) Compare: 1880-185-192 and 1886-152-163.

HR8.2, 1883ca, L’église de San Michelle, près de Venise, 51×61, Orsay, (M2012, aR20,)

HR8.3, 18xx, Escalier du château de Grimaldi à Cagnes, xx, xx, (aR20) Maybe: 1881-132 with the same title.


HR8.4, 18xx, Vue-de-Collioure, 58×72, private, (aR21). Compare: 18.4. Compare: 1881-139.

HR8.5, Sbr, 1883, a view of a southern town with pine trees, 27×54, A2004/12/21, (aR16, aR18; zoom). Compare 1881-126 ‘vue d’Antibes’.


9. Woman reading:

HR?9.1, Sbl->HR?, 18xx, woman reading (maybe: Lecture au jardin, 51×61),xx, (aR18, aR20)
HR9.2, 18xx, Femme à la lecture, 61×74, A2017/06/21, (aR16, aR13). Note: the model shows much resemblance with HR10.1.


HR9.3, 18xx, Reading woman in garden chair under old tree , 61×74, xx, (aR18)


10. Woman playing music:

HR10.1, 1885-90ca, Woman playing the guitar, xx, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, (aR20, aR27, iR10->zoom). Note: the model shows much resemblance with 9.2. Some suggest it is Rouart’s daughter Hélène.

HR10.2, Sbr, 1875ca?, La joueuse de mandoline (Musique), xx, MBA Pau, (aR27, aR4)


11. Woman:

HR11.1, 18xx, femme cousant à sa fenêtre, xx, xx, (Y2015, aR20)

HR11.2, 1875ca, Femme au jardin, xx, xx, (M2012, aR3). Compare: 1877-208.

HR11.3, 18xx, Femme à la robe, xx, xx, (Y2015, aR20)


HR11.4, 18xx, unknown (woman reading at her desk; maybe: femme de dos), xx, xx, (Y2015, aR25, aR20)

HR11.5, Sbr->HR?, 18xx, a girl with her pet dog in a meadow, 25×35, A1999/02/09, A2015/11/04, (aR19, aR13)

HR11.6, Sbr->HR?, 18xx, Young Woman with Fan, xx, xx, (aR20)


HR11.7, 18xx, Woman with Umbrella, pastel, 20×14, xx, (aR15)


12. Nudes:

HR12.1, 18xx, Nu assis au drap blanc, 92×73, A2017/06/22, (aR18, aR13)

HR12.2, 18xx, baigneuse, 74×93, A2013/04/12, (aR16->zoom, aR13, aR11)

HR12.3, Sbr, 18xx, Nu, 85×100, A20180602, (aR11)

HR12.4, 1876ca?, Nue allongé, 36×44, private, (M2012, aR4, aR21)

13. Swimmers in a landscape:

HR13.1, 1860-70, baigneuses dans un sous-bois, xx, xx. (aR13)

HR13.2, 1876ca, Landscape with Bathers, 151×181, xx, (aR4, aR13->zoom) It is suggested this work was exhibited in 1876. Number 230 ‘Bords de l’Indre’ would be the most likely.

HR13.3, Sbr, 18xx, unknown (baigneuses), 66×82, xx, (aR20)


14. Still lives:

HR14.1, 18xx, Nature morte aux fleurs , 50×61 (or: 71), A20121217, (aR18, aR13, aR20)

HR14.2, Sbr->HR?,  18xx, Nature morte aux géraniums (or: un peintre de pleine nature au musée), 72×90, private, (M2012, aR9 aR21, aR20)

15. Gardens:

HR15.1, Sbl, 1875ca?, Massifs de fleurs (clump of flowers; peonies), 51×61, private (M2012, aR6, aR2, aR4). Compare 1886-143Jarde de l’Évêché à Blois‘.

HR15.1d, 1875ca?, Massifs-de-fleurs (detail), 51×61, private, (aR6)

16. X:


17. Military scenes:

HR17.1, 18xx, Mobilizing the canons, 60×92, A2008/05/08 (aR13, aR20). Maybe S1872-1342: Officiers de canonniers volontaires.

18. Graphic works:

Compare: 1874-157 + 158 ‘eau-forte’

HR18.1, 18xx, croquis a l’eau-forte 1, xx, Nm Warsaw, (aR20).

HR18.3, 18xx, croquis a l’eau-forte 2, xx, Nm Warsaw, aR20

HR18.3, 18xx, croquis a l’eau-forte 3, xx, Nm Warsaw, aR20

HR18.4, 18xx, graphic work, xx, xx, (aR20). Compare: 8.2 Vue de Collioure.

19. Drawings:

Compare: 1879-217-227 ‘dessins’ and 1876-233+234.

HR19.1, 18xx, dessin, xx, xx, aR20

20. Signatures:

HR20.1, signature, aR20
HR13.3d, signature, aR20