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During the study at the École des Beaux-Arts there were several concours / exams held. The most important of them was the Prix de Rome. This gave the winner a bourse for a study at the Villa Medici in Rome and favourable prospects for the further career as an artist. On this page you will find (in the future) some general info on the Prix de Rome and examples of price winning paintings.


Prix de Rome:
The most important concours was the Prix du Rome, also called the grand prix de l’Académie Royale (especially for history painting). The winner received a bourse to study 5 years at the Académie the France in the Villa Medici in Rome (R3,p660;iR3). After completing this additional study one could become a professor at the École (R3,p18).
This concours of the Prix de Rome was held since 1664 (R88II,p197) or 1663 (iR23). During the French revolution the Prix de Rome was first abolished in 1793 and re-established in 1797 (iR3). Since 1863/11/13 the Prix de Rome for historical landscape stopped, after it started in 1817 (R59,p183;R60,p97+116;R5,p26;R3,p660;R290,p11+20) and the age to partake went from 30 to 25 years, something Sisley and others objected to (R88I,p882; note Sisley still was 24 by then). The Prix de Rome was cancelled in 1968 (iR23).
1864/04/05 Renoir did an examination (for the Prix de Rome concours) for draughtsmen and sculptors, he became 10th out of 106 (R31,p295;R88II,p1012). From 1874 till 1877 the Prix de Rome went to a pupil of Cabanel (R88II,p398).




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