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Here you will find short info on Pre-Impressionists who inspired the Impressionists. Important were the painters from the school of Barbizon (or: Fontainebleau) and the English landscapists. Also important were: Courbet and Jongkind. You also will find links to more info on Wikipedia (=iR3) and pictures on (=iR2) and Wikimedia (=iR6). See here for the general references (=R) and here for the references to internet pages (=iR). See here for explanation of the subscription of the paintings.


Dutch landscapists (17th century):

  • painted nature in a more realistic and every day style; rendering the effects of light (R60,p51)
  • Important artists: Paulus Potter ; Ruysdael ; Hobbema ; Van der Meulen ; Van de Velde ;



Other Pre-Impressionists:
Important other Pre-Impressionists were Courbet, Daumier and Jongkind.


Daumier, Honoré (1808-1879):