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Mutual connections

Owning each others art-works

1874 – 1890


In total the partakers of the ‘impressionist’ expositions did loan 46 art-works of there colleagues. 20 of them were works of Pissarro, 9 of Degas and 5 of Monet. The largest loaners were Caillebotte (19x) and Rouart (10x). On this page you first will find all the loans for the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions that were owned by a ‘collegue’.
Apart from these loans, it is interesting to see if the ‘impressionists’ collected each others art-works. Again notably are the large collections of Gustave Caillebotte and Henri Rouart. Namely in the 1890s Edgar Degas would also gether a large collection. Others more incidentally bought each others works or exchanged them. Many of the other ‘impressionists’ became more wealthy at the end of their lifes. So at posthumous auctions there were several works in their collections. (Note: the information and pictures rendered are limited and will be extended later.)
This owning each others works is an indication of mutual connections and so an indirect indication of belonging to the same circle of friends and an indication of how involved they were in the impressionist art-movement. The information and the pictures will be rendered in an alphabetical order of the owner and than alphabetical of the artist.


Zacharie Astruc, loans and collection:
Zacharie Astruc, who had only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition, did loan 8IE-1886-74 of Guillaumin.
Zacharie Astruc once owned CR84+111 of Monet (R22IV,p1044).

Boudin, collection:
Boudin, who had only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition, once owned CR60 of Monet (R22IV,p1045).

Brandon, loans and collection:
Brandon, who had only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition, owned 3 works that Degas exhibited in 1874, including 2 of a laundress (nos.55+57+61). In 1882 Brandon bought a pastel of Morisot (see 1IE-1874-109) (R87;R88). The posthumous auction sale (1897/12/13+14) included also a drawing made by Legros: Portrait of a litte girl holding her doll (no.96), which was soled for 95fr (aR4); 1 etching by Bracquemond (no.122, The geese) and 7 by Legros (no.132bis) (aR4;iR3).

Bureau, collection:
There was a Dr. Bureau living in Paris that once owned CCP48 made in 1860 of Pissarro and first owned by his friend P. Lecreux in Lille (R116,CR48). It is unclear if this is our Pierre-Isidore Bureau. 1927/05/20: at Georges Petit there was an auction of the collection of a Paul Bureau, it included CR105 of Monet (R22,CR105). Is there a connection with the Pierre-Isidore Bureau, who had joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition?

Gustave Caillebotte, loans and collection:
Gustave Caillebotte was an important collector. He owned 19 works that were exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions, namely in 1877 + 1879. He owned 3 works that Degas exhibited in 1877 (nos.37+45+47). He owned 4 works exhibited by Monet (3IE-1877-115; 4IE-1879-143+144; 7IE-1882-69). He owned 11! works of Pissarro; 3 exhibited in 1877 (nos.163+180+181); 8! exhibited in 1879 (nos.181+182+183+184+185+186+192+204). He also owned 1 work that Renoir exhibited in 1877 (no.185).
Caillebotte would collect much more art-works. In his bequest he left his collection to the state, but just a part, that is now in the Musée d’Orsay, was excepted.



Mary Cassatt, loans and collection:
Mary Cassatt did loan 3 works of Pissarro (4IE-1879-200; 6IE-1881-75+77).
Cassatt once owned 8 works of Monet (R22IV,p1046+CR73+77a+157+?174+194+205+328+360). Cassatt once owned 7 works of Pissarro (R116III,p939+CCP396+555+613+?685+?756+758+972). Note: several works Mary Cassatt purchased for her family, so they were just shortly in her posession.

Degas, loans and collection:
Degas did loan 6IE-1881-34 of Gauguin.
During his life Degas collected art, but most intensively between 1883 and 1893. He also collected works from fellow ‘impressionists’, including Boudin, Félix Bracquemond, Brandon, Cézanne, Cassatt, Gauguin, Guillaumin, Forain, Legros, Lepic, Morisot, de Nittis, Piette, Pissarro, Renoir, Rouart, Sisley, Zandomeneghi (many of them in exchange with his own works).
Degas once owned 3 paintings of Pissarro (R116,CCP204+262+290).

Gauguin, loans and collection:
Gauguin owned 5 works that were exhibited by Pissarro, 3 of them being exhibited in 1879 (nos.178+179+189) and also 5IE-1880-128 + 6IE-1881-82. He also owned 6IE-1881-43 of Guillaumin.
Gauguin once owned 9 paintings of  Pissarro, 3 were exhibited at the ‘impressionist’ expositions↑, (R116,CCP574+579+610), the others were (R116,CCP423+561+605+651+700+739).

Louis Latouche, collection:
Louis Latouche (together with his wife Lucia Joséphine Elisa Bompart) had an art-supply shop in Paris. Here they also exhibited paintings of the ‘impressionists’. Latouche who had only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition.
Mme Latouche owned the work that Sisley exhibited as 2IE-1876-238.
Louis Latouche once owned 4 works of Monet (R22IV,p1050+CR?69+?83+190+210). Latouche once owned 3 paintings of Pissarro (R116,CCP186+205+244).

Alfred Meyer, loans and collection:
Alfred Meyer, who had only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition, did loan 6IE-1881-23 of Forain.

Auguste de Molins, collection:
Auguste de Molins owned ‘La Grisette’ of Renoir; the meaning of ‘La Grisette’ is vague, maybe it means a gypsy or girl sewing. He also bought 2 more works of Renoir at the Hôtel Drouot auction 1875/03/24 under the name ‘M. de Molins’: ‘Grand vent paysage’ and ‘Femme en promenade’ (=portrait de Mme Henriot) (R87;R88;iR4;R9;R3;R31,p20+no.25;R30,no77+135?).

Monet, collection:
Monet once owned 2 paintings of Pissarro (R116,CCP545+922).

Giuseppe de Nittis, collection:
Giuseppe de Nittis had only joined the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition.
There was a M. de Nittis who once owned 4 works of Monet, which he did purchase in 1876+78 (R22IV,p1052+CR261+?297+?361+416). It is not clear if this is Giuseppe de Nittis (1846-84), but CR416 switched in 1884 to the collection of Duret.

Piette, collection:
Piette once owned 2 paintings of Pissarro (R116,CCP51+282). This is not much when you consider their friendship and the support Piette gave to Pissarro.

Camille Pissarro, loans and collection:
Camille Pissarro owned 8IE-1886-196 of Signac.
After the death of his wife the collection of Camille Pissarro was auctioned in 1928+29. It contained works of Cassatt, Cézanne, Gauguin, Guillaumin, Monet (CR1055), Piette, Seurat, Signac, Sisley. And also of Le Bail, Delacroix, Dufeu, Blanche Hoschedé, Jongkind, Luce, Manet, and Van Rysselberghe. (R312,p200;R22,CR1055).

Lucien Pissarro, collection:
Of course Lucien Pissarro once owned many paintings of his father Camille (R116III,p948).

Auguste Renoir, collection:
Renoir once owned 2 works of Monet (R22,p1053+CR67+125).

Henri Rouart, loans and collection:
Henri Rouart also was an important art-collector. In total he owned 10 of the works exhibited. He owned 3 works of Cals (1IE-1874-38; 4IE-1879-38+39). He owned 4IE-1879-50 of Cassatt. He owned 3 works of Degas (1IE-1874-56; 3IE-1877-50; 4IE-1879-66). And he also owned 4IE-1879-142 of Monet, 6IE-1881-81 of Pissarro and 7IE-1882-189 of Vignon.
Note: his wife owned 4IE-1879-42 of Cals and 4IE-1879-79 of Degas. His brother Alexis owned 8IE-1886-15 of Degas.
See the seperate page for his impressive collection, that contained many works of other ‘impressionists’.

Seurat, loans and collection:
Seurat owned 8IE-1886-201 of Signac.

Signac, collection:
Signac once owned 2 works of Monet (R22IV,p1054+CR501+585).

Sisley, collection:
Sisley once owned 1 work of Monet (R22IV,p1054+CR1397). Signac once owned 3 paintings of Pissarro (R116,CCP652+860+1459).

Charles Tillot:
Tillot owned a work of Jean-Baptiste Millet, namely the one he exhibited as S1874-2385.

Vignon, collection:
Vignon once owned 1 work of Monet (R22IV,p1055+CR1470). Vignon once owned a painting of Pissarro (R116,CCP638), so did his wife (R116,no.612).



My main sources are the overview rendered by Berson (R90II,p285-294), the Catalogues Raisonné on Monet (1996=R22) and Pissarro (R116), the catalogues of the ‘impressionist’ expositions (R2;R90I;iR1); other main sources are Berger (R207,p47+48). For other general references (=R) see. For other references to internet sites (=iR) see. For other additional references (=aR) see below. See links for practical hints and abbreviations and for the subscription of the paintings.

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