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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction:

Auguste Ottin


Sculptures exhibited

in 1874 + at the Salon


What sculptures did Ottin exhibit?
On this page you will find an accounted impression of the art-works (mostly sculptures) that Auguste-Louis-Marie Ottin exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 (=1IE-1874) and at the Salon (=S) and it’s successor the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français (=SdAF). I will render them thematically. Note that Auguste Ottin exhibited many sculptures with Néo-Classical themes.
See the links for an account and for an explanation of the subscriptions. See for the used sources below at the main page about Auguste Ottin. Note: If you double click on the first (of a cluster of) pictures and then click on full screen, you can create a slideshow. On a smartphone or laptop you can also zoom in. Enjoy!


Amour et Psychè:
1IE-1874-119, Amour et Psyché, groupe marbre.
S1847-2137, L’Amour et Psyché; marbre
S1861-3533, Amour et Psyché; groupe, marbre
Probably based on the mythology of Psychè and Amor (or: Eros), see. This theme is expressed by many artists.
Regrettably I could not find a picture of this marble sculpture of Auguste Ottin.


Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg, Fontaine de Marie de Médici:
1IE-1874-120, Acis et Galathée
1IE-1874-121, Jeune Faune
1IE-1874-122, Nymphe chasseresse,
réductions en bronze des sculptures décoratives de la fontaine Médicis, au Luxemburg.

S1852-1504, Polyphème surprenant Acis et Galathée ;
projet d’achèvement de la fontaine monumentale du Luxembourg.
EU=S1855-4521, Polyphème surprenant Acis et Galathée ;
projet d’achèvement de la fontaine monumentale du Luxembourg
S1859-p531, Acis et Galathée; groupe, marbre ;
Monuments publics
S1864-p546, Polyphème surprenant Acis et Galathée; groupe, bronze et marbre ;
(Fontaine du Jardin du Luxembourg)
S1866-p465, Jeune faune; statue, pierre.
S1866-p465, Jeune chasseresse; statue, pierre ;
Fontaine de Médicis, jardin du Luxembourg

Note: the dating is not quite clear. Most sources render 1866. But on an information shield on the Fontaine de Marie de Medici it is indicated Auguste Ottin made this work in 1863. But his submission for the Salon of 1852 indicates that he at least started in 1852. The information of the Salon of 1852 and 1855 doesn’t indicate the sculptures were ready, probably Ottin exhibited studies in other material. Probably in 1859 he had finished the marble group of Acis and Galathea and in 1864 also the bronze statue of Polythème (or: Polyphemus). And only in 1866 he exhibited the stone statues of Pan (a jeune faune) and Diana (a jeune chasseresse). It is not clear if they were already finished in 1863. At the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 Ottin exhibited bronze reductions.



Young woman carrying a vase:
1IE-1874-123, Jeune femme portant un vase, terre cuite
1IE-1874-124, Jeune femme portant un vase, terre cuite
S1857-3044, Jeune fille portant un vase; groupe, marbre
S1861-3532, Jeune fille tenant un vase; statue, marbre

Probably Auguste Ottin made two versions of a young woman carrying a vase. It is unclear why one time it is called a group of marble (Salon 1857) and one time a marble statue (Salon 1861). Probably Ottin exhibited at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874 terracotta versions. I only found one marble version.


1IE-1874-125, Buste, terre cuite
S1841-2101, Buste de M. G…; marbre
S1842-1994, Buste de M. Quesnault, avocat-général à la cour de cassation; marbre
S1842-1995, Buste du comte Chaptal; marbre
S1848-4866, Buste de M. de Prony, marbre
S1850-3548, Cheminée monumentale destinée à un Palais de Florence: / Buste de Charles Fourrier
S1852-1505, Mlle Richardot, buste; plâtre
S1853-1467, Portrait de Mlle Isabelle Constant; buste ; marbre
SdAF-1886-4379, Portrait de M. Cantagrel; buste, marbre

1IE-1874-126, Buste de Ingres, réduction en plâtre.
S1842-1996, Buste de M. Ingres; bronze
S1855-4522, Portrait de M. Ingres; buste, marbre
S1868-3782, J. P. D. Ingres; buste, marbre;

1IE-1874-128, Buste de M. B***, terre cuite.
S1863-2512, Portrait de Monseigneur de Belsunce; buste, bronze

Auguste Ottin exhibited many bustes at the Salon and three at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. The first one, just called ‘buste’ is very hard to identify. Regrettably I only could find 3 bustes made by Auguste Ottin. Note that he exhibited a buste of Ingres one of the main figures within Néo-Classicism.



Auguste-Louis-Marie Ottin at the Salon:
Here below you will find some sculptures that Auguste Ottin exhibited at the Salon and the Exposition Universelle.






Other art-works:
Here below other sculptures that Auguste Ottin didn’t exhibit (as far as I know).



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