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The mouth of the Seine



At the mouth of the Seine, 160km west of Paris, lies Le Havre. Several Impressionist and Pre-Impressionist painters lived, met and painted in Le Havre, Honfleur and other places around the mouth of the Seine. A special mention deserves the farm of Saint-Siméon. (For the general references (=R) see , for the references to internet pages (=iR) see. For the subscriptions of the paintings see .)


Le Havre:

Le Havre is a big harbour town 160km west of Paris at the mouth of the Seine. In 1845 Monet’s parents came to live here (R22,p10). In 1858 he meets Boudin and in the Summer of 1862 Jongkind (R22,p18+40). Monet often would paint the harbour. Famous became his ‘Impression, soleil levant’ which he exhibited in 1874.



Sainte-Adresse lies 2km north of Le Havre. Monet his aunt Mme Lecadre lived here. In the 1860s he would paint here often. In the summer of 1867 he made some very bright paintings here.



Honfleur lies on the left / south side of the mouth of the Seine.


Saint-Siméon farm:

The Saint-Siméon farm lies in Honfleur and has a view on the mouth of the Seine. It was an important meeting point of painters like Cals, Boudin, Monet.



Monet painted here in 1870.