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Auguste de Molins (1821-1890)




Pictures of Auguste de Molins scraped together:

Here below you will find the pictures I could find about Auguste de Molins. I could find none in books. On the internet I could find many pictures at Google images (iR10), but as only source it is not very reliable. Many pictures I also found on auction sites: (iR11), (iR13) and additionally on (iR89), (iR41), (iR12), invaluable (iR17) and Alamy (iR48). Additionally I found pictures as indicated at the additional references at the bottom of the main page on Auguste de Molins. Special thanks I would like to give to the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Neuchâtel (Suisse) who send me a copy of Auguste de Molin his debut at the Salon of 1850 now titled ‘Le Pont du Gard’.
I will render them thematically. When possible I will indicate if this work has been exhibited by Auguste de Molins at the Salon or at the 1st ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1874. But this is very hard to do, see also my account.



Works exhibited at the Salon:

Auguste de Molin, S1850-22291 Vue du pont du Gard. Now: 1850, Le pont du Gard, 42×70, MAH Neuchâtel


Auguste de Molins, 1858-61, Danse de bayadères sous un multipliant aux environs de Boghor, dr, xx, xx (aR7;aR8)

S1863, Entrée de la mosquée de Soërabaija, Bar (after de Molins), dr, xx, xx (aR7)
Indonesia / South-East Asia:

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Pagodes dans l’île de Poulo Penang, 54×35, A20170614 (iR10;iR89)

Auguste de Molins, 1859, Daily activities, Batavia (Tableau or Vue de Batavia), 56×94, A20080227 (aR7;aR8;iR13;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 1858-61, Batavia, ville ancienne 2, dr, xx, xx (aR7;aR8)

Auguste de Molins, 1864/12/17, Un enterrement à Java, xx, Le Monde illustré (aR7)


Auguste de Molins, 1858-61, Batavia, ville ancienne, dr, xx, xx (aR7;aR8)

Auguste de Molins, 1858-61, Cuisiniers ambulants, à Soërabaija, dr, xx, xx (aR7;aR8)

Auguste de Molins, 1858-61, La cueillette du siry, dr, xx , xx (aR7;aR8)
City views:

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Le grande canal, Venice, wc, 34×59, A20091209 (iR89)

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, the walk in the Bois du Boulogne,(a day in the park), 36×55, A2010/06/22 (aR9;iR41;iR89;iR10). Maybe exhibited in Toulouse in 1877.

Auguste de Molins, 1860 (?), the walk in the Saint-Cloud park, near Paris, 34×55, A20100622 (aR9;iR11;iR41;iR10) Note: De Molins returned from Indonesia in 1861. Maybe exhibited in Toulouse in 1877.


Auguste de Molins, 18xx, people at the park entrance, oil on wood, 10×15, A2013/12/17 (iR13;iR11;iR17;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 1874, Rendez-vous in the Bois de Boulogne, xx, xx (iR10;iR48)


Hunting scenes:

Auguste de Molins,1873, Chantilly, 34×55, A2007/11/29 (iR11;iR14;iR13;iR41)

Auguste de Molins,1874, Chasse à courre, 34×54, A2011/10/26 (iR11;iR13;iR15;iR4)


Auguste de Molins, 1874, Before the hunt, 36×56, 2011/12/16 (iR13;iR11;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 1874, Elégantes et calèches au départ de la chasse (the start of the hunt), 36×55, A2019/03/20 (iR13;iR11;iR10)


Auguste de Molins, 1874, Chasse à courre en plaine, 35×55, A2003/12/05 (iR13;iR15;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 1873, Chasse à courre, 56×35, A2005/06/22 (iR13)

Auguste de Molins, 1867, La Chasse, hunting scene, 61×116, A2014/12/09 (aR3;iR4;iR13;iR11)


Auguste de Molins, 18xx, a day at the races, 33×54, A1996/11/13 (iR13;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Chasse à courre, 40×61, A2007/12/15 (iR89)


Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Les chasseurs, 60×94, A2018/06/07 (iR13;iR12;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Scène de chasse à courre, 15×30, A2014/11/14 (iR13;iR4;aR2)

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Scènes de chasse à cour, 18×28, A2017/09/05 (iR89;iR10)


Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Dogs at pheasant chase (Hunde auf Fasanenjagd), 46×55, Swiss Gallery (iR10;aR5)

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, ancien chasse a courre chien (detail), dxx, A2019 (iR42;iR10)

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Fontainebleau, 65×54, A2009/06/08 (iR13;iR10)


Still lives:

Auguste de Molins, 18xx, Nature morte au gibier et trompe de chasse, 34×26, A20101126 (iR12;iR10)

Other art-works mentioned (at auction sites):

  • 18xx, Leaving for the Hunt, oil, 11×15, A1991/12/16 (iR69)
  • 18xx, Chiens cherchant sur la piste, xx, xx (iR4)
  • 18xx, Rendez-vous de chasse à courre, xx, xx (iR4)
  • 18xx, the walk in the Saint-Cloud park, near Paris, xx, A2010 (iR11;iR14)
  • 18xx, A countre fête, 18×25, A1980/06/25 (iR12)
  • 18xx, Tillskriven, Blommor i skogslandskap, 64×54, A20041127 (iR89)
  • 1832, vache, ovins et chèvre, dans un pré, 41×47, A20130426 (iR16)
    Note: the date is questionable, because Auguste de Molins was by then 11 years old.
  • 1855, forest clearing with lake view, 76×99, A2002/05/31 (iR12)
  • 1864, Pagodes Birmanes dans l’île de Poulo Penang, 50×35, A2017/06/14 (iR12)
  • 1876, Scène de calèche, wc, 24×34, A20080817 (iR16)