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Impressionism, a historical reconstruction

‘impressionist’ expositions

1874 – 1886

Overview loans per partaker


How many art-works were loans to the ‘impressionist’ expositions?
Several art-works that were exhibited at the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions from 1874 – 1886 were loans from several owners. In the catalogues you will find the remark ‘appartient à M., Mme. of Mlle. X… (monsieur, madame, mademoiselle = mister, miss or misses X…). Many loaners are still unknown, you will find all the names on the page art-collectors (partly in the future). The partakers also owned each others works. All the loaners you will find on the pages with info on the 8 ‘impressionist’ expositions per year: 1874; 1876; 1877; 1879; 1880; 1881; 1882 and 1886.
In the PDF overview here below you can see which painter during which exposition had how many loans exhibited, according to the catalogues. You can see that Degas, Forain, Monet, Pissarro and Jean-François Raffaëlli had the most loans. Some artists who exhibited 5 or more times had no or just a few loans, like Caillebotte, Cals, Gauguin, Morisot, Rouart and Tillot. Were there works not appreciated? Didn’t they sell their paintings because they didn’t have to? In 1880 28% of the catalogue numbers were loans. In 1882 it seems to be just 2%, but in reality many works were loans by the art-dealer Durand-Ruel who co-organised this exposition.

overview loans per partaker impressionist expos



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