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Alphonse Legros (1837-1911)



Works Legros exhibited in 1876 and at the Salon:

Here below you will find the titles of the works Alphonse Legros exhibited at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition in 1876 and at the Salon. Also you will find an account of which works that are known today were exhibited then. Also you will find extra information.


  • catalogue numbers 81 – 92
    No.81 containing 7 works; no. 83 containing 7 works; no.88 containing 2 works
  • so in total Legros exhibited 25 works ;
    • many works were prints, but it is unclear how many (R2,p162)
    • Moffett often refers to a catalogue of prints by Poulet-Malassis, but nowhere is given more details about this catalogue (R2,p162)
    • 2x an indication of place
    • 1x an indication of time, season or weather
    • 0x a study
    • 0x a loan
Catalogue 1876: (R2,p162; iR1)

This catalogue number contains 7 works. Moffett assumes these are all prints (R2,p162).

1876-81-1       Les baigneuses
Eng.: The bathers. Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 69 (R2,p162).

1876-81-2       La procession
Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 48, 49 or 57 (R2,p162). To compare I give a painting: 1865, Interior with an Organist and a Procession, 51×59, AMAA Oxford.

1876-81-3       Ambulance
Eng.: ambulance; field hospital. Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 124 (R2,p162).

1876-81-4       Promenade (pointe sèche)
Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 68 (R2,p162). As a very uncertain suggestion I give: 1xxx, the wanderer, etch, 17×21, A20130417 

1876-81-5       Tribunal
Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 123 (R2,p162).

1876-81-6       Cours de Médicine
Eng. Course / run of (the practise of) medicine. The meaning is unclear to me. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion.

1876-81-7       Chantres Espagnols
Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 59 (R2,p162). As an uncertain suggestion I give: 18xx, The Spanish Singers, etch, xx, Cleveland MA

1876-82          La morte (premier état avant la pointe sèche)
Eng.: The death (first state formerly dry point). So this surely is an etch. Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 89 (R2,p162). Legros often depicted the theme of death. As an uncertain option I give: 18xx, The Triumph of Death- The Proclamation, etch, xx, Cleveland MA. 

This catalogue number contains 5 works + 2 lithographes. Moffett assumes they all are prints.

1876-83-1       Les vagabonds
Eng. Vagabond; wanderer. Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 71 (R2,p162). Legros often depicted beggars, which could also be options for this work. I render as an uncertain option: 1870, Death of a Vagabond, etch, xx, Cleveland MA.

1876-83-2       La confrérie de la Sainte-Vierge
Eng. the brotherhood / order of the holy Virgin. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. To compare see the paintings exhibited as S1861- and S1875-1312.

1876-83-3       près de la cheminée
Eng.: Close to the fireplace. Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 116 (R2,p162).

1876-83-4       Paysage (pointe sèche)
Eng.: Landscape (dry point). So this is an etch. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. Legros has made several dry point landscapes. As an uncertain option I give: 18xx, Landscape (Paysage) , etch, xx, Cleveland MA.

1876-83-5-1       Deux lithographies
1876-83-5-2       Deux lithographies
Moffett suggests one of the two is ‘Leçon d’électricité’, Poulet-Malassis 111.

1876-83-6       Portrait de M. Barbey d’Aurevilly
Poulet-Malassis 10 (R2,p162).

1876-84          Lutrin
Eng.: choir desk; Nl.: koorlessenaar. If a print perhaps Poulet-Malassis 61 or 62 (R2,p162). To compare I give: 1868, Reading the Office, etch~, xx, Cleveland MA. Legros exhibited a painting with the same name at the Salon as S1863-1155 and S1868-1525. 

1876-85          Portrait de petite fille (pointe sèche)
Eng.: Portrait of a little girl (dry point). So this is an etch. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. To compare I give: 1874, portrait d’une jeune fille, 24×19, A20010329, which is a drawing. It is a portrait probably of his daughter.

1876-86          Bonhomme misère
Eng.: the misery of a good man. If a print perhaps Poulet-Malassis 145 (R2,p162). To compare I give a painting which Legros made a year later: 1877, Le repas des pauvres, 113×143, Tate. 

1876-87          Portrait de l’historien Carlysle (premier état)
Poulet-Malassis 34 (R2,p162). As an uncertain option I give: 18xx, Large Portrait of Thomas Carlyle, etch, xx, Cleveland MA . There also is an etch / aquatint of a small portrait and a colourful, almost impressionistic painting made a year later (see main page Legros). 

This catalogue number contains two works. Clayson must have overlooked this when writing Legros exhibited altogether 24 works (R2,p158).

1876-88-1        Tête de vieillard (pointe sèche)
Eng.: head of an old man (dry point). So this is an etch. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. Legros made many etching of older man. As a first uncertain option I give: 1874, Breton Peasant, dry point, 34×24, Philadelphia MA and Cleveland MA . As a second uncertain option I give: 18xx, le vieil espagnol, xx, xx. I’m not fully sure this is an etch. Still it’s beautiful.

1876-88-2      Femmes de Boulogne
If a print perhaps Poulet-Malassis 145 (R2,p162). Probably this is: 1872, Paysannes des environs de Boulogne, etch, 16×23, private coll London. There are several places named Boulogne in France. Most probable options are: Boulogne-Billancourt, south-west of Paris; Boulogne-sur-Mer, south of Calais.  

1876-89          Grand paysage, coup de vent
Eng.: large landscape, gust of wind. If a print perhaps Poulet-Malassis 110 (R2,p162). Legros several times depicted strong winds in his etchings. Compare also S1875-2482 ‘Le coup de vent’ (see below). As an uncertain option I give: 18xx, A Storm (L’orage), etch~, xx, Cleveland MA . 

1876-90          L’homme au mouton
Eng.: Man with a sheep. Perhaps Poulet-Malassis 86 (R2,p162).

1876-91          La communion
Moffett suggests: 1876ca, Communion, 36×31, from a private collection in Oxford. As second option he mentions: ‘If a print perhaps Poulet-Malassis 54′ (R2,p162). It is the only picture of Legros that Moffett gives (R2,p178). Also the only picture Walther renders (R3,p166). All other books on Impressionism don’t render a picture at all. Neither do Schurr & Cabanne (R9). As a second option I also render an earlies painting of Legros: 1865, The Communion, 86×73, WMG London. 

1876-92          Paysage
Eng.: landscape. Moffett doesn’t give a suggestion. It is unclear if this work was an etch or a painting. Legros depicted several landscapes in his etchings, see also 1876-83-4 and 1876-89. He made some landscapes with oil. One of them, painted around 1876-77 I give here as an uncertain suggestion: Hilly Landscape, 76×50, VAM London.


Legros at the Salon:

There also was a Legros who exhibited at the Salon of 1843/44/45/46/47/48. And also of 92/93/94/95/98.
Legros lived


Legros made his debut at the Salon in 1857 (R3;R9). This portrait of his father was presented to the museum of Tours where his friend Cazin was curator (iR3). Champleury called him a ‘realist’ in the line of Courbet (iR3). Another portrait was rejected and was exhibited (among others) as a protest in the studio of François Bonvin (iR3).

S1859 L’Angelus

S1861 Ex Voto
Now in the MBA Dijon. Obtained a mention (iR3), which gave him a relative succes (R3).

Baudelaire commented favourably on two works of Legros (iR70).

S1863-1155 Le lutrin
compare 1876-84 + S1868-1525

S1863-1156 Discussion scientifique (Appartenant au docteur Bicord)

SdR1863-305 Portrait de E. M.

S1867- 926 La lapidation de Saint-Etienne

S1867- 927 Une scène d’inquisition

S1868-1524 Une amende honorable

S1868-1525 Un lutrin (Appartient à M. Jonides)
The same title as S1863-1155 and 1876-84.

S1869-1460 Un réfectoire (Appartient à M. Howell)
Eng : diningroom

S1870-5258 Trois gravures à l’eau-forte ; même numéro

S1875-1311 Un chaudronnier (Appartient à M. A. Jonides)
Jonides or Ionides patronized several artists including Legros (iR70).

S1875-1312 Les demoiselles du mois de Marie (Appartient à M. J. L. Miéville) (Voir Dessins et Gravures)

S1875-2481 L’incendie (Appartient à M. Malassis) Dessins, cartons, aquarelles, pastels, miniatures, vitraux, émaux, porcelaines, faïences
Note: there is an A.P. Malassis who made a catalogue of Legros’ work in 1877.

S1875-2482 Le coup de vent (Appartient à M. Malassis) Dessins, cartons, aquarelles, pastels, miniatures, vitraux, émaux, porcelaines, faïences

S1875-2483 Femmes de pêcheurs (Appartient à M. Malassis) (Voir Peinture et Gravure) ; Dessins, cartons, aquarelles, pastels, miniatures, vitraux, émaux, porcelaines, faïences

S1875-3734 Une eau-forte : La ferme au grand arbre (Appartient à M. P. Malassis)

S1875-3735 Une eau-forte : La petite Marie (Appartient à M. P. Malassis) (Voir Peinture et Dessins)

S1880- 2243 Le songe de Jacob ;
Additional info: H. 2m,05.- L. 2m,30. ([salle] 12.). Les non exempts dans les salles 12, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 et à la galerie. Slade School of Art, University College, Londres. Legros exhibited hors concours.

S1882- 4970 Neuf médailles ; bronze

S1882- 5421 Quatre eaux-fortes. Portraits