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Meta-Impressionism / other exhibitions

La Vie Moderne

exhibiting at editorial offices


Apart from the Salon and their own ‘impressionist’ expositions, the exhibitions at La Vie Moderne also were a way to promote yourself as an artist and to sell your art-works. La Vie Moderne was a illustrated weekly magazine (Journal Illustré hebdomadaire) that was established 1879/04/10. Georges Charpentier (1846-1905) was the publisher. He also was an art-collector supporting the Impressionists. The director was Émile Bergerat (1879-1928). Armand Silvestre and Edmond Renoir led the art section which was quite extended. There was a gallery at the editorial offices where monthly (small) exhibitions were held, organised by Edmond Renoir, who was the editor of La Vie Moderne in 1884 +85 (R31). On these exhibitions at 7, boulevard des Italiens in Paris, this page will focus.
There were also other publishing houses that held (small) exhibitions at their editorial offices, like L’Événement and La Revue Indépendante. You will find this info lower at this page.

1879, ‘Cinquième exposition de la Vie moderne, P.-A. Renoir’:
Solo exhibition Renoir with mostly pastels (R30; R31,p315; R3,p221)

Exhibition of impressionist works. There were 2000 visitors a day (R5,p113).

There was an exhibition of fans by Henri Guérard (1846-97), see invitation.

Exhibition of painted ostrich eggs by Manet, Pissarro, Renoir and others (R5,p116).

1880/04/08 – 30, recent works of M. Manet:
Exhibition of pastels of Manet (R5,p116;R39,p298;R3,p221)

1880/06, Monet:
Solo exhibition with 16 (?) works of Monet. He sold nothing.
The next works were exhibited:
no.1 = CR568
no.2 =? CR546
no.3 =? CR520
no.4 = CR582
no.5 = CR535 or 595
no.6 = CR469
no.7 = CR555
no.8 = CR585
no.9 = ??
no.10 = ??
no.11 = ??
no.12 =? CR551
no.13 = CR590
no.14 = CR553
no.15 = CR94
no.16 = CR129 or 130

1880, Giuseppe de Nittis:
solo exhibition De Nittis; with daily 2 to 3.000 visitors (R2,p427)
or held as the second exhibition in 1879 (R3,p221)

1881/01, Sisley:
Solo exhibition of Sisley with 14 paintings (R53,p141;R5,p122;R3,p221). Already 1879/06/12 Renoir suggested Charpentier to organise an exhibition with 40 paintings by Sisley (R5,p113).

1881/04/? – 05/?, Redon:
In April and May 1881 there were 12 charcoal drawings of Redon exhibited. (aR6=iR189=R182IV,p329).

Posthumous solo exhibition of Eva Gonzales with 58 art-works, including 21 pastels (R5,p142;R31,p302)


L’Événement was a newspaper with political left sympathies (R5,p113).

L’Événement, 1879/07/27:
Opening exhibition of paintings by Monet, Pissarro and Sisley (R5,p113).

L’Événement, 1879/09/21:
There was a “Salon des dépêches du journal l’Événement” held in September, so an exhibition in a dispatch room of the newspaper L’Événement. Durand-Ruel lent 4 paintings of Pissarro, including CCP269, maybe CCP176, a ‘nature morte’ and an unidentified picture (R116I,p362).


Le Gaulois:

Le Gaulois 1882/02 (=LG-1882):
There was an exhibition of charcoal drawings and engravings of Redon at the premises of Le Gaulois (=LG-1882; R182IV,p329+330)


La Revue Indépendante:
There were some exhibitions in the building of La Revue Indépendante, 11 Chaussée d’Antin, Paris.

La Revue Indépendante, 1888/01/?:
Exhibition with works of Seurat, Signac and others. The exhibition was directed by Fénéon.

La Revue Indépendante, 1888/05/01:
Solo exhibition with works of Guillaumin (R5,p162).




My main sources are the catalogues raisonnée of Monnet (R22), Pissarro (R116), Signac (R106), the catalogues of Renoir (R31), and Sisley (R166). Other sources are Walther (2013=R3,p220+702); Denvir (1993=R5,p112);.

Gallica.bnf renders hundreds of editions of La Vie moderne published between 1900-17, but it is not clear if it refers to our La Vie Moderne; anyway gallica doesn’t render earlier editions and no catalogues of the exhibitions (iR40). doesn’t render editions nor catalogues (iR19). renders an edition of ‘La Vie Moderne Journal Hebdomadaire Illustré’ dated 1884/01/19, which was the 6th year and no.3 and located at 28, Rue Saint-Lazare. None of the involved people mentioned at the introduction are mentioned in this edition. I wonder if it is an edition of our La Vie Moderne or another publication with the same name.



Citation: Please do not quote from this webpage, which is under construction. The information is incomplete and maybe partly incorrect.