La Grenouillère 1869

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Meeting and painting together

La Grenouillère 1869



La Grenouillère was a popular bathing place. It was on the Ile-de-Croissy (now: Ile de la Chaussée) in the Seine, west from Paris, between Bougival and Chatou, see card below; it’s hard to relocate it now (R22I,p78). One source indicates it’s now on dry land, indicated by a panel (aR10). On the right there is a floating open air café, in the middle a small island called ‘camembert’ or ‘the flowerpot’. Both to be reached across scaffold planks. On the left their are bathing huts. In september 1869 Monet and Renoir painted here together. And maybe Renoir did so before in 1868 (R30,no29) and maybe later on with his model Lise Trehot (R30,no.35,46, 47) and also around 1873 (R30,no95); Raeburn dates all pictures at 1869 (R31,no13); but it’s clear that the painting styles of these pictures are different. Monet painted probably a large version that was rejected by the Salon (see), bought by Durand-Ruel in 1873 for 2000 francs, probably exhibited at the 2nd ‘impressionist’ exposition (as no.164) and destroyed during World War II (R22,CR136). Monet wrote 1869/09/25 that he had finished a few poor sketches and that Renoir had spent two months here (R31,p191;R1,p228).
It’s the first time that Monet’s paintings had this special vibration (R22,p78). Monet than dwelled in Saint-Michel near Bougival and Renoir with his parents in Voisins-Louveciennes. See here below their results, by some called ‘the birth of Impressionism’ (R3,p92; R32,p19). Maybe Renoir did refer to their painting in Grénouillère when he wrote: ‘One morning one of us ran out of black, and than Impressionism was born’ (R32,p19). (For the subscriptions of the paintings see . )

1869, Monet, CR134, La Grenouillère, 75×100, Metropolitan (iR2; R22)

1869, Renoir, La Grenouillère,
66×86, Nm Stockholm (iR2; R30,no33; R31,no13)


1869, Renoir, La Grenouillère, 65×93, ORC Winterthur (iR2; R30,no33)

1869, Monet, CR135, Bathers at La Grenouillère,
73x92cm, NG London (iR2; R22)


1869 or:68, Renoir, La Grenouillère,
59×80, Pushkin (iR2; R30,no29; R31,no12)

Renoir, 1869 or 1873, La Grenouillère, 45×56, Milwaukee AM (iR22; R30,no95)

1869, Monet, CR137, Rowing boats (La Grenouillère), 33x46cm, Kh Bremen (iR2; R22)


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