Impressionism according to Duranty


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Impressionism: a historical reconstruction


according to Duranty


Duranty, Louis-Emile-Edmond Duranty (1833-1880) was a Naturalist, novelist, journalist and art-collector. Published the journal ‘Réalism’. He was a regular visitor of Café Guerbois and Café Nouvelles Athènes. He defended the impressionists. In 1877 he published a novel ‘La peinture Louis Martin’. Review 1879 in La Chronique des arts et de la curiosité. He was portrayed by Degas in 1879 (see 4IE-1879-58) and Desboutin.
May 1876 Duranty published the article ‘La nouvelle peinture; à propos du groupe d’artistes qui expose dans les Galeries Durand-Ruel’. It consisted of 38 pages. It was much influenced by Degas and described the Impressionists as the new Realism. On this page we will look (in the future) at this article and the view Duranty had on Impressionism.

La Nouvelle Peinture (1876/05):
In this essay Duranty avoided the use of any term that implied stylistic exclusivity although it reflects his bias as a Realists / Naturalist (R2,p19).
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1879 review:
1879/04/19 Duranty reviewed in La Chronique des arts et de la curiosité the 4th ‘impressionist’ exposition in a review called “La Quatrième Exposition faite par un groupe d’artistes indépendants”. (R90I,p218/9)
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Duranty as an art-collector:
Duranty also was an art-collector. He did loan in total 8 works to the ‘impressionist’ expositions. In 1880 he did loan 1 work of Raffaëlli (5IE-1880-175). 1881/01/28+29 there was an posthumous auction of his collection at Hôtel Drouot. It included works of Pissarro 2x (?CCP616) (R116I,p427;R90II,p288).


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