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Apart from the Salon and their own ‘impressionist’ expositions, auction sales also were a way to promote yourself as an artist and to sell your art-works. The most used place to do so, wat Hôtel Drouot. Hôtel Drouot was an auction house owned by the state (R3; R5,p102). The sales here gave a good indication of what a work was worth on the art-market (R5,p102). At Hôtel Drouot there were also (posthumous) sales of collections of art-collectors and of deceased artists.
At first I will render a chronological overview of important sales at Hôtel Drouot. After that I will focus on some sales that were important for the ‘impressionist’ partakers held in 1875 and 1877. It’s remarkable that the Impressionists used three times the option of an auction at Hôtel Drouot in the first years of their expositions. It didn’t stimulate the group identity. And when that wasn’t important, but only the opportunity of selling your works, why organize your own exhibition at all, when this opportunity is at hand?


Hôtel Drouot auctions, an overview:

  • 1874, January: good sells for Degas, Monet, Pissarro, Sisley (R2,p105).
  • 1875/03/24: auction of 73 works of Monet, Morisot, Renoir, Sisley (see below)
  • 1877/05/28: auction of 45 works of Renoir, Caillebotte, Pissarro and Sisley (see below)
  • 1878/06/5+6 auction Hoschedé collection, including Monet (16x), Sisley (13x), Pissarro (9x), soled for disastrously low prices, average 112 franc (R3; R31; R2,p246; R5,p109).
  • 1878/04/29 auction Fauré collection with impressionist works; he had to sell back his paintings because the biddings were to low (R3; R5,p109).
  • 1884/02/02-04? posthumous auction of works of Edouard Manet; average sales 733,57 franc (R5,p138; R39,p299).
  • 1891, Februar: auction of 30 works of Gauguin; total sale 9860 franc (R36,p81).
  • 1894/03/18: posthumes auction of the collection of Duret (R5,p194)
  • 1894/06/02 posthumes auction of the Père Tanguy collection (R5,p195; R3).
  • 1895/02/18: auction of 45 paintings and 25 drawings of Gauguin; total sale 2986 (R36,p81).


auction of 73 works of Monet, Morisot, Renoir, Sisley initiated by Renoir; poor sells, average 157,48 franc (R3,p192; R2,p146; R31; R30; R5,p90)


auction organized by Renoir of 45 works of Renoir, Caillebotte (4x), Pissarro and Sisley; prices were disastrously low, average 169,11 franc; Legrand was the expert (R2,p244+262; R5,p101); R31; R30).





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